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nevermind rancid
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Default a taste of jeremy huggins:

last night i went to borders to hear a certain jeremy huggins speak on weblogs. man, it was freaky. everything he talked about, the fears and hesitations, the make believe movies in my head, the paradoxes, the virtues, I had experienced it all! it seems that the blog world is so small, so specific and personal and INVOLVING that if you meet someone who cares about it as much as you do, you want to believe that he's a kindred spirit.
"clara lee"

:a taste of jeremy huggins:

"Last November, I celebrated my 29th birthday in a new town where I knew nobody, or at least had no good friends yet. I decided to splurge and treat myself not only to one movie, but a twinbill. In retrospect, I realize it probably wasn’t a good idea, 29, alone, and missing my friends, to go watch Lost in Translation. I sat in the theatre and watched the credits roll, absolutely devastated and unable to move. As the key grips and gaffes gave way to the best boys and assistant to the make-up cart guy, and finally to the closing trademarks, I thought to myself, “Man, my sitting here like this would be a great movie scene.” I left the theater and walked through downtown, my wool coat buttoned up, my hands just right in my pockets, my breath streaming behind me, I imagined, like a movie. I became aware of myself walking a little bit differently than I usually do. When I got home and reached for my keys, I noticed that the keys jangled a little louder, like they do in the movies. I reached out and put the key in the lock, and it seemed to go in slow-motion. The door creaked, I opened it, looked at my couch with its one indented cushion and two untouched ones, started crying a bit, and thought to myself, “Man, I wish someone could see this. This would be so moving.” You’ve likely done something like this once, if you don’t do it often."

:a taste of jeremy huggins:

whatever it seems,.,.,.,.,
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