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Default A Unique Deception in the History of the World

The Theory of Evolution
The way that for 150 years certain people have been devoted to such an extraordinarily illogical belief as the theory of evolution is a great miracle created by God by making use of Satan. Those with good sense and faith in God and who are aware of this miracle have been waiting for 150 years to see just when evolutionists would become aware of this deception of Satan's, and have been using various means of suggestion, employing scientific and rational methods, to awaken them.

The way that hundreds of thousands of professors, scientists, university students and doctors have blindly believed in the exceptionally illogical claims of the theory of evolution is a historical phenomenon that will be remembered with astonishment in no more than 20 years, and will be the subject of jokes and sketches.

Believers in evolution fall under the spell of the Latin terminology and pompous language employed by evolutionist scientists, saying, "whatever they say must be true," and do not think about the real meaning of what they are told. One of the most effective ways of getting these people to think is to explain what the theory of evolution actually maintains in a very clear and simple manner, and thus to remove the spell under which they have fallen.
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Unique Deception? noone claims this be a fact, it's a theory or am I getting this other way around? it does not say in the theory of evolution anything about God - that's the fact but not deception besides that the theory also constitutes the so-called scientific basis of various ideologies such as communism etc ... this is a a bit different from what you conceive by saying deception mikal or please oppose my views if I am wrong ...
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