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Default Forum Upgraded to v2.3.0

Ladies and gentlemen our forum script has been upgraded from version 2.2.9 to version 2.3.0. Below are changes:

Functionality Changes / New Features
  • One of the biggest changes for vBulletin 2.3.0 is that all calls to PHP's mail() function are now routed via a central vbmail() function in functions.php. This was done so that people with non-standard server setups can easily modify the way email is sent from their vBulletin installation.
  • We have also corrected a small bug that would assign all users to usergroupid=2 (registered users) after they changed their email address regardless of their original usergroup.
  • New image-based verification system to deal with the spam bot registration issue
  • Clicking on clickable smilies no longer stops animated GIF files animating
  • New version checking system in Admin CP to detect when vBulletin 3 is available
  • Image verification improvement
  • Who's online ignores registration image
  • better url handling for those running php as a cgi
  • style issues regarding 1 being default style
  • notification emails now send using user defined style

Bug Fixes
  • Splitting threads can create empty thread
  • Empty passwords possible via UserCP
  • Subscribed threads sometimes invisible in UserCP
  • Splitting and moving new thread does not update lastpost on forumhome
  • Edit post dies not check for all caps
  • Search index not properly updated on edit post
  • Update thread info does not reflect changed usernames
  • Email validation not sent to certain users
  • Buddy/Ignore list editing broken with names containing apostrophes
  • Banned users can bypass the ban
  • Slow attachment queries optimized
  • Bypassing Registration Adult/Coppa
  • Redirect is wrong after emailing user
  • Members getting email notification after thread moved to private forum
  • Unexpected behaviour after editing template and changing templateset
  • Replacement variables are parsed twice (default + custom)
  • Numerous template issues
  • Invisible users often not shown online to administrators in private messaging system
  • Missing </a> tag in admin/index.php (Go to your Forums Home Page)
  • Asterisks in words are no longer counted towards word length in searches
  • Image verification works in versions of GD other than 2.x

for more information visit

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Николай Константинов
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С чем нас всех и поздравляю
Стоило ждать этот один день
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Да... теперь не написать легнький скрипт для регистрации
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Агрессивный оптимист
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Default Re: Forum Upgraded to v2.3.0

Originally posted by acid
Ladies and gentlemen our forum script has been upgraded from version 2.9.0 to version 2.3.0. Below are changes:[*]Clicking on clickable smilies no longer stops animated GIF files animating
Вот этот вот пункт мне на нервы действовал если честно...
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The Freewheelin'
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acid :

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hex god
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to acid

Сур, кажись есть еще один махонький баг:

Для того, чтобы время постингов показывалось правильно, мне приходится устанавливать мой часовой пояс (в форумских setting-ах) на GMT.
Согласно нынешним установкам этот постинг сделан в 12 с чем-то по Лондонскому времени.
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