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The Greatest
Tragedy in the
History of the
the insignificant


The genocidal acts of the “Azeris” in Sumgait, Baku, Gandzak, Maragha, Shamkhor, Shamakhi, Karintak, Shushi, Hadrut, Getashen, Berdadzor, Sheki, Voskepar, Zakatali, Chardakhli, Shahoomian, the “Ring” operation, etc., from 1988 to 1992 that drove over 400,000 Armenians out of their homes which were appropriated by the “Azeri” plunderers are conveniently “forgotten” by the Turks and the West, yet a totally insignificant wartime incident is blown out of proportion and attains the magnitude of the greatest intergalactic tragedy in the history of the universe…

The insignificant Khojaly incident scam is the sole “winning” card in the possession of a losing “Azeri” aggressor after they failed to shake the resolve of the Armenians of Artsakh to rid themselves of the destructive Turco-Tatar yoke, unlawfully imposed upon them for seventy years by Bolshevik and Kemalist rogues after their bestial, blood drinking orgy that chopped off 60% of the Republic of Armenia of the day (minus the four vilayets to be returned to the Armenians according to Woodrow Wilson’s arbitration) and offered it to the Turks without negotiating with the landlord.

Despite genocidal acts and the subsequent all-out war instigated by the “Azeri” army, the Armenian volunteers defended their home and succeeded in repelling the aggressors determined to wipe Artsakh from its millennia old Armenian population. The racist rant spewed by the then “Azeri” president Elchibey (Elçibey) in June 1992, that if there were any Armenians left in Karabakh by October they could hang him in the central square of Baku, is the proof that the extermination of the Armenians was minutely planned by the highest ranks in “Azerbaijani” government.

Fabricating a hoax that would transgress every limit of tastelessness seemed the most effective measure to the desperate “Azeri” losers to stop the successes of the Armenians in liberating a small part of their Turkish occupied territory from the genocidal Turks. Suddenly the violent all devouring wolf became an innocent lamb that was being wronged by the same people who they were shelling with Grad rockets on a daily basis.

Starting in 1991 the “Azeris” were using Khojaly as a launching pad for artillery and rocket fire on nearby NKR capital Stepanakert, indiscriminately targeting civilians. Hundreds of innocent men, women and children had been killed and wounded and schools, hospitals and houses were destroyed as the result of this totally neglected war crime and Artsakh airport, vital for communication with the outside world and the delivery of humanitarian aid, had become inaccessible as long as Khojaly was under “Azeri” control.

A matter of life and death for Artsakh, Khojaly had to be liberated and in January 1992 decision was taken to neutralize the sadistic “Azeri” killing base. Using every means of informing the civilians, including TV, radio and even loudspeakers, the Artsakh authorities warned the “Azeris” of the coming counter attack and a humanitarian corridor was opened to let the civilians pass through which was duly used. The then president of fake “Azerbaijan” Ayaz Mutalibov and the mayor of Khojaly Elman Mamedov have acknowledged the awareness of “Azeri” leadership and the military base in Khojaly of this fact in diverse interviews at the time.

On the night of February 25, 1992 Artsakh forces started the operation and after a mere five hours they had conquered and neutralized the Khojaly base. Besides dozens of enemy combatants, the collateral loss of 11 civilians was also the low price the “Azeri” side had to pay before they had to give up their genocidal fun. Later, the remaining civilians were handed over to “Azeris” and the POWs exchanged for their Armenian counterparts.

Along with the civilians who used the corridor, a group of “Azeri” soldiers also fled to Aghdam (Agdam). On the way they provoked skirmishes with the defenders of the Armenian village of Nakhijevanik which resulted in deaths on both parties.

On February 29, 1992 journalists were flown to the “Azeri” controlled area where images of dead bodies were photographed and videotaped. On a second visit, on March 2, 1992 another batch of journalists examined the bodies and because of a blunder on the “Azeri” part to control the identities of the journalists, at least two of them who had been on the first visit noticed that some of the bodies were severely mutilated.

The Czech journalist Yana Mazalova was one of those on both flights and noticed the considerable alteration of the bodies on the second visit where only two days after the first demonstration, Turkish corpse art had been performed to bring the Armenians down to their genocidal level in front of the cameras and in the pro-Turkish western media controlled eyes of world.
The independent “Azeri” TV journalist Chingiz Mustafayev (Fuat-oghli) who had filmed the bodies on both visits realized the malevolent intent and led his own investigation. He reported his conclusion of the “Azeri” falsifications of the affair to “DR-Press”, a News Agency in Moscow. Soon afterwards, he was mysteriously killed near Aghdam, an area still under full “Azeri” control.
In his report Chingiz Mustafayev had stated that he had not seen a single dead body in Khojaly and only a couple dozen dead “Azeri” soldiers near Aghdam killed in the Nakhijevanik skirmishes were filmed on the first visit on February 29.

After the second visit on March 2, 1992, where they had noticed the mutilations Chingiz Mustafayev informed the “Azeri” president Mutalibov about the changes. Mutalibov warned him he could risk his life if he imparted the information. The prophesy came true.

It is especially remarkable that the main culprit in spreading the lie of a thousand dead without proof, the rascal, Thomas Goltz was present on both visits and withheld the information regarding the alteration of the corpses. This is criminal behavior that in the least should have cost him his job, yet the miscreant still holds his position and is busy earning his miserable life writing misleading articles.

Regarding the number of civilian casualties, the “Azeri” misinformation hasn’t stopped blowing up the figures that increase every year. It appears Turks that have a high population growth rate, breed and – since one has to be of a certain age to be able to procreate - grow up faster when they are dead. How else can one explain the fact that the 11 dead civilians soon became 100, then 163, later moving the 6 just a tiny bit to the left, the figure grew to 613, soon rounded up to 1000, sometimes later double-rounded to 2000, and presently there’s talk of 2.5 million “Azeri” victims of “genocide” by the Armenians.

Interestingly, Turks also cite 2.5 million casualties of “genocide” by the Armenians during WWI, when the entire Armenian nation was being driven to the desert to roast. If Armenians had the supernatural power to kill 5 million Turks, then one wonders why no Christian Armenians live in all Turkish occupied Armenian territories. Since Turks constantly diminish the number of the Armenians living under Ottoman Tyranny and beyond bringing the number down to one million, 800,000, 600,000, 300,000 to null to claim that hardly any Armenians were killed during that period and since there are absolutely no third party accounts of killings of millions of Turks, one wonders how on earth such a “small” bunch of people could muster up a genocide machine to destroy 5 million without anyone noticing it.

But the reducing of the number of the Armenians is bad for the Turks because the lower the number of Armenians in early 20th century, the bigger the crime, since according to countless sources the Armenians were the most numerous nation under the bloody rule of the Ottoman bandits as attested by Armenian historians, Turkish records (Risales) and European travelers.

Jean Baptiste Tavernier, who traveled six times in the East in the period of 1632-1668 notes: “the land stretching from Tokat to Tabriz is almost exclusively inhabited by Christians and this region used to be part of the Armenian Kingdom ...That's why it's not surprising to come across fifty Armenians for every single Muslim”. Also, in his official report for the Ottoman Ministry of Interior prepared in 1778-1780, Reis Effendi states: “the Armenians are the most numerous reaya-population in the Ottoman State”.

The scam would not have much effect if it wasn’t for the support of certain scoundrels who wouldn’t lose a night’s sleep if their deceitful acts smeared the Armenian nation, bringing them down to the level of Turkish barbarians who have been drinking Armenian blood for the last nine centuries on proper Armenian homeland and beyond.

To appease his Turkish wife, the dishonest scambug Thomas Goltz had a big role in fanning the stink of Khojaly hoax that has spread all over the internet creating the false image of Armenians capable of Turkic savagery. His reports to the western media where out of nowhere he made up the one thousand casualties figure, ALL of them “Azeri” civilians and ALL killed by the bad Armenians, provided the push that started the avalanche of the ever swelling lies. In addition, the videotapes of poor Chingiz Mustafayev have been abused to provoke animosity against the Armenians.

The issue that has been deliberately ignored is that there were 47 Armenian hostages in Aghdam among them women and children, of who only 13 came back. The remaining 34 have been missing. Another issue is that the witnesses testify that the dead were shot from a close range. The “Azeri” side also does not specify the place of the death of the alleged hundreds of civilians.

The Armenians could in no way have the possibility of killing the civilians from so close a distance in an “Azeri” controlled area, unless they had rifles with a barrel longer than ten kilometers or so.

One of the countless alleged western sources cited by the Turks goes: “Channel 4 News at 19.00, Monday 2 March 1992: 2 French journalists have seen 32 corpses of men, women and children in civilian clothes. Many of them shot dead from their heads as close as less than 1 meter”.

The number 32 roughly corresponds to the figure of 34 missing Armenian hostages and knowing that the “Azeris” claim about 20,000 dead during the whole conflict, here we get to the main motive why this particular event has been forced to attract the most attention. The reason the “Azeris” emphasize this incident is the ruthless mutilation and disfiguring of certain corpses, a despicable act that was committed after the 29th of February visit of the journalists.

That this atrocity was carried out by the “Azeris” themselves is beyond question. Chingiz Mustafayev found out, reported it and lost his life. A hypothetical assumption that the Armenians could have done it will have to suppose that knowing the falsehoods already spreading against them - even before the start of the operation - regarding the non-event, to make it look even worse for themselves, they were outrageously crazy risking their lives sneaking deep inside enemy controlled area sometime between end of February 29 and first of March to perform ritualistic acts exclusively in the line of cultureless nomadic savages and return to their posts without being noticed by any guards of the corpses or other soldiers controlling such a strategically important border.

The unquestionable fact is that fearing the butchered 34 Armenian hostages, whose innocent bodies were thrown onto the pile of “Azeris” to help fabricate their “genocide” thesis, would be recognized sooner or later, they engaged in their ancestral ways of artistic expression and merry making mutilating and desecrating the Armenian victims beyond recognition. Here lies the real tragedy of Khojaly: unsurprisingly it is the Armenians who got butchered and carved, yet once again the truth is twisted upside down. The murderous Turk becomes the victim of their victims.

The pictures of dismembered Armenian hostages taken by a murdered “Azeri” journalist with a grain of integrity coupled with falsities produced by scum like Thomas Goltz have succeeded in portraying the genocide perpetrating “Azeri” wolves as sheep mistreated by Armenian “aggressors” who did nothing but defend their lives, an unforgivable crime according to Turks that won’t settle with less than docile Armenians bowing their necks to Turkish scimitars.

Let’s imagine that this insignificant event happened according to the “Azeri” hoaxers. Is it not nauseatingly sardonic to compare this trivial wartime incident to the meticulously planned, total annihilation of the Armenian nation in 90% of Armenian homeland spanning at least five centuries but carried out most demonically in the periods between 1894 and 1923? Could the alleged killing of 11 Turkish “civilians”, as a result of a five hour military operation to disable the rocket launchers in Khojaly that were shelling the civilians of Artsakh day and night, amount to the monstrosities the Turkish kind inflicted on the Armenian nation ever since their granpaws and grandclaws trampled the civilizations west of the Caspian into mounds of rubble?

Such impudence would be a mere understatement to the Turkish brazenness. The following half-literate discharge comes from a Turkish source quoting an American senator, Don Barton: “Although from time to time, it has been called on the Congressmen to recognize “the so-called Armenian genocide” which has no ground, there has been even one word regarding to the Armenian massacre in Hocali (Khojaly H.).”

Unfortunately many uninformed Armenians have also been influenced by the gigantic amount of rubbish – mainly regurgitation of the same filth - that has been spread everywhere and especially on the World Wide Web. Search every Armenian forum on the internet and you will certainly come across numerous threads dealing with this unimportant wartime incident, either started by intruding Turks that think they can break into everywhere there are Armenians even in cyber space, or by an Armenian who without having studied non-Turkish sources has bought the hoax, whereas the hellish ordeal of hundreds of thousands of innocent Armenians going through a bloody house to house slaughter hundreds of kilometers away from Artsakh or Yerevan, before any war started and only in return for peaceful, civilized demonstrations, everywhere in fake “Azerbaijan” are totally ignored even on the Armenian forums.

Personally, I have rarely stumbled upon a forum thread about for instance, the horrific genocide in Maragha, a village north of Artsakh where only unarmed peaceful people lived and contrary to Khojaly it was not used as a military base. The barbarities were witnessed on location by Baroness Caroline Cox: ““Azeri” soldiers sawed off the heads of 45 villagers, burnt others, took 100 women and children away as hostages, looted and set fire to all the homes, and left with all the pickings from the looting”. This deliberate act of ethnic extermination is far worse than the insignificant Khojaly incident scam, yet it has not received one millionth of the attention of the latter, even by the Armenians themselves. Needless to say there is no Turkish website of any sort where the “Azeri” barbarities are scrutinized or a grain of remorse or self-criticism has been spent on these atrocities.

The vileness of the “Azeri” delirium has crossed every boundary of the logical where one doesn’t know whether to laugh or to wonder. The head of the “Azeri” Diaspora – yes, they have aped that as well! – has demanded that a monument be erected in Israel to commemorate the “Azeri holocaust (!)” Imagine the embarrassment of the Israeli sensitivity to the exclusive use of this term regarding the claim for its application to a non-event allegedly occurred during a five hour military operation…

The Khojaly lie has grown so big that even objective western commentators have fallen into the trap. In an article about the Armenian Genocide, a distinguished British journalist known for his pro-Armenian stance has recently degraded the whole Artsakh movement to a crude act of retaliation by the Armenians to get even with the Turks for the Armenian Genocide. It is astonishing that such a seemingly informed intellectual has never heard of state planned genocidal acts of the “Azeris” in Sumgait, Baku, Gandzak, Maragha, Shushi, Getashen, Shahoomian, etc., mostly perpetrated before the all-out war and the shelling of innocent civilians during the “Azeri” aggression, and believes the lies of low-life hoaxers such as Thomas Goltz, Thomas de Waal, Brenda Shaffer, Sabina Frazer, Svante E. Cornell and dregs of similar caliber.
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Khojaly Appendix

Quotes from independent sources including “Azeri” reporters, survivors, even their presidents Mutalibov and Heydar Aliev, have confirmed that the whole thing was nothing more than a smear campaign against the Armenians. The unscrupulous Thomas Goltz also licked up the filth he had thrown at the Armenians, this time blaming the media created, classic “enemy” of the west, the Russians.

