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Default Бриллиантовые диски.

Big-name rappers and athletes are probably already familiar with Asanti, though you may not be. Last year Asanti was responsible for the then most expensive wheels in the world, a cubic zirconium encrusted set weighing in at a chunky 63,000 carets and an even heftier $250,000. This year, the manufacturer ups the ante with the world’s first genuine diamond-encrusted rims. Debuted at the November SEMA auto show, the $1,000,000 foursome sports a total of 110,000 carets of genuine gemstomes- and comes with a free Bentley Continental GT as a sort of “manufacturer’s rebate”. The gemmed 22-inch set represents the apex of the Asanti brand, whos slogan “Unequalled luxury” is conveyed by their most expensive rims as well as their standard consumer offerings, which include rims with faux woodgrain finishes as well as genuine alligator leather adhered to the face of the wheel.
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Default Re: Бриллиантовые диски.

srancov mi hat ladok @ngnes sax [email protected] vric ktrnen
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Default Re: Бриллиантовые диски.

WOWWW, крутейшн!!!
Тут в армении у народа понты, когда на зубы бриллианты лепят, а тут покрепче движения..
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