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Arrow serpentine... (draft for another song)...

I’m driving home
and the memory splashes
bring me back your abandoned face.
I’m traveling down the road
and I move different spaces
from left to right
and from right to wrong…

bro, the serpentine way seems too long...

Somebody unlocked the door
the keys buried in the sand...
beware. try to understand
the purpose of monster-ocean.
We cannot observe the shore...
today your uncovered bed
resembles completely red
locomotion in motion,
in motion, but sad...

Can you hear the cellos singing devil song?
dude, this serpentine route seems so long…

Our son will be just like you,
our daughter will have your look,
we were meant to become a book
for somebody to find it new...
Everyday is a sacrifice:
though, our pillows behind our eyes
take some passionate tournament.
Everyday when I'm getting fed
there’s a spoonful of sacred lies…

And I doubt I can be that strong.
’cos this serpentine life's not long…
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