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Default call on graphic designers!

Dear friends,

I am inviting you to join our project and design a poster dedicated to the Armenian genocide. The purpose of this campaign is to promote Genocide recognition worldwide. Its a non-profit project, so the only reward for the job might be the publishing of the successful posters. In 2002 we published 5 posters (they were shown in Amsterdam, LA, Paris, NYC), in 2003 we had none published because we did not manage to locate the necessary funds for publishing and also did not have an active participation.

Its up to you to change that picture. Surprisingly few designers of Armenian descent have made an effort to design a poster for this project.
We have a new generation of people involved in graphic design (some of them frequently post on this and other forums), so I would very much like to see them take up the challenge and join our effort.

The gallery of the posters is at (thanks again to Aram Ghazanchian for coding the database)

The standart is very high, I had to reject some of the submissions because they were simply not good enough.

Here is an example of a design which was NOT accepted:
The reasons are apparent:
1. No graphic/original concept behind it.
2. Bad execution.

So the guidelines are very clear- original idea (take a look at the posters on the site, so you wont repeat any of the ideas that are already there), professional execution (very important, the quality of the art direction and graphic design), and please if you decide to go for it, show me the drafts (email it to [email protected] ).

The guidelines in detail are available on here : http://www.armeniangenocideposters.o...uidelines.html

You can download high resolution visual which can be used in the designs at : http://www.armeniangenocideposters.o.../download.html

The list of current participants and links to websites of inspirational posters can be found at http://www.armeniangenocideposters.o...asp?FORUM_ID=5

For any addition information please write to [email protected]

I am truly hoping to see some reaction to this post.

Many thanks,

Rouben Malayan
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