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Talking check before jumping!:)

An airplane was about to crash; there were 5 passengers on board but only 4 parachutes. The first passenger said, " I'm Kobe Bryant , the best NBA basketball player, the Lakers need me, I can't afford to die...." So he took the first pack and left the plane.

The second passenger, Hillary Clinton, said, "I am the wife of the former president of the United States, I am also the most ambitious woman in the world and I am a New York Senator and a potential future president." She just took the second parachute and jumped out of the plane.

The third passenger, George W. Bush, said : " I'm President of the United States of America, I have a great responsibility being the leader of a superpower nation. And above all I'm the cleverest President in American history, so America's people won't let me die." So he put on the pack next to him and jumped out of the plane.

The fourth passenger, the Pope, says to the fifth passenger, a 10 year-old school boy, "I am old and frail and I don't have many years left, as a Catholic I will sacrifice my life and let you have
the last parachute.

The boy said, "it's OK, there's a parachute left for you. America's cleverest President has taken my schoolbag.

Make sure that the appropriate checks are made!
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NICE JOKE... ya sebe tolko chto jivott ne nadarval , posle tago kak prochetal,Slavo prekrasno....Ochen ploxo chto ya zakonchil shkolu
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