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SEEKING JOB THROUGH INTERNET IN ARMENIA According to sociological surveys, the most efficient ways of seeking employment are as follows: applying to the employer directly - 35%, finding jobs through friends and relatives - 30%, announcements in newspapers and the Internet - 15% (to compare: according to the American Employment Association, almost 90% of graduates of the American universities seek jobs through the Internet), employment and staff centers and agencies - 12%.

Let’s look at seeking jobs through the Internet in Armenia. The number of virtual employment agencies in Armenia, unlike the real ones, is much smaller. In order to learn about the web sites, offering jobs in Armenia, let’s refer to the most popular catalog of the Armenian resources in the Internet - First of all, it should be pointed out that that the itself offers vacancies and job announcement except for the search services and information on other sites. It is always possible to find fresh vacancies in the announcements section, which is quite rare thing among the Armenian sites. The site mainly offers positions in services industry and IT (programmers, computer operators, office managers, etc). The main advantage of these announcements is visitor’s possibility to contact the employer directly. At the same time, the hosts online versions of several traditional employment agencies such as Orange job, Dashink and Gortsarar Tiezerk. These agencies offer vacancies only if the client applies to them directly and pays them a fee in the form of a certain percentage from the fist salary.

The Internet also hosts online version of such employment agencies as Tanger ( and Unilend ( The main shortage of these agencies is the absence of direct contact with the employer.

The catalogue contains addresses of around ten another web sites with “job offers”. Among them one can find web site of SUAF education center, which also offers computer and web design services. The site has the feature typical to the Armenian sites offering jobs - outdated job announcements. At the moment of writing this article the last vacancy was dating as of June 2003. The case is similar with the which is not functioning already two years judging from the announcements. As for and registered, as resources and offering jobs do not exist at all.

The web site also contains links to and In the first site that is an Armenian business portal the last announcement was dated by 27 November 2003, while the second site contained no announcements at all. The site that elucidates the Armenian business news, after an interruption lasting one year, had only one vacancy. The last job announcement on that also offers jobs in Armenia, was dated by December 2003.

However, not everything is that bad. There are web sites that function in the regime of the real time, they are regularly updated and it is possible to find fresh vacancies on them. These are above mentioned, http://<font color="#800080"></font> and Unlike others, the last two offer jobs in international organizations, large IT companies.

The http://<font color="#800080"></font> portal was developed under the frames of E-Armenia Foundation and is designed to cover the IT sector news, while the site is created by the company XALT (Internet provider) and is specialized on seeking the high quality staff. Both sites offer to visitors to register and receive messages and announcements through e-mail. These sites contain information on international tenders and competitions, etc as well.

Jobs are offered also by the real estate agency Taniq ( For receiving detailed information, the agency offers to visit its office and to register in the database, which will store the information about you for the period of one year.

These are the main web resources offering jobs in Armenia through the Internet. Judging from their description, it seems that finding jobs through them is a quite difficult task. However, my experience tells that finding jobs through the Internet is a more or less productive venture.
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Ни фига себе - узнаю что это проект XALT-а ... LOL А где был XALT когда проект уже 2 года работал.
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Hrach_Techie jan moracel es nshes es qo canki mej

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