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Thumbs up To Mr. Prester: Offtopic excerpt from South Park

Cartman: Talk to me Mike
Negotiator: I'm here to make sure we can all end this peacefully! You want that, right?
Cartman: Sure, sure...
Negotiator: How about we make a trade? Just to show that we can trust each other!
Cartman: What d'u have in mind?
Negotiator: Well, how about you send out one of the calfs?
Cartman: Oh, Mike, you're breaking my balls here Mike!
Negotiator: Just one, that's all we want!
Cartman: All right, how about this: you guys have all the leverage and we have nothing! So how about we'll give you one calf...
Stan: Cartman, NO!
Kyle: Dude!!
Cartman: We'll give you one calf, if you give us some guns and ammunition of our own.
Negotiator: What? I.. I can't do that!
Cartman: Oh, I'm sorry! I thought we were talking here, but I guess you're not interested in talking to me! Goodbye~
Negotiator: Don't, no, wait, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! You're right. What.. What reason do you have to not trust me? I'm just a guy from Lakewood, trying to make ends meet, you know, just a blue collar guy like your dad!
Cartman: Don't have a dad Mike, it's not gonna work.
Negotiator: Oh, all right, um... yeah. I'll just see what I can do.

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