Heydar Aliyev, (Aliev I, the founder of the only “Azeri” dynasty in history, succeeded after his death by his warmongering whelp Ilham) the president of fake “Azerbaijan” from 1993 to 2003 admitted in April 1992, just a month after the insignificant Khojaly incident that “The bloodshed will do us good. We shouldn't interfere in the course of events”. (Bilik-Duniasi News Agency)

Ayaz Mutalibov the “Azeri” president in time of the event that led to his fall said in an interview with Nezavisimaya Gazeta: “however, the Armenians had left a corridor for the escape of the people.” (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, April 2, 1992) And in another in Novoye Vremia Magazine he confirmed his statement made nine days earlier: “It was evident that some people had organized the shooting for shifting the power in Azerbaijan”. (Novoye Vremia, March 6, 2001)

Elman Mamedov, the mayor of Khojaly: “We knew that the corridor was left for the exit of the peaceful people”. (Russkaya Misl 03.03.1992, quoting Bakinskie Rabochiy newspaper)

M. Safaroghli, an Azerbaijani journalist admits: “Khojaly was located in an important strategic position. Losing control over Khojaly would mean a political fiasco for Mutalibov”. (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, February, 1993)

Arif Yunusov, “Azeri” human rights activist thought: “The officials in Baku did not try to hide their awareness, including Ayaz Mutalibov the president of Azerbaijan …the offense on Khojaly was not a surprise” (Ogoniok Magazine, N 14-15, 1992). “The town itself and its population are willingly sacrificed for the political purposes, i.e., prevent the National Front of Azerbaijan from coming to power”. (Zerkalo, July, 1992)

R. Gajiyev, member of the Operating Committee of Aghdam Branch of NFA (National Front of Azerbaijan): “We could have helped the people of Khojaly because we had the resources and means. However, the authorities of the republic wanted to demonstrate to the people of Azerbaijan that they are not able to do so and ask for the assistance of the CIS Army and with the help of the latter also neutralize the opposition”. (Izvestia, April, 1992)

Tamerlan Karayev, the former Chairman of the Supreme Council of “Azerbaijan” testifies: “The tragedy was perpetrated by the Azeri authorities”, in particular, “some of the top officials”. (Mukhtalifat, April 28, 1992)

Megapolis-Express wrote: “It is impossible not to admit that if the National Front of Azerbaijan had in fact defined far-reaching goals, it succeeded in addressing them. Mutalibov is compromised and forced out of his post, the international community is in shock, the Azeris and their brotherly Turks believe in the so-called “genocide of the Azerbaijani people in Khojaly”.” (Megapolis-Express, N17, 1992)

Letter from Eurasia: The Hidden Russian Hand by Thomas Goltz (the scambug with a Turkish wife who invented the Khojaly hoax)
Foreign Policy, No. 92 (autumn, 1993), pp. 92-116
This article consists of 25 page(s).

Far from admission to forgery or an attempt to silence his guilty conscience (if he has any) the villain tries to implicate the Russians in the perpetration of the alleged carnage. He does not miss a chance to degrade Armenia to a weak puppet of Russia and attributes the success of the Armenians to ruthless Russian mercenaries alone. Interestingly enough he shuts his muzzle regarding the Afghan mujahedin, Al Qaeda and Chechen terrorists, Ukrainian and other Slavonic mercenaries, etc., used by the “Azeris” against the Armenians nor does he want to remember the Ring Operation where the Russian army helped the “Azeris” to force the peaceful inhabitants of 24 Armenian villages out of their homes, the true beginning of “Azeri” war on Artsakh, a full year before the Khojaly incident scam.

“Finding a smoking gun is difficult, though there are bullet casings lying all around. The most celebrated case to date is that of six Russian nationals who were picked up by Azerbaijani security forces while on a surveillance mission in Karabakh in September 1992… They said they had nothing personal against the citizens of Azerbaijan, but rather had been tempted by cash bonuses offered by Armenians and were fighting in FOREIGN POLICY Karabakh for nothing less than the love of money.

The personal histories of the six, too, seem identical: Sons of typical working-class homes scattered across the Russian steppe, they were all drafted in late 1991, just as the USSR was falling apart and morale in the former Soviet armed forces was at an all-time low. Desertions--especially by non-Russians---grew to an all-time high. I saw many such youths pass through Balm during the late fall of 1991 and spring of 1992, making their way from units in Karabakh to their homes in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine.

Finding a smoking gun is difficult, though there are bullet casings lying all around. But these six were Spetmaz, not deserters from their units in Karabakh; they had formed a new unit to fight there after having departed their usual barracks on the base of the Russian 7th Army in Yerevan. It is at that point that the connections become interesting but murky.

According to the testimony of the six before and during their trial, their unit was commanded by a Captain Katanja, reportedly a relative of Major General Nevorov, second in command of the 7th Army. The 7th's chief then was General Theodor Rayut. Rayut is now in charge of all Russian forces based in the Caucasus; his headquarters are in Georgia--a republic currently beset by its own problems with "rogue" Russian soldiers.

According to the trial testimony of the men, in the spring of 1992 Captain Katanja introduced the recruits to a Colonel Jena, a Russian Spetmaz officer who had served in the 366th Motorized Rifle Regiment that had been based in Stepanakert. Both Azerbaijan and Armenia accused that regiment of taking sides according to the political winds blowing from Moscow during the early days of the Karabakh conflict.

The 366th was officially withdrawn from Karabakh after a massacre in the Karabakh town of Khodjali, on February 26, 1992, when up to 1,000 Azeri residents were killed (according to which proof? H.) and other Azeri civilians effectively cleansed from the disputed area (not a word about the Grads that were being fired from Khojaly destroying hospitals, kindergartens, schools and houses, nor Sumgait, Baku, Gandzak, Martunashen, Getashen, Shahoomian, Maragha, etc., massacres, nor mention of 400,000 Armenians “cleansed” from all over “Azerbaijan” before the “Azeris” instigated the war. H.). The Khodjali massacre was a turning point in the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, marking the end of what had largely been a guerrilla struggle between inimical neighbors and the beginning of something more like a conventional war between armies. But many points remain unanswered---especially the role of the 366th.

A half-Armenian, half-German photographer traveling with Armenian units on patrol the night of February 25-26, 1992, told me that the participation of dozens of tanks and armored personnel carriers (APCs) of the 366th in the attack on Khodjali was a surprise, if a welcome one for the Armenians; two Turkmen deserters from the 366th I interviewed (why only Turkmen? H.), who escaped to the Azeri town of Agdam with survivors from Khodjali, likewise confirmed that their former unit spearheaded the attack.

Even more bizarre was the grisly aftermath, when fleeing civilians were cut down and then mutilated in the no-man's land between the two sides (you rascal! They were mutilated after February 29 by the “Azeris” to quench Turkish sadism and to prevent their bodies from being recognized, because they were slaughtered Armenian hostages. H.). The Azeris, quite naturally, accused the Armenian forces of perpetrating a massacre; the Armenians replied that their forces had merely flushed the Azeris out of Karabakh and that the subsequent massacre of civilians must have occurred at the hands of the Azeris themselves.

While horrific brutality and the cynical sacrifice of one's own people by both sides (??? H.) are hardly strangers to the Karabakh conflict (are you talking from your rectum or defecating from your muzzle? H.), there is a third possibility: that the massacres and mutilations in the no-man's land were carried out by others determined to make Khodjali a point of no return in the escalation of hatred between the two peoples (aren’t you withholding information, scumbag? Weren’t you present on both shows on February 29 when there were no mutilated bodies and March 2 when they were the 32 or so mutilated corpses of the Armenian hostages? H.).

The evidence for that interpretation is thin, but tantalizing (so why on earth are you concealing vital evidence? H.): Two days after the massacre, Azerbaijani authorities managed to acquire a Russian military helicopter to ferry international journalists to the killing grounds. Before they could set down among hillocks littered with dead bodies, they were engaged by another military helicopter and driven away under fire.

Neither the Azerbaijani nor the Armenian forces operating in the area were known to control such aircraft at the time. So what is left is the strange conclusion that Russians were shooting at--or playing with--other Russians in the sky, possibly to prevent the passengers aboard the first craft from observing the activities of the rogue Russians on the ground. After Khodjali, the 366th was officially removed from Karabakh, but many of its soldiers and officers--as well as most of its equipment--stayed behind.”
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More Lies from a Warmongering Loser

The insignificant Khojaly incident scam is indeed the most grotesquely repulsive and widespread of the “Azeri” lies in relation with their miserable defeat in the war they perpetrated against Armenians in the 1990s. It is also the only “trump” (with a “little” help from their western admirers of course) in terms of accusing the Armenians of an atrocity that neither happened the way the impostors picture it, nor, whatever it was, did it touch the “Azeris”, the whole tragedy being the mutilation and desecration of about thirty four Armenian hostages performed well inside “Azeri” controlled areas days after their butchering, photos and videos of whose dismembered bodies, mainly taken by the “Azeri” reporter who was murdered after he found out the truth, were abused to bring the Armenians down to their genocidal level.

Yet it is not the only brazen fabrication of the masters of hypocrisy. There is, on one hand the incessant howling and whimpering of the whole pack from the highest governmental level to the “intellectuals”, students and the “man” in the street spewing hate rants, declaring war and demanding the obliteration of Armenians to get Artsakh “back”, on the other hand their wailing and sniveling in front of the world about the “loss” of 20% of “ancient Azeri territory”, one million “refugees” and the “genocide” they “suffered” in the hands of bad Armenians.

It is truly lamentable that in our day and age the states pretending to be the advocates of freedom, human rights and the rights of people for self-determination are totally deaf and blind to these warmongering announcements and monstrosities regularly committed by Turks against Armenians yet their sensitivity to and unconditional approval of these blatant lies are always guaranteed.

If the so-called free world blindly buys the foul statements of the Turks, there should be no surprise when the Muslim world reacts sympathetically to these lies normally without objective examination of the history of the issue and the irrefutable data that exposes the thinly disguised “Azeri” fabrications.

The dirty and dangerous religion card has never been played by the Armenians against all the calamity the Turkic abomination has brought their nation and civilization, even when during the whole Turkish domination the utter discrimination and dehumanization was justified according to the Islamic doctrine. The Christian nations under the Ottoman yoke were considered mere cattle that deserved no justice and could be treated by a Muslim of any rank anyway they chose. During any period of massacre and deportation – and these were regularly carried out for centuries – cries of “Gavur (infidel)”, “where’s your savior now?” or “accept Islam or die” were typically let out by the frenzied assailants.

Yet not all Islamic states treated their non-Muslim citizens in similar manner. Particularly the sheltering of Armenian “deportees” by desert Arabs in the dark days of the Armenian Genocide, the warm reception of the survivors in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt and Iran and the utmost respect they enjoyed afterwards have obliged the Armenians so deeply that they will be eternally thankful to the Arab and Iranian peoples. The Armenians in their turn have done their best to be useful to their new home and have participated in its progress in all fields.

And these blood****ing defilers of the Armenians cannot hold back their ghastly, inhuman desires and after centuries long use and abuse of these peaceful people who for thousands of years minded their business in their home, the usurpation of 90% of historic Armenian territory, the physical extermination of the indigenous owners of the same, the destruction of the spiritual heritage spread all over the land that confirmed the ownership thereof, the undeserved appropriation of their culture, the denial of all of that and the projection of all their vices on the Armenians, have not shown the dignity to reciprocally refrain from exploiting the filthy religion card in these days of rising Christian/Muslim misunderstanding and antagonism.

No wonder: since the Turk has not yet acquired, among others, the human characteristic known as shame, they would also throw this ugly card on the table and unabashedly misuse it to win sympathy from Islamic countries.

On every occasion of gathering of representatives of Muslim nations including the Islamic Congress, the lies about 20% occupied “Azeri” land, one million refugees, Khojaly scam and the Armenian “aggression” against “poor”, Muslim “Azeris” are regurgitated ad nauseam, resolutions are passed condemning Armenia without the chance for the Armenians (usually not allowed in such meetings) to present their case for an objective scrutiny of the affair.

For instance, the state of Pakistan that because of its nonexistent history clings solely to its Islamic identity has refused to recognize the Armenian state and no relations exist between the two countries. Fortunately this does not apply to the majority of Islamic countries that have warm relations with Armenia and in turn the Armenian state immensely values this friendship which comes from the subsequent years of the genocide in case of Middle-Eastern Arab countries and indeed, millennia old ties from days before Islam and Christianity with Mesopotamian peoples and especially Iranians.

So when did this chronic Turkish mythomania start and what would happen to Turks if they let all the lies go and accepted who they are, what they are and where they came from?

To usurp the caliphate which according to Sunni Islam was meant to be exclusively in the hands of the Quraysh tribe, the clerics of sultan Selim I (1512–1520) justified the transgression by changing the law thus: since Selim had eliminated all rivals including the Abbasid Al-Mutawakkil III and the Mamluk dynasty, the caliphate should pass to those who had the right of sword rather that of bloodline. Enter fake caliphate.

The Armenian historians have noted that whenever the Turks “conquered” a region in Armenia, they immediately sent their agents to the area who would first of all change the place names, usually by replacing the name with some similar sounding, yet irrelevant, Turkish term or rename it whichever way they chose. Compare the recent changing of Mount Ararat into Agri Dag, Akhtamar into Ag Damar (Turkish for white vein (!)) or Anatolia (Greek for east) into Anadolu (Turkish for land of many mothers (!)), etc.

The most loathsome and tasteless of all is the obliteration of Armenia into “Eastern Anatolia”. Anatolia means east in Greek which in itself is a meaningless term. “Eastern Anatolia” would signify eastern east, i.e. total nonsense. The other name Asia Minor, coming from the Romans, is a more meaningful appellation for the peninsula that ends at the 38th eastern meridian. The Armenian Highland starts from there eastwards, thus, where Asia Minor or Anatolia ends.

It is truly woeful that even educated scholars have plunged into this genocidal Turkish pitfall and parrot this odious term when talking about Armenia and the Armenian Genocide. Seems the not so logically competent Turk is wittier than meets the eye after all.

Another lie concerned the underestimation of the Armenian population and exaggeration of that of Muslims. Of course, here they cunningly used the religion factor since a very small percentage of those Muslims were Turks. Here the census was not conducted by counting individuals, rather the number of families was considered. Armenian historians note that traditional Armenian families were large, usually having more than 10, sometimes even 25 and 30 members. The Turkish clerks multiplied the number of Armenian families by 5 and the Muslims by 10 and higher. This way they got a distorted number of population proportion, a lie which they misuse until today.

In addition, most of the times the term Ermeni, the Turkish transliteration for Armenian, was being interpreted as not solely meaning Armenian, but another generic term meaning Christian! This way a false Muslim “majority” was created meaning Turkish and the largest millet in the whole “empire” was gradually being eliminated.

We saw that Turkey’s offspring copied all the methods of lying, genocide and denial from its progenitor and that the artificially manufactured blanket term “Azerbaijani” in 1930s was a devious process to eliminate all non-Turkish ethnicities of the region, the usual lies that with the help of powerful allies, especially the Anglo-Saxon world and Israel, have become so current they are even believed by supposedly neutral or pro-Armenian intellectuals, political analysts, reporters, etc.

The most usual tactic of these pro-Turkish channels consists of giving the whole issue the outward look of equality between the parties. This point is discussed in more detail in the section Fabricated History to Suit a Fabricated “Nation”, suffice be said that the fable of an ancient “Azerbaijan” that engulfed the whole of present day fake “Azerbaijan”, Armenia and Dagestan plus parts of Turkish occupied Armenia, plus real Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan), plus the whole of Median empire, plus wherever the whim of the fabricators takes them at the moment of their creative outburst, is valid currency among pro-Turkish sources that comfortably utter the fallacious terms “Northern Azerbaijan/Southern Azerbaijan”, the “decimation” of the “ancient “Azeri” nation” in two by the evil Russians in the first quarter of the 19th century as a result of Golestan/Turkmenchai treaties and gobbledygook of the sort.

