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Although what you say makes a lot of sense and would be PERFECT in a PERFECT world, come on, do not be naive- i do not have to point to the ties of governments with drugs and drug trafficing. Government in reality is not very interested to get rid of the shadow economy, eto oni tak tol&ko govoryat... A glimpse from history- why do you think US was so closely involved with Columbia? Here's a food for thought for you!!!

I am more inclined to think that they should simply make all drugs legal- a lot of problems will disappear right away- no shadow economy and black market, legal stuff would cost cheaper, and it will be simply a matter of free choice whether to go ahead a ruin your health and life or not.

In US drinking, legal age and drinking and UNDERAGE drinking is HUGE issue that screws up a lot of ppl right from a very early age. On the other hand, we don't seem that much of a problem with drinking in Armenia, do we? Why? Because it's legal and it's not even an issue.
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