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Default Lichtenstein prints

Turn your photo into a Roy Lichtenstein print. Lichtenstein is the American pop artist who made Whaam! a real word. As a birthday or anniversary gift the lichtenstein art style makes a unique statement
His best-known works are close (but, significantly, never exact) copies of comic book panels, complete with speech balloons and captions. His themes were, in fact, sophisticated treatments of stereotypes and popular icons of modern life and their exaggerated influence on society. He later created ironic parodies of painting styles such as Pointillism, Cubism, and Surrealism.
He painted in oil and acrylics and was one of the first artists to use Magna paints (the first artist acrylic paints introduced commercially in the Sixties). He rarely gave credit to the cartoonist who created the comic book images, and claimed that his paintings were "critically transformed" with changes in scale, color, treatment, and in their implications.
His work features the thick outlines and bold colors typical of illustrated comics, but where he departed, artistically speaking, was in how he created his colors by hand painting enlarged and exaggerated dots in a parody of the cheaply printed pulp comic books of 1950s and 1960s.
Comic books and newspapers were at that time printed using a four-color Ben-Day dots process (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) to inexpensively create shading and secondary colors such as green, purple, orange and flesh tones. The pre-printed dots were applied to the drawings and then photographically reproduced for letterpress printing. Lichtenstein's irony lay in hand painting sometimes very large dots which when viewed from a distance gave the same effect that Pointillist artists had achieved in the 1880s.
Art Lies in the Transformation of a Photo to Canvas
With Lichtenstein's distinctive technique, there is also an unavoidable comparison to the pixels of modern digital photography. By combining processes it is now easy to take a simple digital photograph and transform it into a "Lichtenstein style" digital image which can then be enlarged as a photo to canvas print.
The Lichtenstein style is immediately recognizable, so if you upload a portrait of someone you care about to Paint Your Life's Your Photos on Canvas online gallery website, you can order a photo to canvas print that transforms your family member or significant other to a vintage comic book character.
A Lichtenstein photo portrait makes a witty and charming gift and a modern Pop Art design feature when hung at home or in an office.
Lichtenstein prints
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