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Default Chechnya <-> Iraq

Not so long since America was condemning Russia for military actions in Chechnya. Now he's waiting for support from Russia. I want to hold a common line between Chechnya and Iraq and what I think is that Russia is/was fighting not against 'groups of terrorists' but the nation itself. It's not apart from that nation, it's embedded and being majority of that country. Now the same situation with Iraq. Even though they say Saddam has a strong army with 40.000 soldiers they don't understand that it's not the whole force of Iraq. People of that nation are going to fight against US to death, and a number is far not mentioned above but much higher. I see only one way for US to 'win' this war - destroy all the nation of Iraq, otherwise they can never announce that they won it, hence it will never happen.
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I think that you've put your finger on the blessure. The big problem with people who are honestly pro war (I'm not talking about new-nazis or pure murderers) is that they didn't understand yet (or refuse to accept) that each nation have their own culture and standards of living, and that no leader of any country has the right to imposing other standards or culture to them.

For instance, in my opinion, according to my standards, democracy is the best system I can live in. But I accept perfectly that other people living in a different region, following another culture, can think otherwise. And I'm in the right position, and so they are!

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