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Default Course of History?

Guys, it's my opinion:

HIstory has it's natural course, according to wich one political formation, religion, society , etc, changes to other, different one.
Just as our reach pagan culture was utterly destroyed by first succesors of Chistianity.

Nowadays, traditional formation must give it's place to more democratic and individualistic one. In versatile societies ( e.g. as ours , Armenian ) it's performed peacefully. But sometimes tough resistance arises here and there.

So U.S is not the "ulitmate force", but just the agent of great natural law.

And democracy, I hope, is not the ulimate formation, and will be annihilated in it's due time.
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I generally agree with the "course of history" concept. This is actually another name for evolution. But - not a single stage of evolution has been imposed from outside. The society has always changed from within - whether it is transition to Christianity or from monarchy to republic. This change must be accompanied by a mentality change within the country, it is the people that must be this agent of change you speak about, not someone from the outside, IMHO
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