Besides the Khojaly scam the most frequently repeated “Azeri” lies in relation with their pathetic defeat in a war they themselves unleashed are: the so-called 20% “Azeri” territories occupied by Armenian “aggressors” who were doing nothing but defending their homes that were being bombarded from all points surrounding Artsakh, and the myth of one million “Azeri refugees”, double the number of “Azeris” that as a consequence of the war they started mostly sold their houses and fled.
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“Azeri” fabricated 20% myth

Figure 10

Click on the map for a larger image.

Artsakh liberated territories, real situation

Figure 11

“Azeri” distorted map

The constant sniveling about the 20% “historic Azeri” territories occupied by Armenia is an utterly blatant lie because it includes the area of NKAO, the autonomous Mountainous Karabakh region that was never part of an independent “Azerbaijan”. Neither Artsakh nor Nakhijevan were part of fake “Azerbaijan” when it was being counterfeited on Armenian territory in 1918 and were only treacherously snatched from Armenia following illegal dealings between Lenin and Kemal in 1921 when the already Sovietized fake “Azerbaijan” did not exist as an independent state. On December 10, 1991, 99.89% of the people of Artsakh voted for independence in a legal (even in Soviet terms) referendum. As a result, two independent states emerged on Soviet “Azerbaijani” territory after the fall of the USSR.

Counting the 4,400 square km former NKAO area as “occupied Azeri” territory means that people of Artsakh have occupied their own land. The remaining liberated territories, part of historic Armenian province of Artsakh, amount to 7,086 square km which roughly corresponds to 8% of the area of fake “Azerbaijan”. Even if we were to count the former NKAO area the total would not exceed 13% of fake “Azerbaijan”.

The lie also keeps silent about the fact that of the seven liberated districts, two were partially freed: Armenians control only 35% of Aghdam and 25% of Fizuly, but the impostors cite the entirety of the seven regions being taken by Armenians. On the other hand they, along with their western allies and their media shut up concerning the fact that “Azeri” aggressors have usurped and ethnically “cleansed” Shahoomian and parts of Martakert and Martuni regions of Artsakh totaling 750 square km, i.e. 17% of Mountainous Karabakh proper (for 8% supposed “Azeri” territory), and the Artzvashen district of the Republic of Armenia. This point is not represented in the shamefully debasing “peace” paper put together by the so-called OSCE Minsk Group.

Once more: the seven districts surrounding Artsakh had to be liberated to establish a security buffer, a consequence of “Azeri” actions using the region as a launch pad for air raids, firing Grad rockets, long-range artillery shelling using even ship guns, all of it against people they shamelessly call citizens of “Azerbaijan” who in case of “returning” the territories (just like that!) will “enjoy” the highest level of autonomy. The question arises, how a generation of Armenians who grew up or were born since 1991, could voluntarily choose to exchange their deservedly earned, de facto independence for genocidal Turkic yoke?

Table 3

* Only 25% of Fizuly is under Armenian control therefore 25% of the population of 100,000 has been presented in the table.

** Only 35% of Aghdam is under Armenian control therefore 35% of the population of 158,000 has been presented in the table.

The maps presented in this section show the situation as is where on the “Azeri” constructed map, apart from its inaccuracy in terms of the shapes of borders, the picture has been completely distorted to somehow convince the world that Armenia holds 20% of “Azeri” territory, a percentage that is regularly blown further up to a quarter of “Azerbaijan” as well. Not for nothing have the Turks usually been regarded as weak in reasoning, in Turkish logic 8 = 20.

Incidentally, while the 20% figure has been grabbed out of the air, and keeping in mind that the area of historic Armenia is about 400,000 square kilometers, more or less ten times larger that today’s Armenia including Artsakh, it unintentionally (most likely) corresponds with the percentage of Armenian territory that fake “Azerbaijan” occupies. Indeed, it is counterfeit “Azerbaijan” that has been fabricated on 20% Armenian land which it unlawfully occupies and desecrates, not vice versa.
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“Azeri” fabricated one million lie

Along with the 20% occupied “Azeri” territory lie, the bogus figure of one million “Azeri” refugees accompanies the cacophonous whimpering of wolf in sheep skin Tatar charlatans.

Another mercenary, “Solomon Ortiz, a Democrat Congressman and co-chairman of Azerbaijan delegation of the US Congress, said in the House of Representatives that as a result of the invasion of the Armenian Armed Forces in Nogorno-Karabakh and seven regions, 1 million of Azerian people became immigrant and refuge”, from a Turkish source, typos included.

Meanwhile this myth has been demolished even by the Turkophile Council of Europe.

From point B.II.13 of the above webpage: “13. In Azerbaijan three categories of people need to be distinguished: displaced persons who had to flee Karabakh (as a result of a fire they ignited in Sumgait. H.), displaced persons from the districts of the Republic of Azerbaijan that are, strictly speaking, occupied (strictly speaking, they were shelling civilians day and night, therefore the fire had to be extinguished. H.), and Azerbaijanis from Armenia, who are refugees under international humanitarian law (168,000 total, 144,000 of which sold their houses 24,000 received compensation; therefore, under no laws can they be considered refugees. H.). It is impossible to establish the number of people currently concerned with any certainty …These figures can however be updated by statistics provided by UNHCR (for the end of 2004)11 which indicate a figure of 578,545 internally displaced persons and 8,606 refugees”.
Compare, from points B.II.5 and B.II.6 of the same page: “…the number of refugees opting for Armenian citizenship was relatively small. This changed with the enactment in 2000 of a law on persons forcibly displaced from Azerbaijan between 1988 and 1992 who have been naturalised; …As a result, over 15,000 refugees in 2000 and over 16,000 in 2001 acquired citizenship …In terms of numbers of refugees and displaced persons, …These figures can however be updated by more recent statistics (end of 2004) provided by UNHCR4 which indicate a figure of 235,235 refugees.” (All emphases are mine. H.)

Eight thousand six hundred and six “Azeri” refugees give and take for 235,235 forcibly displaced Armenian refugees and that from a pro-Turkish source!

It’s not just the inflated number that reeks of fraud; it is the sniveling of “Azeri” authorities about the wretched conditions of these, whenever they get the chance to spew it at the international community, whereas they threaten to wipe Armenia off the map with the help of arms bought with their billions of oil dollars, on a daily basis and from the highest officials to every outlet of internal mass media. Instead of housing the displaced “Azeris” in up to 118,000 houses plundered from the Armenians who were kicked out through acts of genocide from 1988 to 1992, official Baku and Co. parade their nonexistent refugees in front of the world to cash in world pity.

I. Of 420,000 out of a total of some 484,000 inhabitants who left the seven liberated districts 45,000 returned to “Azeri” controlled areas of Aghdam and Fizuly, all according to “Azeri” sources, data presented to the Council of Europe in May 1997. Thus 375,000 left the liberated territories.

II. The number of “Azeris” who left Armenia for Azerbaijan sold or exchanged their houses or received the equivalent of 110 million US dollars in all, as compensation for houses damaged in the devastating earthquake of December 7, 1988.

III. A total of 40,000 “Azeris” left NKR for “Azerbaijan”.

Table 4

Grand total: 583,000 displaced “Azeris” (not one million), as a consequence of “Azeri” perpetrated war, less than 8 % of the total population of “Azerbaijan”. Isn’t it the Turks that constantly cry “It was war… people died” when one mentions the Armenian Genocide?

Before the genocidal acts reached Artsakh proper, the total Armenian population of Artsakh with its deceitfully severed northern regions, counted 268,000, by the end of 1988.

When in 1923 the “Azeri” usurpers were given the free hand by Bolshevik bandits to falsify the borders of Artsakh, they left several densely Armenian populated areas out of the “autonomous” Nagorno Karabakh Oblast, namely the historic Armenian province of Gardman-Hyots region. This was the continuation of the same genocidal policy for which fake “Azerbaijan” was faked in the first place.

As a result of the pogroms in Gandzak in November 1988 the whole Armenian population was expelled and by means of the Ring Operation with the help of the Soviet Russian army from April to May 1991, 24 Armenian settlements were ethnically “cleansed” and completely occupied.

Table 5

Proportionally speaking, Armenians have had to put up with far higher number of refugees not to speak of the fact that unlike in the case of the “Azeris”, none ever received any compensation. Around 33% of the entire Armenian population of Artsakh and 100% of Armenians all over fake “Azerbaijan” including usurped Nakhijevan were brutally expelled and lost all they had to the claws of the murderous scavengers.

The population of fake “Azerbaijan” is over 8 million according to “Azeri” data, this in contrast with some 3 million in Armenia and Artsakh. Even if the “one million” myth could hypothetically be considered, it would still be less than the proportion of Armenian real refugees.
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“Armenians did not win, it was the Russians” lie (part I)

Shamelessness and self-righteousness are the most prominent characteristics of the Turk. Obviously, ungratefulness is a perfect match for these traits. The Bolshevik tsar Ulyanov of Russia, a.k.a. Lenin with his half Tatar origin, was so magnanimous to the Turkic kind that several nation states emerged from these nomadic cattle-herder groups all over Central Asia. The ancient Iranian cultural cities of Samarqand and Bukhara were treacherously placed in the newly created Uzbekistan instead of the Tajikistan of Iranian origin. 60% of the internationally recognized Republic of Armenia went to Turkey and fake “Azerbaijan”, laying the foundation of the Artsakh war.

While every Bashkir, Tatar, Chuvash, Balkar, Karakalpak and Uyghur wonderer tribe also received an autonomous republic within Soviet Russia that bore the name of the group, none of the three cunningly severed provinces of Armenia: the Nakhijevan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast and Javakhk, with not even an autonomous status, included the term “Armenian” in their renaming, although in all three the Armenian population constituted an overwhelming majority; certainly a premeditated plot of genocide to be enacted afterwards.

While Artsakh and Nakhijevan were offered to fake “Azerbaijan” by the Bolshevik tsar, the Armenians never got any particularly fair treatment by the western powers either. Not only did they, with the exception of the United States, not move a finger to save the Armenians from being butchered all over the Ottoman Slaughterhouse, green light was given to the fabrication of fake “Azerbaijan” in 1918, and Javakhk was snatched out of the victorious Armenian army and offered to the Georgians in 1919 by the centuries-long lover of the Turks, Britain, that has never lost a chance to take sides with any wretch who has something against the Armenians.

Incidentally, it was the British treachery that insisted Artsakh be put under Mussavat “Azerbaijan” rule when they very well knew that Artsakh was at least a disputed territory with an Armenian population that given the bloody history of the Turks, should under no circumstances go under Turkic yoke. It was indeed the British that in 1919 insistently told the Artsakh Armenians to accept the authority of “Azerbaijani” government appointed “governor” Khosrovbeg Sultanov, an impertinent order which was repeatedly rejected by Karabakh National Council.

Armenia was the most ancient nation within and, at the same time, the smallest of the 15 “republics” of the Soviet Union. Its population comprised about 1% of the “union of brotherly nations”, the territory allotted to Armenia was a bit more than 0.1% of the whole of the USSR, yet Armenia produced over 10% of the Union’s scientists not to speak of the composers, musicians, painters, sculptors, movie directors, actors, opera singers, etc.

Which “Azeri” greatness can allow themselves to tie the shoelaces of composers Aram Khachaturian and Arnaud Babajanian, the filmmaker Sergey Parajanov, the designer of the first MiG fighter Artem Mikoyan, the nuclear scientists Artem Alikhanian and his brother Abraham Alikhanov who co-founded the first heavy water decelerated nuclear reactor in the Soviet Union in 1949, the great astrophysicist Victor Hambartsumian, founder of the first school of theoretical astrophysics in the USSR, winner of countless international awards and member of even more scientific societies all over the world, to name but a few from the endless list?

The brazen warmongering ruffians project their cowardice on Armenians as well, yet the savagery of the monster Ramil Safarov committed against Gurgen Markarian while he was sleeping is an excellent sample of Turkish bravery not to forget the driving of millions of helpless women, children and elderly to roast in the deserts of Syria, not to forget all the barbarities they brought on the Armenian citizens all over fake “Azerbaijan” during the closing decades of the 20th century, in the non-ending list of acts of Turkish valor. Yet to the Turk, an Armenian is a rug they can wipe their hoofs on, who always bows their necks to the scimitar of the Turk.

Could the Armenians fight and liberate their homeland? “Hell no,” think the Turks to themselves, “they wouldn’t dare”. It must have been the Russians otherwise the Armenians would not, could not win from the pregnant women disemboweling and babies to hard surfaces hurling, brave Turk! Those “bad Russians” who gave so much to the tent-dwelling nomads…

Among the infinite accusations Turks throw at the Armenians is the myth of Armenian collaboration with Nazis, a dirty lie that aims to provoke anti-Armenian sentiments among WWII sensitive western societies. They always cite the totally obscure, Wehrmacht ordered, so-called “812th Armenian battalion” under Dro’s command, yet they “fail” to mention that it was mainly comprised of Armenian prisoners of war taken in the east, the rest being citizens of the Nazi controlled regions who were simply performing their duties.

While I shun the constant comparison between the events of the two world wars, here I make an exception: Isn’t it the Turks that ceaselessly whine that Armenians sided with Russians during WWI, therefore betrayed “their” masters and got what they deserved? Apart from this being a filthy, self-righteous lie, it cunningly counts the Armenians under Russian rule among the “traitors” to the blood****ing parasite that had been gnawing at the existence of the Armenians for nine centuries.

At their 8th General Assembly in 1914, Dashnaktsoutioun ordered its bodies to collaborate with the Turkish government and be with them even in the event of war. As a mature political organization, sensing the dire situation of the state helped it, issuing orders to the provinces inviting the people to be loyal to Turkey and as a conscientious nation, perform their citizen's duty.

It is true that Armenian citizens of the Russian controlled eastern parts of Armenia fought in the Russian army, performing their duties as subjects of the state, just like the Armenian citizens of the Ottoman Tyranny who were recruited, and to leave the nation without defenders, cold bloodedly executed after they were used as beasts of burden to carry heavy war machinery or for constructions of all kind including the Baghdad railroad.

Had the Armenian citizens of Nazi occupied regions refused the conscription (albeit in very small numbers), couldn’t the Germans say Armenians were traitors and had to be destroyed? Here lies the fact of the matter of Dro’s superficial collaboration: the genocidal Turk saw in Hitler someone mad enough to carry out their age-old plan of the annihilation of the Armenians and spread rumors of Armenians being of Semitic origin (whatever the hell that means, if one decides they believe the Noah mythology). Dro and some of his friends (certainly not the entire Dashnaktsoutioun) devised a plan to convince Hitler that Armenians were of Aryan origin (whatever the hell that means, since according to Iranian mythology where the Noah story was also taken from, only the children of Fereidun’s son Iraj can be considered Aryans).

This saved Armenians from yet another genocide and was definitely worth it because while the “812th Armenian battalion” that only operated in Crimea and the North Caucasus has not had the slightest of significance in WWII, concentration camps in Turkey were created in winter 1942 where Armenians, Greeks and Jews who did not have the means to pay the exorbitant, newly invented taxes, Varlik Vergisi, within 30 days, were arrested and sent there in Ashkale near Babert (distorted into Bayburt) in the occupied Armenian province of Karin (Erzerum).

Old, city dwelling men who had never been in such cold environment, had to lift pickaxes with their delicate hands and break ice or stone until they died. They were kept in utterly miserable conditions, perhaps worse than those under Nazi camps. A graphic account of this fascistic behavior can be found in the Turkish author, Kemal Yalзin’s recent book “Seninle Gьler Yьregim”, where he travels far and wide and narrates his conversations with Armenians (secret or otherwise) wherever he could find them all over Turkey.

