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холостяк и точка.
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Ապեր ջան, դու զգում ես որ լրիվ արդեն անցնում ես համբերության սահմանները? Դու ավելի լավա սկսի մտացել բան գրելուց առաջ
Сколько волка не корми, Медведь все равно круче!!!

Идет по лесу турист.Вдруг ему навстречу выходит медведь,и между ними
происходит следующий диалог.
- Ты кто?
- Турист.
- Врешь,турист - это я,а ты 'завтрак туриста'.
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PMդ ստուգի ապեր
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oooh, finally people start thinking
man enough such kind general expressions, with whom are you talking ?, are you talking just by yourself ? what people ?
here are some variations you can choose or suggest your ones:
1. people in this thread
2. people in this forum
3. people in Nikaragua
4. all people in the word beside you

I don't really care how much knowledge people have, the thing is that, as I have already mentioned, this post is reagarding positions for work (ANNOUNCING JOBS), posted in the appropriate forum, providing enough information. Are you going to assure that everything writted in this topic is connected with the ANNOUNCEMENT itself?
I haven't mentioned a word about discussing issues related to organization, but people started to talk about it, I did my best to provide enough information why things happen, and then my replies are not counted good enough, since I haven't made a spellcheck or I have used shorter words, which in its turn, comes to point where most of the posts in the thread do not have any connection to the announcement
I'm not going assure how much posts connected or not connected to ANNOUNCEMENT at all, if you thought that some posts not connected with ANNOUNCEMENT you can said it straight and don't walk around, and maybe users or moderators would delete these posts, maybe not
stop your eyes from flowing out
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Տղերք ջան, զգում եք, որ չեղած տեղից բազար է ստեղծվում: Միատ դզեր PM նայեք:
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Originally Posted by ludwig View Post
OSCE и OSCE/ODIHR в Армении не одно и тоже
У нас щас работают 2 водителья и 3 logistics officer-а
Мы должны поставить офис на ноги до 6-ого Января,
Нам время хватает только на скачивание всех резюме

OSCE/ODIHR в Армении только на 2 месяца, если вы прочитали обявление то и поняли бы что зарплата у них не шутка. И еще, если не интересно то можете и не присылать резюме, мне лично интересно я присылал резюме, щас у меня есть работа в OSCE/ODIHR.

и еще, такие организации как наша, и которая только на 2 месяца и у нас нехватка времени чтоб делать нашу работу, извените но мы лично не можем тратить время и каждому писать "извените но....". Если наши менеджери заинтересуютса, то вас наверника позвонят и попросят прийти на интервю

и еще, у нас будет работать 15-20 людей, которие должны хорошо провести Election Observation Mission.
Если у кого то из нас бывает свободное время то мы сами отвечаем на каждый мейл.
У нас нету HR департамента. Наша миссиая только на 2 месяца
У вас спор пошел не в ту тему.
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сексуальный слон
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Default :D

Originally Posted by ludwig View Post
Stupid as always.
Now I see how much stupid some people may be. I have posted Job Announcements, later some people would like to discuss about the organization, and then you decide to talk about my russian typos which I don't even pay attention. And then some people decide that this thread is very much for talking in english.

Well guys if you are that stupid that you don't know how to read and write in forums, then good luck to you. If not then try to show how smart you are.
The only one trying to show his being smart here is you. The others were just expressing their thoughts considering a) organization you represent, b) your Russian, c) anything else they like to. And they're free to do that, whether those are offtop comments/flood or not, it's moderator's job. You would have known that if you knew "how to read and write in forums".
You would better "pay attention" to your "typos" if you want your threads to be taken seriously. And if you're not sure about your Russian write the language you know well when you talk on business. Otherwise there's a high possibility to look ridicilous. And you've to be ready that someone can make fun at you just as it happened here.

Someone calling others stupid must be at least not an idiot himself.

P.S. Мальчики, вы все рыцари, целую вас и бросаю вам красные розы)
кто любит, тот любим
кто светел, тот и свят

Too young to hold on, too old to just break free and run...(c.)
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Very Berry
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Знали бы Пол и Николь, сколько тут шума из-за их шорт-терм проекта!!
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