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В бой аргхххххххх!
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Thumbs down Urgent! Памятник Ататурку в Риме

Italaciq uzum en Hromum dnen ataturqi arzany ir mahvan 67 amyaki artiv ...


Italians have decided to erect the statue of Ataturk. We should revolt about this tragic decision and write to the Mayor of Rome.

The e-mail address of the Mayor of Rome Walter VERTRONI is: [email protected]

Please send the letter below to this address and don't forget to send a CC to the Armenian Community representatives at: [email protected]


Lord Mayor of Rome

It is with astonishment and indignation that we read in the newspaper that for the 67th anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk death the City of Rome is going to erect a monument sacred to the memory of the founding father of the Turkish Republic in order to think about peace.

We are do convinced that a City like Rome which is distinguished by a multiethnic and multicultural vocation should give anyone the possibility of expressing oneself but this without violating and trampling on the right to remembrance of others.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has to his credit the fact of having modelled the today lay Turkish state but in achieving this target he has covered up for those who were responsible for the extermination of 1.5 million innocent Armenians, the first Genocide of the XX century.

It is well known your great effort in favour of the right to remembrance of the Jewish Holocaust but we do wish the same effort to be spent in favour not just of us Armenians but of all those who have suffered and still suffer injustices.

During the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, when the E.U. is confirming the recognition of the Genocide as essential for Turkey to be a member of Europe it is frustrating and immoral to see our right to remembrance trampled on.

The Consiglio della Comunità Armena di Roma appeal to you aware that the way to peace and brotherhood can only be traced within the respect of sorrow, grief and remembrance.

Awaiting your kind reply we ask for a meeting with our delegation.

Yours faithfully.
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Default Re: Urgent! Памятник Ататурку в Риме

es taza zev a e-mail addressner havaqelu?
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Default Re: Urgent! Памятник Ататурку в Риме

Endvorum voch.
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