It is perfectly clear why Turks hate Dro. He is one of the generals who successfully defended his people against the Turks in their extermination war to do away with the last segment of Armenia in the Caucasus; a war in which the Armenians defeated the several times larger Turkish army in 1918 and revived their state for the first time in more than five centuries after the fall of the Armenian kingdom in Cilicia in 1375.

Turks cannot help to revile every Armenian hero from Andranik, Njdeh, Dro, Serop Aghbyur, Nikol Duman, Gevorg Chavush, Ruben who took arms and defended their people, to political leaders who gave their lives for their nation like Aram Manoukian and Grigor Zohrab even patriotic religious leaders such as Khrimian Hyrik. The Armenians do not have the right to live freely in their home; no, they do not have the right to live at all.

The Turkish smear campaign blows up the nonexistent importance of the unknown “infamous 812th Armenian battalion” yet does not want to hear that the “infamous” 89th Soviet Armenian army division, also known as Tamanian, cut 3700 kilometers, liberated 900 areas and reached Berlin, 7333 of its soldiers received medals and distinctions, 9 became Soviet Heroes.

The Turkish hatemongering would not have it that the “infamous” Armenian 76th division crossed 7000 kilometers, liberated 600 areas, gave 21 Soviet Heroes, or the “infamous” 390th or the “infamous” 261st or the “infamous” 408th or the “infamous” 409th that reached Czechoslovakia... They were present on all fronts: in the Caucasus, Crimea, Moscow, Odessa, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Japan, etc.

103 Armenians became Soviet Heroes, 23 were knighted with all three degrees of the Award of Glory, 70,000 received awards and medals.

About 60 Armenian generals took part in WWII and were in the highest ranks of the Soviet army commanders, among who General Hovhannes Baghramian (Bagramyan), later Soviet Marshal, repeatedly Soviet Hero and army commander, Admiral Hovhannes (Ivan) Isakov, Marshal Khanferiants, Gen. Hamazasp Babajanian (later field marshal of armored division), Gen. Barseghov, Gen. Galajev, Gen. Sarkiss Martirossian, Gen. Hyke Martirossian, Gen. Karapetian, Gen. Toumanian, Gen. Arushanian and others. How many Turkish soldiers of any variety can be allowed to kiss the ground these generals walked on?

Lieutenant General Sarkiss Martirossian, incidentally born in later “Azeri” occupied Shamakhi in 1900, fought on the southern front, in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, etc., first with the 227th then the commander of the 340th artillery division of Moscow. His is the very first army that reached Berlin. Stronger still, the Armenian army was the only one from the Soviet Union that reached Berlin.

Martirossian played the key role in the liberation of Kiev, the capital of Christian Ukraine, presently the major provider of arms to “Azerbaijan”, selling them countless tanks, rockets and, surprise, surprise: originally Armenian designed MiGs, of which Armenia itself does not own any.

Of course, any state has to act in the interests of their nation but wouldn’t a grain of humanity be misplaced in such awkward situations? It is not just the arms business. It is this GUAM Organization where Ukraine also takes part along with Georgia, “Azerbaijan” and Moldova that keep passing resolutions against the so-called separatist regions of the latter three states, which also aims at Artsakh making this an essentially anti-Armenian cooperation. Ukraine should take a look at its recent history and remember where they would be without General Martirossian. Even the Turkic Uzbekistan took the dignified step and left the organization that originally was called GUUAM, taking their “U” out of this band of snivelers.

About 600,000 Armenians took part in WWII 45,000 of them from Artsakh, not to mention the 20,000 recruits in the US and not to mention the Armenian partisans all over Europe in Bulgaria, Poland, Yugoslavia, Greece, France and Italy. The Armenian partisan commander Missak Manouchian with his around 100 fighters of diverse nationalities carried out all the acts of resistance in Paris in 1943. Later members of the group were arrested and executed by the Nazis. Armenians of the Diaspora funded a Soviet tank corps called Sassoontsi Davit that in turn advanced 200 kilometers liberating occupied lands from the invaders. The Diaspora Armenians did not spare any effort to help destroy fascism and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the same cause.

Armenians fought on all fronts from the Caucasus to Crimea, from Volga to everywhere in Eastern and Western Europe to the Far East, from Odessa to Japan, from Moscow to Stalingrad, from Kiev to Berlin where they were the first to reach and the only Soviet army to do so and danced the traditional Armenian dances of Bertapar and Kochari in front of the Reichstag. Yet they are being reviled by Turks and their Zionist allies who accuse them of collaboration with Nazis, desecrating the memory of hundreds of thousands of Armenian heroes.

They all fought in a war that was not even theirs. About half of the Armenian participants from the USSR perished in the war: more than 10% of the entire Armenian population of the time and a huge loss for a nation that had seen the darkest tragedy in human history only a couple of decades earlier which destroyed 70% of the Armenian genofund. Despite this, the state of Israel officially and categorically denies the Armenian Genocide from the highest officials down.

Among the Armenian losses 22,000 were from Artsakh, around half of the total from the province, whereas hardly any “Azeris” of the region were sent. Obviously, the Turco-Bolshevik treachery would not want to stop for a moment and did not lose a single chance to empty Artsakh of its Armenian population. It did not end there. As reward for all this sacrifice, deportation of people began in 1949 for fallacious pretexts customary to ideological totalitarian tyrannies; labels such as enemies of the state, traitors, nationalists, etc. were applied arbitrarily on countless innocent people to further the initial goal of depopulating Artsakh. They were sent to Siberia, soon to be replaced by “Azeri” squatters being settled in their homes.
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“Armenians did not win, it was the Russians” lie (part II)

What were the brave Turks doing in the meantime? Soon after the invasion of the USSR in June 1941, Iranian Azarbaijani turned “Azeri” pan-Turkist Rasulzadeh, Ayaz Ishaqi and their Tatar buddies dashed to Berlin to pledge allegiance to the Fьhrer. Here, let us remember the Turkic collaborators of the Nazis: “Islamic-Caucasus Legion”, “Turkistan Legion”, “National Turkistan Union” etc., as well. Suddenly the sick pan-Turkist delirium was revived. The Soviet Union would be destroyed and the chained and shackled Turkic tribes would be liberated from the monster that had promoted these tent-dwellers to nation states.

Turkey was dealing with Hitler, signing a treaty of friendship with Nazi Germany on 18th of June 1941 a mere four days before the invasion of the USSR, waiting for the German victory to jump the bandwagon and destroy Armenia, extending its borders to the ogre of its own creation, fabricated for this very reason and the usurpation of the real Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan), the latter ungrateful task being on the shoulders of “Azerbaijan” itself, invading and annexing it in 1945. This is how the pan-Turkists used the Bolshevik “brotherhood” while the gullible Armenians were dying defending the hollow ideal.

Wailing the Praise of the Fьhrer to the sky, the Turkish prime minister who held meetings with Von Papen, the main Nazi supporter of the pan-Turkist ideas, brayed that the “Russian question will only be solved when at least half of the Russian population is annihilated”. The already mentioned half sibling of Enver, Nouri Pasha (still alive and kicking!) presented his delusional plans to create diverse Turkic states all over the place, to the Germans. To cut a long story short, genial interaction between the fascists and pan-Turkists reached its peak, baring the similarities of the two ideologies.

Regarding the lies about Turkey having given refuge to Jews escaping persecution in WWII one example will suffice. A 74 year old ship called Macedonia hastily repaired and renamed Struma sailed on December 12, 1941, with 769 Jewish passengers almost half of them women and children, all escaping from Romania. It reached Constantinople on the 15th where it stayed for 71 days with the passengers on board waiting for entry. The conditions were unbearable due to total lack of most basic sanitary facilities and a leak in the hull of the ship.

Despite months long negotiations the ship was ordered to leave on February 23, 1942. The next day it tore apart in mysterious circumstances and except for one survivor and five others who had been allowed to leave the ship earlier for various reasons, 763 of the refugees died. The cause of the ship’s sinking has only been left to conjectures ranging from the explosion of a sea mine to a torpedo from submarines to the fact that it was old and worn out. While the Turks blame the British (!) for the catastrophe and pat themselves on the back for having generously allowed the ship to stay for such a long period of time in their docks, it is hard to rule out their secret dealings with the Nazis as the chief cause for refusing the refugees.

Figure 12

The pan-Turkic Appetite: Bozkurt (Gray Wolf) magazine printed from 1939 to 1942 in “neutral” Turkey

Note how the entire Black and Caspian Seas are inside the “great” Turkic “empire”. On the top the slogan reads “Turkish race is the superior race”; all in the days of Nazi glory…

Pan-Turkism has a serious flaw though: even if the Turks manage to destroy Armenia, they still have the largest lake in the world as a natural hurdle between them and their Turkic kin in Central Asia. This cannot be overcome unless they either **** the Caspian dry, or steal all the territories around the Caspian that belong to Iran and Russia. The usurpation of the real Azarbaijan (Atrpatakan) alone won’t do, they need to sever all the northern provinces of Iran and Russian territories adjacent to the Caspian to materialize the sick delirium.

Fake “Azerbaijan” cries to the world that without Russian help Armenians could not have won, but they “forget” the Ring Operation with its disastrous loss of Shahoomian and northern Artsakh territories simply because, just like the case with the fall of Kars seventy years prior to that, the Armenians did not have the heart to shoot Russians, without whose help the “Azeris” could not have occupied and ethnically “cleansed” the 24 Armenian settlements.

On the other hand they do not seem to feel any shame in having used Afghan mujahedin, Al Qaeda and Chechen terrorists, Ukrainian pilots and other Slavonic mercenaries, etc. against the Armenians during the Artsakh war.

In an interview with the murdered terrorist Shamil Basayev broadcast on ANS “Azeri” TV, the interviewer admitted that Chechen terrorists helped “Azerbaijan” in their war against the people of Artsakh: “[Reporter] I would like to switch to questions about Azerbaijan, mutual relations with Azerbaijan and apart from that, a concrete question about Nagornyy Karabakh. As is known, you [Basayev] visited Azerbaijan several times in 1992 and took an active part in hostilities for the liberation of Nagornyy Karabakh. Why do you think Azerbaijan lost the war to the Armenians?

After some rhetorical rant in form of questions and answers undermining the Armenian victory: “[Basayev] First, what I saw there, and many of my guys from one battalion fought there and we nearly had an officer corps at that time. Other guys saw it and we analysed all this. There were several reasons there. First it was that this was an artificially-unleashed conflict (by who? H.). First of all, it was unleashed by Russia (you bet! H.) …they deliberately fanned the flames of this conflict in advance to have a chance to influence or control the situation both in Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Russians helped the Armenians very much (to lose Shahoomian and northern Artsakh H.)”.

Further on, the main reason for participating in this sort of terrorist acts is revealed: “[Reporter] At that time, as is known, there was talk that Chechen mojahedin had come to help the Azerbaijani national army and an agreement was reached that the mojahedin were helping to liberate Nagornyy Karabakh in return for trophies they were capturing from the Armenians. This agreement allegedly existed. After that, for some other reasons, the Chechens left Azerbaijan. What was the reason? Can you tell us what happened there?” (All emphases are mine. H.)

The urge for pillage and motivation for war among primitive savages is clearly demonstrated on “Azeri” TV, the rest of this interesting interview reveals the quarrels of the plunderers over the “trophies” and the pretexts and justifications of Basayev, the running away of “2,800 strong garrison” from a mere 700 Armenians (liars are forgetful, he doesn’t say Russians!) during the liberation of Shushi, and other acts of Turkish bravery such as running away with hardware instead of leaving the hardware to the enemy, an action that guaranteed the title of hero for the chicken-droppings.
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The Slaughter of Gurgen Markarian

In the manner of Turkic invaders for over nine centuries where killing Armenians is an ordinary pastime – take the murder of an eight year-old boy from Berdashen by the “Azeri” headmaster of the school of the neighboring village in 1967 – on February 19, 2004 the human-shaped coward jackal, the “Azeri” Lieutenant Ramil Safarov, savagely hacked the Armenian Gurgen Markarian (Margaryan) to death while the latter was sleeping. At that time they were both following English courses in Budapest in the framework of NATO’s “Partnership for Peace” program.

Playing truant on an excursion six days before the murder, the monster bought an axe. After committing the despicable, racist act the thug tried to kill a second Armenian when he was stopped by other students who heard him cry that he was craving Armenian blood only, the motive of the murder of an otherwise total stranger. After a lengthy trial the scum was condemned to rot in prison.

Keeping in mind the context of this barbaric act, i.e. the NATO connection, the western media went totally dumb and not only no sign of condemnation, nor regret, nor even sympathy was to be discerned from the kind that had bred this atrocious creature, the genocidal Turk was praised in his native “Azerbaijan” on highest governmental level and was proclaimed “man” of the year.

Iskander Hamidov, former Minister of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan for instance, bragged that “The more Azeris kill Armenians, the less Armenians there will be.”

Elmira Suleymanova, the Ombudswoman of Azerbaijan wailed: “ Safarov must become an example of patriotism for the Azerbaijani youth.” (Zerkalo, 28/02/2004)

Emin Hassanli, chairman of the Public Association for Enlightenment of Young Reserve Officers whimpered: “We think that he [Ramil Safarov] did right to kill the Armenian officer and protected the honour [!] of the Azeri officer in this manner” (Azer-Press, 24/02/2004)

This shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the constant howling of the “Azeri” side concerning giving the “highest” possible level of autonomy to the Armenians of a de facto victorious and independent Artsakh within “Azerbaijan” are mere lies.
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The Nakhijevan Destruction

Figure 13

Jugha Khachkars (Stone-Crosses) before destruction

Figure 14

Distant view of Jugha cemetery before destruction

Figure 15

General view of part of Jugha cemetery before destruction

Figure 16

Nakhijevan, December 2005 not 1905, 1915, 1918, 1920 or even 1988
Genocide in broad daylight, completely overlooked by the hypocritical “Christian” western states that would do anything for a few drops of oil

First of all it should be noted that 27,000 Armenian monuments of all kinds: churches, monasteries, stone-crosses, bridges, cemeteries, etc., have been accounted for by the scholar Argam Ayvazian in Nakhijevan alone and reports that have leaked from the illegally occupied province have confirmed that all the churches have already been razed to the ground, thus, no Armenian monument may actually be standing anymore in Nakhijevan.

In the exact manner of its progenitor Turkey where thousands of churches, monasteries and other Armenian monuments have been destroyed, especially since the end of WWII when the Turks feared that a victorious Russia would demand the return of Armenian territory ceded in 1921, similar methods of cultural genocide have been adopted in “Azerbaijan” and even in Christian Georgia. In the sick minds of these criminals, every trace of the millennia old Armenian presence all over the place must be erased lest someday the landlord might become strong and take back their property.

In December 2005 the “Azeri” usurpers of Nakhijevan resumed the destruction of what was left of the Khachkars also known as stone-crosses - a unique form of religious monument usually more than two meters high - of the Jugha cemetery to completely wipe any evidence of indigenous Armenians from their historic homeland of Nakhijevan, after they successfully conducted the ethnic “cleansing” of the province in front of the eyes of the consenting Soviet leaders.

