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Default Ne uverena chto eto o muzike skoree vse zhe politika

Chto skazhete ?

The Internet's Largest Collection of Corporate Memos and Internal Communication

MTV (Europe)
Recommendations for the scheduling and content of videos and programmes

Dear all

In the light of the outbreak of war in Iraq in the last 12 hours, our
recommendations for the scheduling and content of videos and programmes are
as follows:

1. Video recommendations

Obviously, there will be heightened public sensitivity to representations
of war, soldiers, bombing, destruction of buildings and public unrest at
home. The ITC Programme Code requires us not to broadcast material which
offends against good taste or is offensive to public feeling. We therefore
recommend that videos featuring the following are not shown at the moment:

war planes
riots and social unrest
other obviously sensitive material

Examples include:
System of a Down "Boom!" - anti-war video containing facts and figures
about, amongst other things, the projected casualties in the war in Iraq.
Aerosmith "Don't want to miss a thing" - contains footage from the film
Manic Street Preachers "So Why So Sad" - contains footage of soldiers being
killed and man throwing a hand grenade.
Passengers/U2 "Miss Sarajevo" - contains missiles, guns and buildings being
blown up.
Bon Jovi "This ain't a love song" - contains war scenes and victims in
Iggy Pop "Corruption" - contains wars, riots, guns and captions "we love
guns" and "we love rifles".
Paul Hardcastle "19" - contains war footage.
Radiohead "Lucky" - contains war footage including injured children.
Billy Idol "Hot in the City" - contains an atomic explosion.
Armand van Helden "Koochy" - contains an atomic explosion and ships being
blown up.
Trick Daddy "Thug Holiday" - contains soldiers being killed at war.

Furthermore, videos with words such as "bomb", "missile", "war" or other
sensitive words in the artist or song title should not be shown at the

Examples include:
Outkast "B.O.B (Bombs over Baghdad)" - song title may offend.
Radiohead "Invasion" - song title may offend.
Megadeth "Holy Wars" - song title may offend.
Gavin Friday "You, Me and World War Three" - song title may offend.
B-52s videos.

Also, please note that some evergreen tapes contain sensitive videos e.g.
until recently, the MTV2 evergreen contained the Outkast "B.O.B. (Bombs
over Baghdad)". We therefore recommend that music programmers ensure that
inappropriate songs are removed from the evergreen tape for the duration
the war.

Please note that this is not a definitive list of videos. Please use the
ITC video restrictions database to check each song before broadcast. If you
are aware of any other videos featuring the above images, titled with the
above words or which may be unsuitable for broadcast in the light of the
outbreak of war, we recommend that these are pulled from your schedules.

2. Programme recommendations

Under the ITC's rules, we have two main obligations regarding programmes:

(a) Not to broadcast material which offends against good taste or is
offensive to public feeling.
For example, no programme should contain:
(i) images of war, bombs, missiles, etc that are likely to be seen as
insensitive or offensive at this time (see above for further guidance).
(ii) jokes about the war, about bombing Iraqis, about the American, Iraqi
or UK troops.
(iii) comments about the war that are likely to be seen as insensitive or

Furthermore, the content of each long-form show should be considered before
scheduling. Scripts for presenters and news pieces must also be treated
with great sensitivity.

(b) To ensure that our programmes treat the issue of war in Iraq with "due
accuracy" and "due impartiality".
Therefore, we need to ensure that any programme which deals with issue of
war in Iraq:
(i) deals fairly with each opposing view. It cannot be one-sided. Both
sides of the argument need to be dealt with, and dealt with fairly.
(ii) does not give the view of MTV or the views of MTV presenters.
(iii) does not give facts, or opinions based on facts, that are incorrect
e.g. an anti-war argument that states the war is bad because 50 million
Iraqis will die (the official estimates are much lower than that), a
pro-war argument that states Saddam Hussein should be toppled because he is
going to invade Israel (there is no evidence of this). You need to ensure
that any facts included in your programmes are accurate, and verified by an
official source e.g. an Amnesty International report, a UN report, Reuters
news service.

If you are unsure about the suitability of a video or programme, please
call the Broadcast Standards Managers: Mark (x6195 (HC)) Dan (x7734 (HC))
or Aurea (x6197 (HC)).

Mark Sunderland
Broadcast Standards Manager
MTV Networks Europe

This site is owned and operated by RCK Group Inc.
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