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Default Wiley Publishing - SUSE Linux 9 Bible

SUSE Linux 9 Bible.
by Justin Davies, Roger Whittaker, William von Hagen.
ISBN: 0-7645-7739-5, 675 Pages, January 2005.

This book is for anyone who is interested in running a SUSE Linux system—at home or at work, “for fun or for profit.” It covers all the currently available versions from SUSE: The “9” in the title refers both to Enterprise Server 9 and SUSE Professional and Personal 9.x. Most of the content applies equally to previous versions also, however. We shall also describe SUSE’s two other business products: the OpenExchange Server and the SUSE Linux Desktop.
The book aims to supplement the documentation provided by SUSE and to show the reader how best to carry out a particular task on a SUSE system, making full use of SUSE’s configuration utilities. Many Linux books and “how to” documents provide generic instructions for carrying out particular tasks; however, it often turns out that these are either incorrect in details or unnecessarily complicated when applied to a particular distribution. In this book we aim to describe the best ways of working with SUSE in a wide variety of situations, making full use of SUSE’s specific configuration tools.
Too often, computer books are written only from the standpoint of “how to” perform a task and fail to provide a real understanding of the underlying principles. Our aim in this book is to combine a description of the steps necessary to perform a particular task with a real understanding of what is being done.
While we discuss the use of SUSE Linux in enterprise applications, with examples based on our own consulting experience, the book is also for home users coming to grips with Linux for the first time. In short, we aim for SUSE Linux 9 Bible to be what you need to run your SUSE Linux system, whatever your situation might be.
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