Already in November 1998 and especially in November 2002 most of the Khachkars had been toppled and broken in pieces. Since this went unpunished as usual and organizations such as UNESCO did not show any concern, the genocidal occupiers finished their evil job in the final days of 2005 in broad daylight. In each case the atrocity could be seen and was photographed and videotaped from the Iranian side, yet to no avail.
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Figure 17

Khachkars broken to facilitate the process of destruction

Figure 18

Khachkars toppled and cemetery ready to be destroyed

On the wrong side of the Arax River and spread over three hills, the Jugha (Julfa) cemetery, could easily be seen from the Iranian side. This matchless human treasure included thousands of khachkars, ram-shaped gravestones and horizontally laid tombstones that were constructed in an era spanning from the ninth until the beginning of the seventeenth century AD when the expansion had stopped as a result of the forced migration of Armenians of the region to Iran. Some scholars believe the cemetery existed in an even earlier period.

This unique circumstance would allow the archaeologists to study the evolution of this craft and the diverse influences that were incorporated in their motifs as a result of the region’s location along the Silk Route. This alone made the historic site part of the heritage of all humankind.

Figure 19

Khachkar details and ram shaped tombstone

Visiting the cemetery in 1648, Alexandre de Rhodes reported of the existence of 10,000 khachkars and ram-shaped tombstones. Burning Jugha to cinders to cut supplies for the Ottoman army, Shah Abbas did not touch the cemetery and it was only under the Russian rule when almost half of the monuments were dismantled and used as construction material to build the nearby railroad in early twentieth century. Indeed, a Muslim king had far more consciousness, respect and appreciation of art and culture than the Christian Russian rulers.

The fate of the cemetery did not rouse much envy in the Soviet era either. Nakhijevan was treacherously appropriated by Armenian hating “Azerbaijan” and the Armenian monuments were neglected, used for other purposes at best or were regularly destroyed and the demolition was proudly announced to the Soviet authorities who had declared the religious monuments reminders of a reactionary society that merited to be pulled down. Of course a fake state that never had a history or a civilization did not have anything to lose, better still, they got rid of the evidence of millennia old Armenian presence and received praises from the Communist leaders.

While already in the 1930s no working churches remained in Artsakh, the Tatar occupiers had no problem praying in their mosques in Shushi. In the same manner several Islamic schools indoctrinated the Muslims in Yerevan mosques while the Armenian churches were being destroyed under the pretext of construction. For instance the opera house and Moscow movie theater are built on ground where ancient churches stood.

The early Turkic invaders used to reduce the ancient Amaras monastery - originally built by Gregory the Illuminator where about a century later Mesrop Mashtots had opened the first school in Artsakh - to rubble time and time again. Legend has it that they would line soldiers up from the site of the monastery to the Arax River who then passed the broken pieces and threw them into the river so that the Armenians would not be able to rebuild Amaras; but then again, the brave people of Artsakh would raise the monastery from its ruins. Having witnessed the monstrosity in Jugha in the 21st century, one may reconsider whether this was a true account rather than a legend.

Figure 20

A well known Turkish tradition: thousand year old human heritage turned to rubble and thrown into the Arax

Starting December 10, 2005, the genocidal “Azeri” squatters sledge-hammered the already toppled khachkars, loaded the pieces on trucks and emptied the load into the Arax River. Later, in March 2006, the “Azeris” poorly camouflaged the site by turning it into a shooting-ground, wiping this unparalleled example of human culture off the face of the earth, the same way they had exterminated the indigenous people who had created it.

Figure 21

Prime example of Turkish cultural creative process

Incapable of creation or even appreciation of human culture the “Azeri” Turks have turned the 1200 to 1500 year old Jugha cemetery into a pile of rubble to erase every piece of evidence of the presence of indigenous Armenians in Nakhijevan who the “Azeris” have managed to evict in front of the indifferent eyes of the “modern”, “civilized” world.

This barbarity is without doubt:
I. Cultural genocide.
II. Desecration of religious symbols.
III. Destruction of centuries old priceless heritage.
IV. Annihilation of unique works of a unique art form, not found among any other people.
V. Disrespect to the dead.
VI. A desperate attempt to eliminate all evidence of a horrendous crime.
VII. A despicable attempt to appropriate land that belongs to others.
VIII. A coward act of savagery by a group that claims to be part of humanity and civilization.
IX. The continuation of the Armenian Genocide.
X. The irrefutable proof of the Armenian Genocide.

Figure 22

“Azeri” genius: genocide thinly covered up. A shooting ground built too close to Iranian border to ever be used, in place of annihilated proof of Armenian ownership of Nakhijevan
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The Petroleum Policy and the Future of Artsakh

Sometime in late 1990s, on a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Tehran, I noticed that the majority of the passengers were westerners. The plane had a stop in Baku, pretty weird lengthening of destination, and lo, behold: all of the westerners left the plane in a hurry… The whole scene had a sinister effect on me. In those westerners I saw hungry wolves that would slay their own whelps for a few drops of oil in Gray Wolf land… And this partly explains the blatantly hypocritical and unjust attitude of the West toward the fate of the Armenians and all the monstrosities that befell them in the course of the Artsakh conflict. But is oil the only reason? Is there so much oil in “Azerbaijan” as it was initially propagated?

Looking back to analyze history and understand the intentions of players at the time leads to deductions that are not so obvious, to say the least. The most unlikely conclusions seem not so improbable on a second thought. Of diverse observations in relation to motives and purposes of the Armenian Genocide one theory maintains that the extermination of the Armenians served the emerging oil business in the West.

Armenians, the successful pioneers of Baku oil industry

Although by the 19th century Baku had become a majority Tatar city, Armenians had the upper hand in its industrial development. Like in all areas, recent “Azeri” histortion has entirely wiped any mention of the Armenian role in Baku oil industry where possible. In cases of personalities hard to ignore, for instance, the founder of the first Baku oil refinery in 1863 Melikoff (Melikian), they have given him the Muslim first name Javad (or Djavad).

In a research paper by Theodore Karasik sent to a certain online “Turkistan-Newsletter”, the editor of this proud first time publisher of the work admonishes the Armenians to behave like their forefathers who had an important share in Baku oil in the old days. Unwilling or unable to grasp that fake “Azerbaijan” did not exist back then, the self-righteous Turk thinks himself shrewd enough to give advice to Armenians to “return” Artsakh to the sore “Azeri” losers and perpetrators of genocide and war in return for empty wolfish promises of allowing them to become players in the game, whereas interestingly enough Karasik bares the treachery of stealing the industry from the Armenian pioneers introduced to the reader.

To avoid accusations of out of context quoting, though not all of the points discussed are directly related to our subject, a comprehensive picture of the paper and other articles introduced in this section will be given.

Karasik’s research tries to dig into the not so well known story of the gradual involvement of Imperial Russia in industrialization and Baku oil business, the major players including scientists and intelligentsia, the competition on ministerial level to attain the edge over the rest and the impact on the local businessmen: “This battle was fought between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of War”. Minister of Finance “Reutern was the first to see the potential of petroleum [who] with the assistance in some cases from the scientist D.M. Mendeleev …wanted to implement several programs based on Baku's oil potential...[and] develop the Bakinskaia guberniia's refining capacities.... S. Goulishambarov, an Armenian with the Ministry of Finance, led a group of St. Petersburg chemists to work on resolving waste in the Baku oil industry.”

The author then names several Russians, among who Doubinin, Voskoboinikov, Kokorev and Witte, who tried their hand at the oil production as early as the region’s passing under Russian rule, but with primitive methods; en passant, quotes a certain John Mitzakis alleging that “[D.] Melikov, an Armenian workman, who started work on his own operation, stole his knowledge from Witte” the latter being the “father of the future Minister of Finance and later Prime Minister”, who got it from mainly Medeleev. “More importantly, however, was the race over acquiring the knowledge for petroleum industrialization in Bakinskaia guberniia in the upper reaches of the government between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of War”.

Since the “Crimean War had exposed the weak and backwards state of military equipment, the overall lack of command, and poor training and morale”, Minister of War D. Miliutin wished to master the technology to cover the expenses of modernizing the Russian army. But St. Petersburg gave the preference to Reutern which “left the Ministry of Finance with uninterrupted influence in Baku's oil industry”.

He uncovers the anxiety of the Russians who attempted to kick the successful Armenians out of the business, “Kokorev had contacted Mendeleev about traveling to Baku to help him figure out new methods in oil extraction against the Mirzoev oil family”, but Mendeleev “perhaps one of the world's greatest scientists” refused to grant him his wish under the pretext that “Baku did not have the capability to produce kerosene at that time”. Karasik believes, “The truth may be that Mendeleev did not want to be part of Kokorev's plan against the Mirzoev's family”.

The article touches the main changes regarding the way land was allotted to the locals, “From 1821 to 1873, Russia employed the lease system ...The government, which made the exploitation of petroleum deposits a state monopoly, leased the oil fields to individual entrepreneurs....This [system] made large-scale operation impossible because the parcels were too small to permit the orderly recovery and production of petroleum ...Consequently, for Imperial Russia, the results from the Baku oil fields were poor due to weak technological advances”.

Land auction was the major modification that greatly influenced how things were done: “In 1872-1873, the Ministry of Finance ended the practice of granting oil concessions on state lands ...Local, Russian and foreign investors were now able to compete for purchasing oil tracts to the highest bidder”. Here he agrees with Villari that, “in terms of the competition between locals for the Baku oilfields, the Armenians won, by a large margin, over the Muslims after the land auction. ...the position of the Armenian families --the Aramiants, Lianozovs, Mailovs, Melikovs, Mirzoevs, Mantashians and the Tatevosyans-- expanded over the years. Part of the reason for this success can be attributed to the role Armenians played in Baku since they dominated many of the political and administrative functions in Bakinskaia guberniia.”

Yet this did not mean Muslims were left out: “the Asadullayevs, Maghiyevs, Mukhtarovs, Sultanovs, and the Taghiyevs” were successful in the business but on a much lower scale.

The Armenian Mirzoevs and the Tatar Taghiyevs are the ones about who enough data exists to draw a comparison. “From 1821 to 1825, [Mirzoev] paid the Russian government to export his petroleum. ...By 1863, he had expanded into the refinery business by building a factory near the Surakhany temple. ...In 1865 he made sure to adapt the emerging technologies from German scientists concerning photogens [giving] him the leading edge in Baku's petroleum refining at that time the turn of the decade, Mirzoev had expanded his drilling operations to such a degree that the Russian government felt compelled to intervene through the oil auctions ...oil men such as Kokorev went into the competition determined to outbid Mirzoev and deprive him of his holdings” however, “Mirzoev succeeded in defending himself from these attacks.”

“Muslims did succeed in buying land during the auctions. But the Muslim funds invested in the leases did not exceed five percent of the total, while the share taken by the Armenians was ten times larger” Zeynal 'Abdin Taghiyev was an exception who “multiplied his fortune by investments in kerosene refining and branched out into extensive land and stock market speculations”.

Villari reminds us the reason for the lack of Tatar success and before Turks throw mud at him notice that he does not put the entire blame on them, “The Tartars are extraordinary backward in their development, and as ignorant and barbarous as any race in Asia; for this the Russian Government is largely to blame, as it has hitherto discouraged education among them, while they themselves seldom troubled to provide schools of their own”. Yet he admits that the Tatars “have taken no part in liberal and revolutionary agitations, strikes, and similar movements, because they are incapable of understanding the meaning of “progressive” theories, and cannot read the literature on the subject”.

From the distance of time we see a truth Villari could not entirely have observed. After all, the Young Turk movement too was initially welcomed by subjugated nations of the Ottomans including the Armenians: “Within the last few years a movement has been growing up among a small group of influential Tartar “intellectuals” to educate the people and create a national political spirit among them. M. Taghieff, the Baku millionaire, perhaps the richest Mohammedan in the world, Agaieff and Hussein Zadй, and Ismail Beg Gasparinsky”. The latter is one of the masterminds of pan-Turkism, the diabolical ideology exported mainly from the Caucasus to Ottoman Turkey. It seems this “intellectual” movement did not really serve to civilize the Turks but gave them the required dogma to wipe entire Christian nations from Armenia, Asia Minor and southeast Caucasus.

Perhaps unintentionally, Karasik commits a fallacy when he states that Taghiyev’s “financing of [the periodical] Kaspii …served as an outlet for Azerbaijani national aspirations as printed material became available on a regular basis in Baku”.

The author seems to hold an unbiased view yet reading between the lines it is obvious that he applies some auto censorship and erroneous anachronism, probably to make the article palatable to Turks in case he is knowledgeable of history. He regularly cites several sources from a period where no “Azerbaijan” existed north of the Arax River among them Villari’s “Fire and Sword in the Caucasus”, James Dodds Henry’s “Baku, an Eventful History” etc., where the Tatar savageries against Armenians have been described and the aggressors have always been referred to as Tartars. Yet as seen in the passages above, for instance, regarding the periodical Kaspii financed by Taghiyev we notice while Villari is talking about “a small group of influential Tartar “intellectuals” …propagated their ideas …in a Baku paper called the Kaspii” the article refers to it as “an outlet for Azerbaijani national aspirations”.

It is impossible to forcefully pass fabricated history. Karasik, under the heading “Clan System Influence” clearly states, “For Muslims, life in Bakinskaia guberniia was based on a clan system of khanates...The Muslims were described as follows:

Their natural instincts are in favour of absolutism, and they acquiesce willingly in their old feudal and tribal system.” The last sentence is from Villari; further: “Consequently, based on the clan structure, the Muslim owners assembled an impressive collection of police and security forces” These were given free hand, they were “armed to the teeth, …belonged to one and the same clan, and looked quite sinister and brutal. These people were the most pampered children of the oil industry; everything was granted to them: furlough, money, presents --even women, for it was owing to this guard that a certain degree of peace reigned on the oil fields and in the works.”

The whole description of these tribal hordes living according to a clan system and using fear tactics to maintain peace is in stark contrast with earlier claims of “national aspirations”, therefore, every attempt to conceal the stink of a concocted history is rendered futile.

The convenient interchange of terms: “Azeri”, “Azerbaijani”, Turk, Muslim, etc. whenever the need arises is also a cunning technique of camouflage by these fakers yet the well informed reader will easily work out the sham. The purpose of our exposй is exactly the debunking of the “Azeri” myth of an ancient “Azerbaijan” empire stretching from one end of the universe to the other, existing quadrillions of eons before the Big Bang, hence, the emphasis on this sort of deceptively unimportant details.

The very lack of a civilized identity is the cause that these primitive Tatars could not shake off their ancestral habits. This is brought to light by Karasik under the heading “Technology Adaptation and Crime”: “An example of thievery during this period involved tapping existing oil pipelines. …Essey-bey tells an interesting story of how small Muslim producers acted against each other and the larger firms during this period”. The story reveals the cunning of oh no, not some lowly, poor rascals, but the most “civilized” of these Tatars, “the well-known captain of industry, Riza, a worthy gentleman who sought culture most assiduously, traveled abroad every year, and was considered the upholder of the European civilization” who stole everyone’s oil by connecting the pipes from the common reservoir near the refinery where the oil was sent to proper reservoirs of each company to his pipeline “so that their oil simply flowed into his line, to be booked as a product of his oil-derricks when it entered the reservoir”.

