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Default Freelance Java specialist, For a month

This is tech spec

- Have a communication feature like the MSN site for Full Members

- Have site set up so that Profiles are not accepted unless fields are fully filled in and descriptions to be at least 3 lines long.

- Lift the emails from the database for a mass mailing.

- Set up the email system on the site.

- Have a Guest search option on the Home page with photos.

- Scrap the message board.

- Hide Competition page until future revamp.

- Get rid of Chat-room facility and SMS links.

- Have a Guest & Full Member link on side panel - so you can go back to your own Home page as you navigate around the site.

- Photos are not uploading / showing on the site. Why?

- Terms and Conditions link is not working on the 'Registration details' page.

- Have Horoscope page open up a new window rather than leave the site.

- The text for the £ signs are currently showing ?'s

on the Your profile & Ideal partner pages. Needs to change back to £ signs.

- Text Changes:
a)Change the dates at the bottom of the pages '2000-2004'
b)On Home page delete text at bottom which is ' room, customisable interface..'
c)On the About Us page delete text '...Tel: 020 8375 3620 Fax: 020 8375 3401...'
d)On Personal Profile page delete text '...If you have a SMS capable mobile phone, you can receive SMS's from Spectrum Dating members. Do you want to receive such messages?...'

And this is web site

Plz call 545 105 and say price for your service and time which should not exceed 1 month.

Deadline: today till 7.00 pm
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Если для всего этого надо знать только ДжаваСкрипт то я "мать тереза ®".

Я заметил что зайт написал на JSP
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Орел парящий высоко высоко в горах () > а где сказанно, что нужно знать один только ДжаваСкрипт?
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по-моему для таких я вряд ли без аванса чтобы сделал ... было дело по опыту знаю - я им pdf из 120 страниц по глупости а они мне кукиш ... правда чешская старт-ап была ... но первым блин комом тоже не дело ... в фрилансе вооще стока на*бщиков ... так что просить аванс поначалу ...
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