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OPENING DATE: August 06, 2004

CLOSURE DATE: August 20, 2004


GRADE: FSN-9 (In case a successful
applicant does not meet the full

education and/or experience requirements as stated, the position will be
filled below the full

performance grade level, at FSN-8 Trainee Level)

The primary purpose of this position is to serve as principal Project
Management Specialist in Commercial Law and FSN advisor to the Senior
Financial Sector Advisor and Cognizant Technical Officer (CTO) of the
Commercial Law Project and Capital Markets Program (and others as may be
assigned) in carrying out a full range of the project management and
monitoring duties.


A. Program and Project Development 30%

1. Conducts research on a variety of design issues related to commercial
law and financial/economic policy. Establishes and maintains a network of
contacts with Government of Armenia (GOAM) officials, non-governmental
organizations (NGOs), key individuals in Parliament, other donors and energy
providers in the private sector to obtain published and unpublished
information. Prepares factual and analytical reports on legal, financial and
economic matters, particularly as they relate to development of GOAM
legislation and implementation rules and procedures. 2. Assists the
supervisor and SO Team Leader in identifying and evaluating key legislation
that improves or hinders the development of a transparent commercial
regulatory environment. Develops and provides regular briefing reports on
political, social and economic developments affecting the economic and
commercial environment. 3. Drafts factual and analytical background
reports dealing with current host-country developments in various areas of
commercial law and economic policy, as assigned.

B. Project Implementation, Management and Evaluation 30%

1. Assists the Cognizant Technical Officer (CTO) in implementing and
managing the Capital Markets Program and the Commercial Law and Economic
Regulation Program. 2. Reviews monthly reports submitted by
implementing contractors. Evaluates implementation progress and drafts
mid-term reports for submission to USAID/W. Reviews and analyzes the annual
report and works with the contractors to resolve issues reflected therein.

C. Other Program Support Duties 25%

1. Monitors program strategies, and provides periodic updates on GOAM's
development and execution of its commercial and economic legislation. Makes
recommendations on objectives and targets of opportunity for Mission's
strategic plan in these areas. 2. Drafts statements of work
(SOWs) for carrying out related studies and providing technical assistance.
Drafts Modified Acquisition and Assistance Request Documents (MAARDs) for
contractor services. Drafts and helps negotiating memoranda of understanding
(MOUs) to provide for the accomplishment of proposed activities.
3. Prepares input for the Annual Report and tracks performance against the
Strategic Objective. Assists in preparing annual assessments of host country
progress toward achievement of energy restructuring and management goals.

D. Other Duties 15%

1. Serves as a member of working groups. Attends each working group's
weekly briefing and prepares written reports to the supervisor, the SO Team
Leader and Mission management. Prepares and presents briefings to visitors
and GOAM officials. 2. Conducts liaison with the Embassy staff,
particularly the Economic Counselor to exchange information on program and
project activity and in-country developments. Ensures alignment of program
and project activities with other SOs. 3. Serves as backup to
the Senior Financial Sector Advisor and in his absence performs duties and
responsibilities of that position to the extent of her knowledge and
ability. Performs other miscellaneous related duties as assigned.
4. Develops briefing papers on all economic restructuring projects and
issues and keeps these up to date both electronically and in hard copy.
Provides or assists in providing discussions with grantees and contractors
and prepares records of matters discussed, including any actions taken or
recommended, for SO team information and review.


a.. Education:

An Armenian law degree or an advanced degree in economics, planning or
public policy is required. An advanced degree from a college or university
in the United States is highly desirable.

a.. Prior Work Experience:

From three to five years of progressively responsible experience in the area
of commercial law, finance, economics, legislative or regulatory procedures
and/or which is directly related to development assistance is required.

· Language Proficiency:

Level IV (fluent) in both English and Armenian is required. Fluent Russian
is highly desirable.

· Knowledge:

A thorough understanding of the concepts, principles, techniques and
practices of economic restructuring is required. Must also have a thorough
knowledge of local economic, political, social and cultural characteristics;
Armenian development efforts in the fields of commercial law and economic
policy; and of political and development prospects and priorities. A
thorough knowledge and understanding of international laws relating to
development assistance, plus knowledge of budgeting practices, programming
policies, regulations, procedures and documentation; and the objectives,
methodology and status of energy restructuring projects.

· Ability and Skills:

Ability to establish and maintain contacts with senior-level officials of
the GOAM, NGOs and the donor community. Ability to explain and defend
project policies, objectives and procedures. Ability to plan, develop,
manage and evaluate important programs/projects, especially in the legal and
economic fields. Incumbent must have excellent English writing skills and be
able to communicate fluently in both English and Armenian and to present
findings and recommendations effectively in written and oral forms in both

WHO MAY APPLY: Unlimited

HOW TO APPLY: Complete Standard Form, SF 171 (Application for Federal
Employment) or Optional Form, OF 612 (Optional Application for Federal
Employment). Applicants may also attach a resume or CV. Application forms
are available in the Main Entrance, Reception Area of the U.S. Embassy.
Completed application forms must be deposited in the USAID Application Box
located at the U.S. Embassy, 18 Marshall Baghramyan Ave., Yerevan, not later
than close of business August 20, 2004.
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