Karasik’s essay goes on to relate the sad story of the raid of oil sniffing rapacious predators: Nobels and later Rothschilds, “that resulted in many local firms going bankrupt”. The locals failed for their lack of mastering the new technologies, though they tried to reproduce the Nobel technology by putting up a network of “jerry-built, leaking, and ill-fitting pipes that often were the target of midnight raids where Muslims would switch oil from another producer’s pipe into their own, diverted lines into their own storage tanks, or simply let the oil run out into the sand.” Civilized Europeans and uncouth Tatars, like always, worked hand in hand to destroy Armenians and their interests; however, it did not mean that Turks were always happy with their lot.

The transport of oil was done by mule driven carts (arabas) providing thousands of Tatars their livelihood working as drivers. The Nobel pipeline transfer put them out of work which inflamed their craving for revenge “the drivers attacked Nobel facilities. eventually, the Nobels had to protect their property by appointing their own security and constructing sentry boxes every few hundred yards since “infuriated [Muslims], whose lucrative business they had destroyed, did damage to their lines.””, no acts of vengeance coming from Armenians though, whose entire business evaporated in due course despite initial attempts to join the Nobels.

Karasik concludes by summing up his essay into three points where he incidentally remarks, “by 1882-1883, locals accused foreign investors of trying to monopolize the industry and they looked increasingly towards the state for protection--but with no help forthcoming. …As production grew, the gulf between foreign companies, the government, oil producers, and the workers grew and turned towards violence by the turn of the century”.

The most notable Armenian in Baku oil business was Alexander Mantashian (Mantashev, Mantasheff 1849-1911), son of a merchant, Hovhannes, born in Tabriz later settled in Tbilisi, who entered big oil business in late 19th century. He was also the major shareholder of the Tbilisi Commercial Bank. His own “A. Mantashiants and Co. Trading House” had a 30 million ruble capital in 1914. His business had branches in several cities of Russia, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Britain, France, Egypt, Iran and India; he owned steam ships, real estate and houses making him the richest man of the Russian Empire.

He built diverse petroleum plants and refineries and held shares in many other oil companies as well including the Nobels. He was a magnanimous giver too and donated funds or built several establishments, schools, churches, theaters, etc. He also funded the Baku-Batum, the world's longest pipeline of the day, which was launched in 1907, a century before the BTC. His company was only second to those of the Nobels and the Rothschilds.

After his death, his sons transferred the company from Baku to Petersburg in 1913 and had the misfortune to be contemporary of that half Tatar mongrel agitator Lenin’s “revolution” that plundered them, stole their riches and put an end to Mantashian’s business. Even his memory was unwelcome to the Bolshevik robbers and the mass-murdering Georgian ogre Stalin’s right hand psychopathic rapist, the Georgian executioner Beria destroyed the cemetery where Alexander Mantashev was buried.
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Searching for the reasons behind western antagonism (part I)

With this background, the antagonism of the westerners in Baku towards the Armenians becomes self-explanatory. How on earth an ethnicity from the inferior “eastern” races dared to compete with the owners of the world? It is quite unambiguous that the sly and voracious Rothschilds and Nobels could not tolerate this at all.

In an article by Clifford Shack comparing the events of two world wars, the oil interests of the Caspian and the Suez route, we read, “In the 1880's, the French branch of the Rothschild family acquired interests in Russia's Baku oil fields in an effort to supply their refinery on the Adriatic with cheap Russian oil. In exchange for these interests they built a railroad linking Baku to the newly acquired Black Sea port of Batum. This opened up the Baku oil, a major world supply, to the world. It had previously been geographically locked in by the mountains of the Caucasus …With the success of the new railroad, the Rothschilds had more oil than they could actually sell. Overcoming their fear of competing with the giant Standard oil, they sought out the huge markets east of Suez.”

Then Shack introduces a certain Marcus Samuel, who could “help them penetrate these markets …When the Rothschilds proposed to sell their oil to Samuel …understanding the competition with a foe like Standard oil, he ...understood that he needed to sell his oil at a cheaper price …by designing bulk tankers which were safe enough to pass through the Suez Canal. Standard’s costs would be much higher as they transported their oil around the tip of Africa …In 1892, Samuel's coup would unleash forces that would shape the history of mankind. His first oil tanker picked up its load of Baku oil from the Rothschild's Batum refinery and sailed through the Dardanelles and on through the Suez canal to the far east where the Shell oil company became, overnight the predominant supplier of Kerosene replacing Standard oil. The great Standard world monopoly had been busted.”

Later all the forces of evil join their might, “with addition of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company …The new company, British Dutch Petroleum, would soon be joined by the Rothschilds forming the Asiatic Petroleum Company, later calling itself the Royal Dutch/Shell Group which would eventually join Standard Oil and the Nobels in a worldwide oil cartel.”

Here Shack touches the subject of the Armenian-Tatar Wars, “The decision by the shrewd French Rothschild branch to diversify into other areas of oil exploitation was, presumably, a calculated one. Three years after they joined Royal Dutch, production at Baku would come to an abrupt halt in 1905 …due to the violence of the ethnic conflict between the region's Moslems (i.e. Tatars, the “Azeris” of today. H.) and the minority population of Armenians who are Christians. This ethnic conflict caused the first interruption of oil distribution to the world market. Standard oil was quick to supplant the needs of the effected markets…”

Shack believes that sacrificing a mere million or so Armenians was a small price to pay for securing the interests of these ravenous hyenas. “The Royal/Dutch/Shell Group (and the Nobels) watched their Baku investments go up in flames. …to eliminate the possibility of that happening in the future …Standard had to be taking notes as well; they couldn't afford to ignore the lessons of Baku.”

Shack asks a rhetorical question, “To an all-powerful banking family like the Rothschilds, whose vast wealth bankrolled many a war, causing millions of fatalities... was the removal of a small minority like the Armenians a fair price to pay for the peace in a region so crucial to the development and investment of the Far East, which contained countless millions, later billions of consumers? Squeamish the Rothschilds were not, their line of work requires pragmatism to rule their day.”

“The mere elimination of the Armenian population of Baku would not solve the problem of ethnic conflict in that region.” While by early 20th century the Armenians had become scattered all over the “empire” they were relatively numerous in the Armenian vilayets and regarding the “Muslim” population surrounding the Armenians Shack allows a miscalculation, “It is here interesting to note that there is no malice on the part of big business in their decision to erase a population. It is simply easier to erase a million than tens or hundreds of millions of the surrounding Moslem population”.

Not counting the unknown millions of Turkified Armenians who were forced into Islam since as early as the 16th century, the Armenian population of the “empire” could not be under three million before the Hamidian Genocide in 1890s. The underestimation of Armenians all over the Empire of Rape has been discussed in the section More Lies from a Warmongering Loser; certainly, after WWI, the population of the remainder of the Ottoman Tyranny counted 13 million, only 8 million of which were Turks. The hundreds of millions of Muslims of the area have never had a problem concerning the Armenians, stronger, it were the Arab countries severed from Turkey who accepted the Armenian survivors of the Genocide with open arms.

In his enthusiasm Shack slips on the oily ground and goes a bit off track, “Of course, history tells us that it was the Turks, and not big business that committed the Armenian atrocities. However, if one looks closely, one would find that the Turks owed more than one favor to the French government which aided Turkey in it's recent past. It was Napoleon III who fought for Turkey's entrance into the concert of Europe. France took the lead in Turkey's economic development with French securities and investment exceeding that of any other nation.”

Yet again the Turks are put off the hook, but it is worth considering what Shack says between the lines, “…a constant behind France's economic power was the French branch of the Rothschild family. Napoleon III was a Rothschild man. Specifically, Baron James de Rothschild's man. Baron James was, financially and hence politically, the most powerful figure in France, indeed on earth during his time. Napoleon's efforts on behalf of Turkey were Rothschilds' efforts. The question arises. Was the Armenian genocide an obligation demanded by Turkey's creditor? The Armenian massacres of 1894 and 1896 occurred merely two years after Baku oil first began to flow through the Suez Canal to the Far Eastern markets. Armenians were living within the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years (the indigenous Armenians were living in their home and the conditions they had to endure under Turkish tyranny were abysmal. H.), how incredible fortuitous for the oilmen that ethnic hatred would heat up to such a pitch as to consume their population! The Armenian genocide, during World War I, brought stability to the Baku oil region. A further accomplishment of World War I was the successful demise of the Ottoman Empire. The oil fields of Mesopotamia were to be brought under British “protection”.”

Before passing to another Shack article where he further elucidates this British appetite for Mesopotamian oil let’s observe a flaw in Shack’s conclusion. He is apparently not familiar with the history of the Armenians under a millennium or so of Turkish barbarity, otherwise, he would not entirely put the blame on the Rothschilds and exculpate the Turks as mere tools for executing the Armenian Genocide, however, his point has a certain truth to itself, while the oil wolves can not be held the sole responsible for the Armenian Genocide, they certainly helped the Turks by giving them the green light. This may in part explain the indifference of the West towards the plight of the Armenians, even today, in relation with the Artsakh issue where in spite of the Armenian victory in an unjust war perpetrated by “Azerbaijan” under direct orders from Turkey, a cynical double standard is applied where the Armenians are concerned.

In another article, gathering the scattered pieces of the puzzle, Shack asserts that to have an effective foreign policy, the constant strengthening of the British naval power and converting the fuel for the British Navy from coal coming from Wales into oil coming from exotic places was an absolute necessity for the British Empire.

Since the oil production in Britain did not exist back then the Admirals were reluctant at first “but the French branch of the Rothschilds were, together with the Rockefellers, supreme rulers of the oil business having entered into a world cartel with Standard Oil, now Exxon. Oil revenues would be an important source to the financial power base of these global elitists as they pursued their dreams of world conquest. Britain would be manipulated to give up its native fuel supply and rely on an energy source half way around the world. Squeamish admirals be damned!” according to Shack.

He believes one major character in this game was no other than Winston Churchill who on June 17, 1914 “introduced a bill proposing that the British government invest in an oil company. With a vote of 254 to 18, the British government acquired 51 per cent of Anglo-Persian …By the summer of 1914, the British Navy was fully committed to oil and the British government had assumed the role of Anglo-Persian's majority stockholder. Oil, for the first time, but certainly not the last, had become an instrument of national policy, a strategic commodity second to none.”

To maintain a secure supply of oil from not so secure places Churchill had called for diversification of sources therefore, besides Persia, oil from Mesopotamia had to be obtained as well. “To achieve this aim, the Ottoman Empire would first have to be dismantled …This task would be accomplished by the keepers of the Concert of Europe -the House of Rothschild. The global elitist device that achieved this objective was World War I.”

Shack contends the common belief of historians that the Dardanelle campaign was a failure: “During World War I, Churchill was in charge of the Dardanelle campaign [which] was a crowning success for the war planners. For not only did the Dardanelle campaign spell the beginning for the end of the Ottoman empire, but the feigned bungling of the operation set in motion a series of orchestrated events that would empower the Turks to execute the Armenian genocide.”

“With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the huge oil fields of Mesopotamia came under British control” which, keeping the “balance of power” in mind of course, led the victorious scavengers into dividing Mesopotamia between themselves and designing the so-called Middle-East to ensure a constant flow of oil to feed the insatiable beast from the west. Enter Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Kuwait with “puppet-kings” installed and ready to leech.

In the Armenian-Tatar Wars section it was seen that the Armenians “with their superior education, their greater intelligence and push” were the major contributors of the development of Baku and its oil industry and had an important influence in the business. This aggravated the westerners and even led to hateful utterances against the Armenians where one prominent Englishman had personally told Luigi Villari that “he would be glad to see the whole Armenian nation wiped out!” a wish that came true not so long afterwards.

Once again in the context of the Armenian-Tatar Wars, Shack concludes that “Eliminating the Armenian presence in the Baku oil region eliminated the ethnic conflict between the region's Moslem majority which actually interrupted the oil production in 1905, when the oil fields were set ablaze.” It is unmistakably clear that the Armenian competition was not desirable by the conceited westerners.
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Searching for the reasons behind western antagonism (part II)

In an interesting article, an excerpt from his book, Peter Dale Scott also draws the attention of the reader to the relationship between the major western oil companies and the so-called terrorist networks that did nothing but carry out the orders given to them by these very companies.

He points out the “Al Qaeda activities in Central Asia in the 1990s [and] the extent to which they involved both American oil companies and the U.S. government …the U.S.-protected movements of al Qaeda terrorists into regions like Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Kosovo have served the interests of U.S. oil companies. In many cases they have also provided pretexts or opportunities for a U.S. military commitment and even troops to follow.”

“To gain access to the petroleum reserves of the Caspian Basin” thought to be “the largest known reserves of unexploited fuel in the planet” Peter Dale Scott notices a continuous US policy toward destabilizing the former Soviet republics right from the Reagan era and the Afghan War, the first Bush Administration preparing for the construction of a pipeline bypassing Russia and the Clinton administration expressing these goals “more as matters of national security”.

He emphasizes that “…In one former Soviet Republic, Azerbaijan, Arab Afghan jihadis clearly assisted this effort of U.S. oil companies to penetrate the region. In 1991, Richard Secord, Heinie Aderholt, and Ed Dearborn, three veterans of U.S. operations in Laos, and later of Oliver North's operations with the Contras, turned up in Baku under the cover of an oil company, MEGA Oil.[14] This was at a time when the first Bush administration had expressed its support for an oil pipeline stretching from Azerbaijan across the Caucasus to Turkey.[15] MEGA never did find oil, but did contribute materially to the removal of Azerbaijan from the sphere of post-Soviet Russian influence.”

Further introducing these mercenaries Scott goes on: “As MEGA operatives in Azerbaijan, Secord, Aderholt, Dearborn, and their men engaged in military training, passed “brown bags filled with cash” to members of the government, and above all set up an airline on the model of Air America which soon was picking up hundreds of mujahedin mercenaries in Afghanistan…Meanwhile, Hekmatyar, who at the time was still allied with bin Laden, was “observed recruiting Afghan mercenaries [i.e. Arab Afghans] to fight in Azerbaijan against Armenia and its Russian allies.”[20] At this time, heroin flooded from Afghanistan through Baku into Chechnya, Russia, and even North America.”

More importantly, “In 1993 the mujahedin also contributed to the ouster of Azerbaijan's elected president, Abulfaz Elchibey, and his replacement by an ex-Communist Brezhnev-era leader, Heidar Aliyev”, someone experienced enough to counter the Russian opposition to the objectives that left them out.

“At stake was an $8 billion oil contract with a consortium of western oil companies headed by BP” mainly for the construction of the Baku-Israel pipeline better known as Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan. “The Arab Afghans …were set on fighting Russia in the disputed Armenian-Azeri region of Nagorno-Karabakh, and in liberating neighboring Muslim areas of Russia: Chechnya and Dagestan.[24] …As the 9/11 Commission Report notes (58), the bin Laden organization established an NGO in Baku, which became a base for terrorism elsewhere. It also became a transshipment point for Afghan heroin to the Chechen mafia, whose branches “extended not only to the London arms market, but also throughout continental Europe and North America (Cooley, Unholy Wars, 176).””

In relation with the sources that financed the mujahedin operation Scott adds, “According to police sources in the Russian capital, 184 heroin processing labs were discovered in Moscow alone last year. “Every one of them was run by Azeris, who use the proceeds to buy arms for Azerbaijan's war against Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh,” [Russian economist Alexandre] Datskevitch said.”

