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Default sign a petition on genocide initiated a petition on genocides in ottoman Turkey and genocide denial policy of modern Turkey. please, sign the petition here. The signed petition will be sent to different international organizations.

via arin_berd:
На миацум.ру уже размещены тексты. Идет сбор подписей.
Тексты также размещены на Там тоже можете подписатья.
Текст обращения можете распространять на другим ресурсам.
Заранее спасибо всем участникам.

text of the petition in english:

Every year on April 24 the Armenians and the people of good will around the world are remembering the martyrs of Metz Eghern, the Genocide of Armenian people, which is the fist crime against humanity of the 20th century. The catastrophe of Armenians was the culmination of Turkish genocidal policy, which was also perpetrated against Greeks, Assyrians, Yezidis, Arabs, Balkan people. The beginning of the 20th century became the bloodbath for the native people of the Ottoman Empire. Initially the Young Turks and then the Kemalist government, striving to establish a Turkish nation state, have put the indigent people before the choice of either forced assimilation, deportation or physical annihilation. The result of this Turkish genocidal policy was the millions of brutally exterminated victims and refugees, spread all over the world. The Armenian people lost 9/10th of their Motherland. The territories of Western Armenia, Armenian Cilicia were cleansed of its indigent Armenian population.

The uncondemned crime against humanity causes the perpetration of new ones. The Metz Eghern was followed by Holocaust and the catastrophe of the European Jews in the middle of the 20th century, by the Darfur of the 21st century. The unpunished crime causes new genocides and the continuation of genocidal policy, of ethnic cleansings and the destruction of nations’ cultural heritage. The very same Turkey, which hadn’t been condemned for its past crimes, today continues the policy of ethnic extermination. Azerbaijan, being sure of avoiding responsibility, at the end of the 20th century engaged in state-sponsored pogroms of Armenian population in Kirovabad (Ganja), Sumgait, Baku, attempted a military aggression, ethnic cleansing and slaughter against Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh, forcing the Armenians to self-defense. In the 21st century the Turkish and Azerbaijani genocidal policy continues in the form of the cultural genocide. This cultural genocide takes form of destruction of historical heritage of the indigent people, the same heritage, which is recognized by international organizations, including UNESCO, as the cultural treasure of the worldwide importance. As if not satisfied with the cultural genocide it organized, the state authority of Azerbaijan has recently destroyed the graveyards of Russians, Jews, Armenians, Georgians and Ukrainians in the center of capital city of Baku, on Narimanov cemetery.

Ethnic, racial and religious hatred towards non-Turks is incorporated into the legislation of the Turkish Republic, which Criminal Code, article 301, criminalizes the widely interpreted “insults against Turkish people”. The category of insults includes any reference to the criminal past of Turkey, any mentioning of Metz Eghern, of the genocides of Assyrians, Pontic Greeks, of the Greek rights to the Northern Cyprus.

Today the condemnation of Metz Eghern and other genocides is turned into a gambling token in the political games, which is straightforwardly acknowledged by political figures of various countries and what we clearly saw during the recent discussion over Resolution on Armenian Genocide in the US Congress.

The international law is common for all people and states. It can not be subjected to political gambling and double standards, which lead to chaos, lack of trust into the basic foundations of international community and peaceful co-existence of people and civilizations. The primary obligation of international organizations is to follow and execute the provisions of international law. We call upon the people of good will, states and international organizations to condemn the Turkish crimes against humanity.

duplicated from Lilith's Shrine - sign a petition on genocide.
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