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Default Job Offer: position of the manager of “ANI” ecoclub

“Birds of Armenia” project and Shirak Diocese encourage all those who have
higher education to take part in the competition for the position of the
manager of “ANI” ecoclub, an ecological youth organization in Gyumri.

Preference will be given to all those who:

- wish and can work with people

- have skills for planning and organizing the work

- adhere to analytical and creative approach

In order to participate in the competition you should send your resume
(curriculum vitae)

to the following e-mail address: [email protected] or to

Gyumri, 1 Righkov, Shirak Diocese; tel: 2-37-77

Yerevan, 40 Baghramian Ave., AUA, “Birds of Armenia” project

Tel: 0(1)51-28-18, 0(9)40-65-17.

Additional information on the activities of “Birds of Armenia” project and
those of “ANI” ecoclub in Gyumri in particular

Ecoclub “ANI” was established in 2003 by the efforts of “Birds of Armenia”
project of American University of Armenia in collaboration with Shirak
Diocese. As for “Makur Gyumri” social movement, it was initiated in
collaboration with “Makur Yerevan” project the former just beginning its
first independent steps in the development process. It should be mentioned
that scientific popular games were held, numerous competitions on Birds of
Armenia, a mobile exhibition “Birds of Armenia” were organized. Besides
integrated biotechnical events on bird protection and on study of winter
bird fauna in Gyumri were organized by “ANI” ecoclub.

The above-mentioned activities were put into practice by the joint efforts
of both “Birds of Armenia” project and its contributors, such as Gyumri
municipality, “Makur Yerevan” project and a number of other organizations,
as well as by the efforts of many active inhabitants of Gyumri.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Where is the office situated?

On the ground floor of “St. Jacob” church, 58th block in Gyumri

What is the salary?

$80 with the real perspectives of increase

Duration of work?

1 year

What is the age of the groups we are to work with?

Groups will chiefly consist of young people aged 15-20

Am I entitled to apply for the job if I haven’t got biological education?

We haven’t anticipated any special education. All is necessary is to have
higher education

What are the working days and hours?

8 hours a day, 5 working days per week and Saturday is a working day.

Is there any formed group yet?

Yes , there is a group consisting of approximately 15 people but a new
recruitment should be made on the first stage

What are the stages of the competition?

It consists of two stages. 1 –interview. 2 – test.

Moral, organizational, common intellectual constituents will be taken into

When and where will the interview be held?

It will be held after July 6, 2004. Аll the claimants will be informed
about the place of the interview as well as the date in case if it changes

What issues should be touched in the resume?

You may get the form of resume by the following address

Guymri, 1 Ryghkov str., Shirak Diocese; Tel: 2-37-77

Yerevan, 40 Baghramian Ave., AUA, “Birds of Armenia” project

Tel: 0(1)51-28-18, 0(9)40-65-17.

Or you may contact us by the e-mail address [email protected]

Please send all the questions not mentioned above to BOA office:

Those phoning should be asked to phone back to BOA office by the following
phone number: 0(1)51-28-18, 0(9)40-65-17 and tell us his/her phone number.
We shall phone him/her back immediately. This is done in order for him not
to pay any money. In case of absence of the office workers, the voice mail
will be switched on where message can be left.


1.. First name, Second Name, Patronymic.
2.. The place of residence.
3.. Education (when and where you graduated from).
4.. Work experience (where and when you worked) if any.
5.. Description of your field of action (what exactly are you engaged
6.. Languages (the level of mastering languages).
7.. Computer skills (the level of computer knowledge) if any.
8.. Other skills and knowledge.
9.. Hobby.
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