It can clearly be seen that the shift from relative neutrality to the active supporting of “Azerbaijan” despite all the atrocities committed against the Armenians was the waking interest of the West in Caspian oil.

Scott further quotes from a White House Press Statement by Clinton in 1997, “In a world of growing energy demand, our nation cannot afford to rely on a single region for our energy supplies. By working closely with Azerbaijan to tap the Caspian's resources, we not only help Azerbaijan to prosper, we also help diversify our energy supply and strengthen our energy's security”.

Yet the initial euphoria proved to be wishful thinking or maybe a political bluff. In any case the ambition soon proved to be impossible to materialize. The whole point in duping the greedy British Petroleum into building the pipeline is nothing but a PR stunt to superficially increase the importance of Turkey, something Turks have been true masters of for centuries.

A confessional from June 1, 2006 by Stratfor confirms this in full:

“The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline, a year behind schedule and some 30 percent over budget, is now a reality …the approximately 1,118 mile, $4 billion line has already begun operations, with crude already pouring into storage tanks overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.”

Describing the maximum 1 million barrels per day throughput of BTC by 2008, Stratfor admits that oil coming only from fake “Azerbaijan” will not suffice unless the other “half” comes from Kazakhstan.

“That was not the original plan. Initially, the bulk of the BTC crude was expected to come from Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan's reserves, however, did not live up to the hype, requiring an expectations adjustment”, confesses the author of the article.

Not explaining the real reason for building the disadvantageous pipeline the author vaguely states, “Regardless, the BTC project went ahead as planned” and not being able to hold back a sigh of relief continues, “it was damn lucky Kazakhstan was brought on board …Kazakh and Azerbaijani authorities expect to finalize all the agreements needed to make this arrangement possible before the end of June.” In the meantime it is already well known that Russia has not sat still watching this business that ignores them succeed and Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan have jumped overboard this sinking oil tanker.
Further revealing the drawbacks he admits, “Such a business plan makes one wonder about the economic underpinnings of the BTC -- and well it should. Of the various means of shipping crude out of the Caspian region, the BTC is the least economically viable. Not only does the BTC negotiate three states, it also traverses long stretches of mountainous territory.” (All emphases are mine. H.)

The confession goes on, “It would have been far easier, cheaper and faster to simply link the Azerbaijani oil fields north into the Russian pipeline network or south into the Iranian network. Throwing in Kazakhstan, which is on the wrong side of the Caspian Sea, left economists doubly perplexed.”

Doubting the purpose of the pipeline the author wonders, “Moreover, the line ends on the Mediterranean, a body of water whose littoral states already have enough oil. Caspian crude is needed in Asia, not Europe”.

The punch line, as far as our subject, and the real purpose of the scam as far as the artificial isolation of Armenia is concerned come next, “Before the pipeline even gets out of Azerbaijan, it must skirt around the secessionist region of Nagorno-Karabakh, which broke from Baku during the transition from Soviet rule.” If Artsakh “broke from Baku” when “Azerbaijan” was no independent state it cannot be considered a “secessionist region” but the blindness and double standards of these scoundrels must have already become well known to the least politically aware.

Apart from the sneaky stealing - with the help of these same British - of Javakhk from the Armenians when they were busy fighting the Turkish invading hordes in 1918, it is truly regrettable that Christian Georgia that owes their alphabet, Christianity, Bagratuni dynasty and the building of Tbilisi, to point out but a few facts, to the Armenians has become a concubine of the Turks offering every pore in her body as the gliding path of pipelines and railways that bypass the shorter route, Armenia.

It is obvious that every nation should act in its own interests but this dangerous game that the failed state of Georgia has embarked on may not serve those in the end. Only recently an “Azeri” official boasted that since the “Azeris” grow very fast in numbers and the Georgian population growth is low, soon there will be no Georgians and “Azerbaijan” will take their land. It would be amusing to know what the Georgians think of this pan-Turkic outburst.

The Stratfor article carries on, “In Georgia, things are far worse. There, the BTC was routed to avoid not one, but three restive regions. The first two -- South Ossetia and Abkhazia -- broke away from Tbilisi in 1993. Even after 13 years of on-again, off-again ethnic cleansing, more ethnic Georgians live in these regions than Ossetians or Abkhazians, respectively. The other region -- Samtskhe-Javakheti (Samtskhe from Somekh meaning Armenian in Georgian H.) -- is an ethnic Armenian enclave that, while still part of Georgia, hosts a Russian military base that poses a challenge to Georgian sovereignty over the region. And while Georgia and neighboring Chechnya consider themselves on the same side in the sense that they both oppose Russian activity in the region, Chechen fighters played a decisive role in fighting against the Georgians in the Abkhaz and South Ossetian secessionist wars”.

The military base is history as of now, yet In stark contrast to the rebelling regions, the stolen Armenian province of Javakhk with its majority Armenian population larger than that of South Ossetia (approx. 70,000) or Abkhazia (approx. 160,000), where admitted by the Stratfor experts in spite of “ethnic cleansing, more ethnic Georgians live in these regions than Ossetians or Abkhazians” has shown considerable patience and restraint.

Despite the unconcealed fear of the West reflected in this article, the Armenians of Javakhk have constrained their dissatisfaction towards Georgian discrimination to civilized demands in the category: the Armenian language receive the status of the second language in the province, roads be repaired, Armenians participate in any area of public life, Armenian teachers be employed in the (dilapidated) schools, the ban on teaching Armenian history be removed, recreation centers be built for the youth, etc., which in the case of language have either been vehemently rejected or in other cases empty promises have never been fulfilled.

While the Georgian state begs on their knees to provide autonomy for South Ossetia and Abkhazia if they accept to remain part of Georgia, any mention of eventual autonomy for Javakhk coming from certain associations in the province is severely rebuked.

Further on, the article believes that the money will only serve the three countries involved to threaten the “secessionist” regions “to assert the power of Ankara, Tbilisi and Baku over Diyarbakir, Sukhumi, Tskhinvali, Akhalkalaki and Stepanakert -- giving all of those secessionist regions reason to want the BTC offline”.

“So why build an economically questionable and militarily insecure project?” asks the author: “The answer is geopolitics. The Soviet Union's dissolution left Azerbaijan and Georgia shattered and impoverished …The American European solution was to link the two states in an east-west corridor to themselves and Turkey, rather than simply allow them to languish in Russia's shadow or fall into the orbit of a resurgent Iran …As the project was specifically designed to cut Russia out of the loop, one can easily imagine what the Russians would like to see done to the pipeline. And considering Moscow's cordial relations with these secessionist …regions, one can equally easily imagine what tools could be brought to bear against the pipeline”.

The article concludes with the citing of the percentage of the shares of the project, “The single largest investor in the BTC, as well as the oil fields in Azerbaijan that will help fill it, is supermajor BP Amoco … BP (30.1 percent), the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijani Republic (25 percent), Unocal Corp. (8.9 percent), Norway's Statoil (8.71 percent), the Turkish Petroleum Corp. (6.53 percent), Italy's ENI (5 percent), France's Total (5 percent), Japan's Itochu Corp. (3.4 percent), ConocoPhillips (2.5 percent), Japan's Inpex Corp. (2.5 percent) and Amerada Hess Corp. (2.36 percent)”.
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The double standards of the “international” community

Despite the horrors and the all-out war the “Azeri” criminals waged that wiped all the Armenian population all over fake “Azerbaijan”, the people of Artsakh, on the verge of the same sad destiny, were condemned to defend their home and succeeded against all odds to repel the intruders and liberate parts of their homeland, correcting the wrong brought on them seventy years prior, albeit partly. If the echoes of the “international” community regarding the “Azeri” barbarities did not go beyond meek admonishing of the murderous Turks, ever since the Armenians got the upper hand in the unjust “Azeri” aggression, the humanitarian mask fell and the anti-Armenian smear campaign started to take shape.

Indeed, the loss of the launching pads that shelled the innocent Artsakh civilians with Grad missiles on a daily basis for months, especially the extinguishing of the fire from Khojaly in February of 1992, hastened this disinformation crusade which gave birth to that nasty hoax where Armenians who have suffered nine centuries of massacre and destruction at the paws of the nomadic hordes from Turkistan were portrayed as perpetrators of the most common rites of Turkish culture.

This continued to become more malicious as the Armenians were conquering one lair where the cowards were bombing the civilians from, after the other. Especially the liberation of the Berdadzor (Lachin) corridor and the ancient Armenian fortress city of Shushi on May the ninth which connected Artsakh to motherland Armenia was hard to swallow for the traditional friend of the Turk. It is astonishing that as long as Armenians are being persecuted, mutilated, burned and massacred, these defenders of “human” rights feel sorry yet don’t move a finger. But watch out if the Armenians take arms to defend themselves against the frenzied bloodthirsty hordes… No, they do not seem to count as part of humanity who has a right to protect their lives and if they do so they will soon be labeled as aggressors.

This is nothing new. The same thing went on for the handful acts of self-defense in the days of the Armenian Genocide. Especially that of Van in 1915 has been constantly used by the Turks to justify the extermination of an entire nation. This is because several thousands of inhabitants of Van, the capital of Armenia of three thousand year ago, managed to escape the scimitar of the Turk exactly as a result of this act of self-defense.

The appalling losses of the “Azeri” “counter-attacks” to re-usurp the liberated territories despite constant international admonition to stop the hostilities, forced them into their cunning abuse of Armenian forgiveness and magnanimity. The “Azeri” losers begged for ceasefire which they alas and alack got, the latest to date (2008) having been signed on 11th of May 1994 in Bishkek between republics of Armenia, Artsakh and “Azerbaijan”.

While the Artsakh issue has been de facto resolved in spite of areas of Artsakh and Armenia including Shahoomian, Gandzak and Artzvashen still remaining under illegal “Azeri” occupation, the diplomatic carnival was entrusted to CSCE (Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe) which later went a name change for the sole purpose of “resolving” the Artsakh issue, i.e. the signing of a worthless piece of peace paper in return for the abandon of Artsakh independence by the Armenians. The first C became an O, meaning organization, hence the impotent, pro-Turkish OSCE came into being. The assignment of the issue to this body, consequently the exclusion of the UN, was a sly move that ensured that one of the major powers having borders with the involving parties, Iran, had no place in the “negotiations”.

The preparations for peace talks that had to take place in 1992 in Minsk led to the mediator team’s appellation, the Minsk Group: the pack of clowns who go back and forth from Baku to Yerevan to Stepanakert to Yerevan to Baku to keep the circus a running. The three stooges of this bunch of jesters are representatives of Russia, France and a belated United States. The current joker from the US is the loose-lipped Matthew Bryza, a Turkophile with a Turkish wife that from time to time trumpets his delusions and wishful thinking concerning the urgent “solution” of the conflict in Turkish interests of course.

It is noteworthy that Artsakh was initially a negotiating party which also signed the ceasefire treaty, yet the brazen “Azeri” losers have disallowed Artsakh from participation and ferociously reject calls for it to be part of “peace” talks, deviously misleading the international community towards degrading the whole issue into a territorial dispute between Armenia and fake “Azerbaijan” and directing the talks to certain deadlock, all this with the connivance of the OCSE slackers and the interested powers. How on earth can an issue be solved without the involvement of the main subject of the conflict?

It does not matter if the Turks lose a war; they always get support from the Anglo-Saxon world to turn their misfortune into their benefit. This happened after the Russian victory over the Ottomans in 1878, where Armenian generals also played an important role in taking parts of Turkish occupied Armenia. The peace treaty of San Stefano with its beneficial article 16 was rejected by the British under influence of the Disraeli, leading to setting up of the Congress of Berlin to literally reverse the fortune of the Armenians with its article 61… While Kars, Ardahan and Batum remained in Russian Empire, Alashkert and Bayazid were “returned” to the Turkish losers so that British commercial interests would not be disturbed. Once more the hopes of the Armenians to get rid of the Turkish yoke were shattered by the avaricious “Christian” world.

History is repeating itself. The latest paper produced by the Minsk Group is totally derogatory for a victorious side. It is astonishing that the Armenian side constantly announces they agree with the principles of the document. Although the “mediators” insist on the secrecy of the talks, the essential points of the demeaning agreement have “leaked out” as a result of loudmouth Bryza’s fervor. Unsurprisingly the very first point concerns territory, the reason for the Armenian Genocide, Artsakh conflict being an integral part of this never ceasing plot. They are approximately as follows:

I. Armenian troops must evacuate the “occupied” territories of “Azerbaijan”.

While there is not a single mention of the release of Artsakh territories occupied by the “Azeris” with the help of the Soviet Russian army, this will nullify the security buffer, exposing Artsakh and Armenia to the caprices of murderous “Azeris”, who will comfortably use their positions to shell and air bomb Artsakh yet again and get it over with for good.

II. The “Azeri” “refugees”, that are exceedingly inflated to one million, a lie that has been rejected even by pro-Turkish organizations, should “return” to the so-called mountainous Artsakh and the surrounding territories.

It is beyond belief that such reeking double standards are imposed on the winner of the war. Whereas there is no mention of around 400,000 Armenian real refugees who were brutally expelled from their home all over fake “Azerbaijan”, and seeing the persistent hatemongering coming from all levels of “Azeri” hierarchy, the cruel murder in his sleep of Gurgen Markarian and the glorification of the murderer, the destruction of Jugha cemetery which shows that the Turks do not even have mercy for the dead Armenians, how on earth do these OSCE fools believe bringing a million “Azeris” to Artsakh can guarantee the safety of around 150,000 remaining Armenians of the region?

Incidentally, when do the Armenians have to go back to their homeland? 93 years of exile are not enough? What's the hurry for the “Azeri” intruders?

III. “Peace” keepers should be deployed in the ceded region, i.e. in Armenian land.

Since the ceasefire in 1994, “Azeri” soldiers have continuously broken the treaty and have fired into the Armenian side killing many soldiers and civilians so why not peacekeepers in the “Azeri” side where peace is not kept? Experience shows the moment the Blue Helmet mercenaries are brought into a similar conflict they turn the region into a brothel, not to forget their total ignorance of the local customs and their ill treatment of the natives.

IV. After an indefinite long period, usually thought to be between 10 to 20 years, the people of Artsakh will hold a referendum to decide Artsakh's future: independence or “return” to “Azeri” yoke.

Without an explanation coming from the “mediators” for the need of such waiting time, as if the seventy years of “Azeri” persecution and twenty years of war and fragile ceasefire were not enough, this is obviously meant to give the “Azeris” time to further increase their numbers and enact their pan-Turkist plans of harassment of the Armenians. Despite this, the defeated “Azeri” war criminals stubbornly put forth the outrageous condition that the referendum be held all over fake “Azerbaijan” rather than only in Artsakh and the losers still unabashedly consider the acceptance of this point a compromise from the “Azeri” side.

Amusingly enough, the Turk projects its uncompromising stance and accuses the Armenians of inflexibility. The participation of the principal side of the conflict, Artsakh, in the talks is vehemently disallowed by the defeated side and the Armenians who are imprudently ready to cede historically Armenian territory liberated through colossal sacrifices to the loser of the Turk perpetrated war are the “bad” guys where the brazen Turk is unwilling to give a finger.

