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Терпи козак...
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Default Razbirat(c)

De kardaceq joghovurd...

Hraparak gnatsogh - village people
Opera gnatsogh - city people
Lriv at dushi mard - a man with a good soul
Uzhe savsem habrgel - ~said to someone out of any order
Tonkiy padxod - a well-thought approach
Plotny jam, vric el jrik chash - eating soup after jam
Kash-kalamsh - a brawl (usually with a good aftermath)
Ankap chpchpatsnel - hang around
muk tshel, gudzon trorel - to kick a mouse, to tread on Hudson
zhiznis zhurnalum veshniy "ne byl" kdnem - I will put an eternal absence for you in my life's journal
zhiznis trassi vra melkiy drobov morosit chanes - don't drizzle on my life's highway
mutit (mutilovshik) - to spread around rumours having nothing to do
with the current state of events
6 hark nerkev ijnel - to go for a good feeling
Ppzel - to squat
RazBirat - the title of this page
dushevniy razbirat - razbirat within the man's self
valakush - no exact meaning, but used often
rast gal - to face some trouble or problems
harcer? Kaskats? - Questions? Comments? (like on shampoo bottles)
khi karogha es ste
shlang em - Do you think I am a firehose here?
Naturi kztsnel - really step over somebody
vnushkvel - to ponder about something
Goxakanov hargvats - respected by thieves' laws
Amen dzevi pativ tal - To show a full respect towards smb.
Kishkvel - to have lunch/dinner/brunch
INCHKA Old Generation: inch ka? Mishka, Belochka, Kravaviy Tyotushka
(what's up? -- Teddy Bear, Little Squirrel, Bloody Auntie)
aper, de ber zontem - literally: let me make an umbrella
Paravoz anem? - literally: let me make a train
hop, ay brigadir, tapum es getnin, qyola, che? - N/A in English

P.S. Eto ne bojan, indz prosto [email protected] bacel er
Наш девиз непобедим, возбудим и не дадим...(с) CJ
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Default Re: Razbirat(c)

Классика не может быть бояном
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