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Post Sixties Are Dead

Sixties Are Dead

The train of consequences,
There ain't no coming back...
Dave Mustaine
Bad fruits of the best seeds.
Good roots of the worst deeds.
Well I'm not sure that "In God we Trust"
'Revolution number nine'...
Your mine is not mine.
And everybody's touched by bloody rust...

Living in 'Yesterday'.
Waiting for a 'Girl'
Spending a 'Hard day's night'...

You got a feeling to hide.
You got a 'Ticket to ride'.
This time you just missed the flight.

Re-mixed is the song.
Paralized is the tongue.
More wounds. No blood to bleed.
Like skin on my teeth
The idols of sixties
Those victims of the need and the greed.

Living in 'Kashmir'
Leaving to 'Ramble on'
Fighting for 'Whole Lotta Love'

Nothing to pretend...
'This is just the end'
Foreign past makes no heaven above...

(c) Reckon_, 11 Oct 2002.

Честный Кот
Еще не жаль огня, и Бог хранит меня... (с) А. Макаревич

Когда я трезв, я - Муму и Герасим, мама;
А так я - Война и Мир. (c) БГ
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