The problem is, the worthless “peace” paper thus obtained will not have any benefit for the Armenians because it won't end there. Emboldened by their gains despite their abysmal defeat, the Turks will not abide by the dictates of any such treaty and just like they have broken every promise since the Ottoman days, they will first demand Zangezur to have access to occupied Nakhijevan and engulf Armenia in a deadly Turkish quagmire. This will definitely be the end of Armenia, hence, the wily insistence of the pro-Turkish western powers to get the liberated territories “back” on all accounts.

The role of the so-called expert non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the hands of whose doubtful behind the scenes puller of strings are as obvious as the sunrise, has to be taken into account as well. Regardless of the field these groups are specialized in, as far as the Artsakh issue is concerned, their inhomogeneous choir wails the same cacophonous disharmony of the urgent ceding of the liberated lands to the “Azeris”.

No matter whether they have “Human”, “International”, “Freedom”, “Democracy”, “Justice” or what not benign sounding term in the name of their club, never a single word of comfort, not even lip service or at least a drop of crocodile tear has been expended for the victims of Sumgait, Baku, Gandzak, Shahoomian, Maragha, etc. The anti-Christ vampires that they are, not an utterance of regret has escaped their miserly lips concerning the destruction of centuries old, priceless Christian heritage in Jugha cemetery, a fact backed even by video footage, catching the vandals red-handed on film.

While we are on the subject, the burning of some dry weeds somewhere in the liberated area, determined by the independent observers to be caused by summer heat, or possibly by reckless “Azeri” shootings, aggressively propagated by the “Azeris” in countering the nonexistent objections for their annihilation of Armenian monuments, gets the attention of the European Union and a certain Renй van der Linden with a soft spot (somewhere on his cadaver for sure) for the Turks regretfully articulates: “Such cases caused by one of the parties to the conflict are very unpleasant”, while neither he nor the other Draculas would ever consider talking about the documented destruction of Armenian stone-crosses in Jugha.

To the timid complaints of the Armenian statesmen to such barbarities, where they should in the least have flown a helicopter gunship to the area and shot the “Azeri” soldiers busy sledge-hammering the monuments or even less, have stopped the “negotiations” and demanded the matter be condemned by the international community, the “Azeris” violently retort with lies like the “forest” fires or destruction of ancient “Azeri” “heritage” by the Armenians. How on earth a “country” that is less than a century old could possibly have ancient heritage? The tent-dwelling Tatars of the Caucasus buried their defunct members and put a small stone they found lying around on top of the grave of the dead nomad with no inscriptions or signs of any kind. After some time these “cemeteries” were covered by soil and were lost. One wonders, whether anybody would want to waste precious time to find these architectural masterpieces let alone squander energy to destroy these wonders.

If there are any old mosques in the area that were not destroyed in the Stalin era years after the destruction of churches of course, they were built by the Persians when the eastern part of Armenia was under Persian rule and it is a fact that the Armenians have never been destroyers of monuments of others. Stronger still, the mosque of Shushi still stands and the Blue Mosque of Yerevan was renovated by the Iranian government.

Similar ignoring of hate propaganda and exculpation of Turks by European officials are the predictable response to every meek criticism from the Armenian government. The constant desperate howling of sultan Aliev and vizier Abiev (or Abiyev “Azeri” minister of war) are the order of the day: waging war, announcing the destruction of Armenia in less than twenty years, delivering lectures, fabricating history that in the era when they were slaughtering tens of thousands of Armenians of Baku and Shushi “Azerbaijan” offered the “Azeri” khanate of Erivan (!) to Armenians in 1918, where they finally founded their state for the first time in history. The historic founding of the Erebuni fortress where the name Yerevan comes from, in 782 BC by the Armenian king Argishti I, 27 centuries before the counterfeiting of fake “Azerbaijan” and around two thousand years before the ill day the hoofs of the Turks desecrated the civilized lands west of the Caspian must have escaped the infallible memory of the second “Azeri” monarch.

Such rabid tirades full of hatemongering fall on selectively deaf European ears or are somehow justified. To “the concerns of Armenia’s Prime Minister in connection with the militant propaganda in Azerbaijan” the “EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus” a rogue called Peter Semneby puts the Turks off the hook calling it “the work style of Azeri media” barefacedly lying, “But recently it seems that nothing similar is noticed in Azeri President Ilham Aliev’s approaches”. In the best cases, a fallacious equation of “both sides should refrain from war rhetoric” is the harshest they can get.
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Debunking the “International” Crisis Group (ICG)

Organizations such as the so-called “International Crisis Group (ICG)” that are neither fish nor flesh, issue decrees that invariably condemn, threaten or smear the Armenians or demand the immediate evacuation of the liberated territories. Initially the orders were churned out through the braying - with a raucous imperative pitch - of Alain Dйlйtroz. Currently (2007-2008) Sabina Frazer or Sabine Freizer, inconsequentially married to a Turk, is the official bugle that quacks these anti-Armenian resolutions discharged by this irresponsible lot. Below some examples:

Smear: “Level of Destruction of the Occupied Azerbaijan Territories Considerably Above, Than We Saw on the Balkans” this masterpiece from “Azeri” sources is attributed to Sabina Frazer which exposes the crude double standards this good for nothing bunch of leeches utilize for their anti-Armenian propaganda.

Threat: Recently, in November 2007, ICG issued another prophesy in the row, the same Sabina Frazer said, “Armenian leaders also think that time works for them and de facto independence of Nagorno Karabakh will become a reality that can’t be neglected. However, the wait-and-see policy represents a menace. The year of 2012, when Azerbaijan’s oil income can reduce and the military adventure can seem a tempting way to distract popular attention from the economic crisis, promises to become the most dangerous year. Vital oil and gas pipeline stretching nearby Karabakh will be the first victims of the new war. This is a scenario Europe and the United States want to prevent”.

Condemnation and orders to Armenians: While Shahoomian and other occupied territories of Artsakh have been resettled by “Azeris” and all Armenian monuments have been destroyed, this nobody group of rascals is telling the Armenians, “3. The de facto Nagorno-Karabakh authorities should end support for settlement of formerly Azeri majority areas with Armenians, including by:

(a) stopping privatisation of land, homes and businesses in those areas;

(b) ceasing to establish local administrations and infrastructure in the occupied areas adjacent to Nagorno-Karabakh; and

(c) protecting the remaining Azeri homes.

4. Armenia should encourage the de facto Nagorno-Karabakh authorities to take a more conciliatory stance on resolution of the conflict”.

Sympathy and despair for the warmongers: from the same bride of a Turk, “Before the Rambouillet meeting there was a bigger hope for peace, start of withdrawal of the Armenian forces from the seized territories and return of the Azeri displaced persons to their homes in mid 2006 or early 2007. Now this hope is vague while the mediators announced of their intention to stop activities for some period”.

From an ICG report, 11 October 2005, “…Key elements of that proposed settlement package include the withdrawal of the Armenia-backed Nagorno-Karabakh forces from the occupied districts of Azerbaijan surrounding the entity; the renunciation by Azerbaijan of the use of force to reintegrate the entity (Wow, what a smart bargain for Armenia! H.); the deployment of international peacekeepers; the return of displaced persons; and the re-opening of trade and communication links. Nagorno-Karabakh's status should ultimately be determined by an internationally sanctioned referendum with the exclusive participation of Karabakh Armenians and Azeris, but only after the above measures have been implemented. Until then Nagorno-Karabakh would remain part of Azerbaijan (Why? Already a generation has grown up in a de facto independent Artsakh; can you convince them to give up their freedom for “Azeri” genocidal oppression? H.), though in practical terms it would be self-governing and enjoy an internationally acknowledged interim status.”

Compare this with “Azeri” Defense Minister Safar Abiev’s whimpering, “If Armenia wants to attain mutual confidence, it must withdraw its troops from the occupied Azeri lands, refugees must be allowed to go back to their homes, infrastructure of the occupied territories must be restored. This conflict must be resolved within Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity”. No Comment needed.

So who are behind this bunch of nosey nichtsnutzes?

Registered in the US but operating from Brussels, this blatantly pro-Turkish “NGO” was founded in 1995 by a staunch defender of Turkey’s accession to EU membership Morton Abramowitz (Abramovich), who among other posts had the honor to be the US ambassador to Turkey in the period 1989-1991 and the first President of ICG. Allegedly created to help prevent and solve conflicts in the world, this subversive organization has offices in Washington, New York, Moscow and London. Among the financers of this supposedly non-governmental nonentity, apart from western governments from North America and Europe, we see, surprise-surprise: Turkish foreign ministry. Naturally, the billionaire George Soros (Schwartz), ever present in stirring up “colorful” revolutions in former Soviet “republics”, also greatly helps this group.

Among the co-founders are former US Senator George Mitchell, involved in a scandal regarding privatization of Azeri State Oil Company and the scoundrel Stephen J. Solarz who received US$ 400,000 from Turkey for lobbying in the US lawmakers’ environment to defend the Turkish interests. He acts as vice chairman of the gang and has a house in Turkey too. Board Member Uta Zapf is a German MP, who among other activities is the president of German-Turkish Parliamentarians Group. Not surprisingly, she too is an ardent fighter for the EU membership of Turkey. The Turkophile Emma Bonino could not be absent from this illustrious mob either. Her website has a separate section dedicated to Turchia as well, with a splendid photo of her surrounded by a huge Turkish flag on the left and that of EU on the right side of her head, serving as the glorious banner of the page.

Other ICG members are: the Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk whose Interpipe also operates in “Azerbaijan” since 2000. Kenneth Adelman, member of American Committee for Peace in Chechnya; Wesley Clark, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander; and Zbigniew Brzezinski, among numerous other occupations also a board member of the United States-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce (USACC).

It still gets better; among other Turk oriented members of ICG, two come from Independent Commission on Turkey (promoting its membership in the EU): Martti Ahtisaari (chairman) and Bronislaw Geremek. From an article by these douche bags “Turkey in Europe: More than a promise?” on page 10 we read:

“Turks entered Anatolia in the eleventh century and gradually established the Ottoman Empire, leading to the conquest of Constantinople in 1453. They became heirs (since when stealing means inheriting? H.) not only to Byzantine and the Eastern Roman Empire, but also to a rich Greco-Latin and Judeo-Christian culture in Anatolia. (Where does the “Judeo” come from? H.) Names such as the ‘father of history’, Herodotus of Halicarnass; Aesop, who inspired La Fontaine’s fables; Lucullus, the patron of gourmets; Saint Nicholas, bishop of Myra and ancestor of our Father Christmas; and Croesus, who became the richest man of his time, are connected with this region, as are places like Troy, Pergamon, Ephesus, and Mount Ararat (stolen in 1921. H.) where Noah’s Ark came to rest. Saint Peter preached to the first Christian community in Antioch. Tarsus was the birth place of Saint Paul, who made his first missionary journey to Anatolia, extending Christianity beyond the limits of Judaism and thereby laying the foundations of a worldwide religion. All this reminds us that the region which today is the heart of Turkey was one of the cradles of European civilisation.” (All emphases are mine. H.)

We could surmise from the undertone of this eloquent pile of puke since Saint Nicholas, distorted into Santa Clause, hails from Turkey before Turks entered Anatolia, man-eating fiends from Tugril and Alp Arslan to Chingiz and Timur, from Osman and Orkhan to Selims, Abdulhamids, Talats and Kemals of this world were just Ural-Altaic personifications of Father Christmas who were doing nothing but delivering candies and presents, wherever their hoofs trampled, to the civilized indigenous nations. The misunderstanding emerged only through cultural discrepancies where Turkish candies were more or less scimitar shaped and unlike sweets, the means of their consumption was not through melting in the mouth rather caressing the neck that unintentionally chopped off the heads of the beneficiaries.

Talking of Father Christmas… I do not believe this Turkophile bunch could have the slightest idea about the Armenian king Trdat’s (Tiridates I) journey to Rome in 66 AD to be crowned by Nero, where he refuses to worship the Roman gods and introduces the Iranian cult of Mithraism instead. Christmas, along with most of Christianity’s symbolism: the Aryan (Iranian) cypress (replaced by the pine), pope’s miter, the virgin Birth, the concept of the savior Messiah (Saoshyants), the halo around Christ’s head alluding to his being God (Mithra, the Sun), is the remnant of Mithraism. It is celebrated on December 25th of every year, i.e. around the winter solstice which is the birthday of Mithra (Mitra, Mehr, Mher, the Sun) in most Christian countries but not in Armenia itself where it is held on January the 6th, the same day as the Epiphany, so chosen from ancient times to convince the people to give up their pre-Christian customs.

Besides the fact that this fervent eulogy, marveling at the immense feats of the Turks and their contribution to European civilization, even though admitted by the full of awe (or awful) eulogizers themselves the events and personalities presented here all pertain to eons preceding the epoch “Turks entered Anatolia in the eleventh century”, fails to elucidate the hypothetical inquirer what happened to all those Christians who laid the “foundations of [this] worldwide religion”, it sickeningly disregards one of the most significant elements of that cradle of civilization.

Not a word! Not a single word about Armenia, the entire eastern half of Turkey, the Garden of Eden where the Judeo-Christian god created Adam and where he saved humanity from the flood. Not a word about Armenians, the first Christian nation in the world, the first defenders of Christianity in the first war for freedom of speech in 451 when, led by Vartan Mamikonian, they rebelled against the Sassanid king of kings Yazdgerd II who had ordered the Armenians and Aghvans to give up Christianity and worship the fire of Mughan.

Not a word about the largest Christian population of the Ottoman Tyranny and the builders of the same. Yet this paragraph wants to convince us that Herodotus, Aesop, Lucullus, Saint Nicholas, Croesus, Saint Paul and what not were Turks and Turks were the founders of the European civilization who built the Ephesus, millennia before the hordes of primitive, nomadic, cattle-herder, tent-dwelling, cities to cinders razing, churches to rubble reducing, all destroying Turks set their paws in the region…

Figure 23

Click on the image for a larger version.

Armenia, the birthplace of humanity and where humanity was saved from the flood, from a Gospel published in 1634 in London (of all places!)

For the curious: the 51 page PDF format article does mention the term Armenia once: On page 21, under the misleading heading “Turkey has achieved more reform in just over two years than in the whole of the previous decade”, the Turk friendly authors reluctantly let out the word in a context of denial of the Armenia Genocide:

“Turkey’s rapprochement to the EU should have beneficial effects on relationships with other neighbouring states. In particular with regard to Armenia, it is to be hoped that the opening of borders and an improvement in bilateral relations (there are no relations when Turkey has imposed a blockade on Armenia which amounts to an act of war. H.) may become possible, including Turkey’s recognition of the tragic events of the past in the spirit of European reconciliation.

To put the lid on this reeking trashcan let us consider the view of a Serb. According to Dejan Lučić, “Important Rothschild companies in this region are Carlyle Group and the International Crisis Group which, led by Soros, [have] been campaigning for independent Kosovo for years. In addition to Soros, the group is financed by Rupert Murdoch (Sky), Goldman Sacks, JP Morgan... Members of this group are or were Marti Ahtisari, James Lion, Morton Abramovich, Louise Arbour, Bzezinski, Wesley Clark, Mihail Hodorkovski, Thorvald Stoltenberg... The staff [has] changed, but not the anti-Serb policy”.

This brings us to yet another case of applying double standards where Armenians are concerned. I do not support the comparison between Artsakh and other superficially similar conflicts, but since the “Karabakh-Kosovo” analogy appears more often than not, it is not irrelevant to our subject to examine this a bit deeper.
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