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Old 21.06.2005, 05:46   #1
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Default Have to say good bye for a while

Dear AKB forums friends , it is that time of the year schools are out and we are preparing with in a few days to leave for our other work in other parts of the world , Back in October .
Acid jan thank you for introducing me to this wonderful forum , I never forget the first time we had a chat , you were supposed to help me with my Armenian , what happened ?
Gypcy I enjoy your comments , but still waiting for you to tell me why you chose to be in the hymalayas
Hrach my dear dear Hrach , you kept me on my toes , u r a smart guy , how is married life ?
Lightontheshore .I believe you are a medical student , if I am correct , keep it up ,
moonlight ,mmmmmmmmmmmm what can I say , you are a lot of fun and gutsy with your comments
Mono , I wish I knew some Russion to communicate with you more , you and I disagree a lot but we also agree , good job .
PsilocybeLarvae . I have to confess I never learned how to spell or say your nick name , but thank you for the interesting topics you bring the English only section of the forum :
RED STONE my darling , I can never say enough good things about you , for a none Armenian , I admire your passion and devotion to this forum , your comments and topics are priceless . the English section needs you
I hope that I am not boring you all but for me , it is a sad good bye for now but I will be back if you want me . and my regards to all the other AKB particepants
May god bless you all .
If life rejects you , there is me to protect you , I am your friend
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Old 21.06.2005, 06:03   #2
the happiest girl
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I'll wait for you Best of luck
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Old 21.06.2005, 06:54   #3
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our dear Sevana, come back soon, we'll be missing u!! successful accomplishment of your kind deeds!
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Old 21.06.2005, 06:57   #4
the mochinger
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gl2u, Sevanuhi
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Originally Posted by Sevana
Gypcy I enjoy your comments , but still waiting for you to tell me why you chose to be in the hymalayas
Thanks Sevana. Let's say my spirit lives in Himalayas. Body lives somewhere much less romantic (you don't want to know)

Good luck and have fun
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Old 21.06.2005, 14:34   #6
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Sevana, my dear Sevana!

I'll miss you here! I'm sure I can say "We all will miss you here!". But you're going to do something much more important than participating in this forum, and in places where there is no electricity nor Internet!

My hope is that my compatriot Guterres who's the current High Commissioner of the UN for the refugees, can bring to the function a new style, a much more practical style with more actions and less speeches! That way people like you could make much better with less effort!

Please come back when it's time for it!

Love you!
Red Stone
J'ai besoin de toi,
De tes mains sur moi,
De ton corps doux et chaud,
J'ai envie d'être aimé Domino

From a beautiful love song of the 50s called Domino, music by Louis Ferrari, lyrics by Jacques Plante
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Old 21.06.2005, 14:35   #7
poor misguided fool
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how touching!
... we'll miss you.
and of course have a nice time!
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Old 21.06.2005, 14:53   #8
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Sevana, best wishes
sure everybody will be glad to see you back
good luck and see you soon!
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