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Post the Fear

Joel shrugged. The hydrocycle engine choked a couple of minutes ago and now he could not get it started. Pushing the START button simply ran the starter, which had no effect on the engine. The spark plugs seemed to be fine, the hydrogen level was above minimum and Joel leaned, carelessly, on the cave wall, dropping the spark plug tool on the ground. The steel tool touched the sandy ground, gave a squeak, looked at the horizon and then quickly ran to hide in the leather hydrocycle toolbox. Joel shrugged again.

It’s not gonna run, Rachel”, he said. “The Fear is somewhere around. You can get off.”

Rachel was sitting on the pillion. She realized it is serious and jumped off the bike. Then she walked to the cave wall and leaned herself, meters away from Joel. She was upset, as she always was when something went wrong with Joel’s hydrocycle and they had to be stuck in the middle of the desert and hear the unpleasant noise that was always present outside the hives. She suddenly felt like she has to cut the windy noise and went on.

We don’t have to run on a hydrocycle that occasionally chokes miles away from the hives. We absolutely don’t have to do that, Joel.”
I know. It’s the Fear.”
I know it’s the Fear. I don’t care if it’s the Fear. You shouldn’t be riding if your bike doesn’t go with the Fear. Don’t jump into the desert at least!”
You’re not helpful.”
I’m not trying to be.”
What are you ever trying to be?”

Rachel sat down, leaning her head to the sandy wall. The wall looked at her from above and sighed, chewing a sandwich with a bored look. Joel looked at her and pushed his lips tight. The distant desert noise that seemed to be coming from everywhere started to get louder. Rachel looked at Joel. Joel looked at the hydrocycle. The hydrocycle approached Rachel and laid down by her knees, looking at her beggingly.

Here we are,” Rachel said. Some carelessness and inevitability were present in her voice. “Take the Ultra Headblow 4000SX.” Then she tossed the weapon to Joel.

The noise started to get even louder and they started to notice a big yellow truck on the horizon. By the time the truck approached them, they were all standing straight. The truck license plate read: “FEAR”.
Joel felt struck. Rachel looked at the truck, carelessly. The door opened and a tall slim man came out. He wore a sleeveless jacket that read “FEAR” on the chest and “Peanut” on the back. He looked at Rachel, winked and grinned. Then he looked at Joel.

You ****,” he said.
I know.”
I hate you.”
You’re miserable. Why don’t you kill yourself?”

Joel looked at him, at the hydrocycle, at the distant hives, at Rachel and shot himself in the head. Rachel sighed, wiped the drops of blood off her chin, picked the weapon up from the ground, turned over and started to walk to the hives. Fear got into his truck and drove away in the direction of the rising suns. Then everything became quiet.

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Լավն ա, ասել եմ արդեն:
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