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Default 23 Little Furry Spirits by Docteur Rupert Jacques Von Hamsterviel

23 Little Furry Spirits
Docteur Rupert Jacques Von Hamsterviel

I wrote a little dramatic novel named 23 Furry Spirits based on literature heritage of Ms. Agatha Mary Clarissa, Lady Mallowan commonly known as Agatha Christie – as Wikipedia tells “only the Bible is known to have outsold her collected sales of roughly four billion copies of novels,” maybe because Bible’s main co-author is really the greatest story teller ever known more proficient than Mr. Christie. So I want to present to the proficient English speaking public of this forum my humble ruminations over the destinies of the 23 Little Furry Spirits. I am sorry in advance for my cranky English.


Once upon a time in a far away country called Aminia 23 little happy merry furry spirits been dwelling. But once everything changed. A gloomy destiny of horrific kind crossed their way. One by one they started to suffer terrific events diverting their entire life and happiness. In horror and fear they gathered a counsel to figure out the roots of the series of those Unfortunate Events.
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Chapter 1: The Verse

At a spring morning the mentioned furry spirits gathered together in Plampi club in Aminia capital. They situated themselves in the meeting room and one of them started to talk about the mutual problem when the ring rang: the club serviceman notified that a letter is waiting for them downstairs.

It was a convenient letter addressed to 23 Little Furry Spirits gathered in Plampi club on that morning. The club serviceman told that a small rabbit spirit delivered the letter and as there was only one room where 23 spirits gathered together at that day he decided to hand it to them.
The letter was containing a strange Verse from unknown person written in very bad English:

In happy mirth a Furry gang
Have played a childish game
The furry tale of Cat of Can
Was pulled with violent strength!

The heavy cry of violent wrath
Have reached all known caves
The Dragon Cat have risen eyes
And flied to far away.

The claws have reached to necks of those
Who dared tease and mock
The Name of Cat from Lake of Can
Its hopes and its lore.

The records of the human lore preserved the following mole:

One pascing fur have passed away with cracking hole in head,
The other fur forever passed bewildered in the head,
Another fur have lost his arm away of playing with an axe,
And other fur have peeled his head like murphy with an axe,
Another fur was eaten by the tiger of the lake,
In morbid dreams of mares wax a fur been stabbed to head,
The other fur been stoned twice in ugly dirty pit,
In artful place with gyro mirth the other fur have faced,
The other fur with jabbing smile have never woke up,
An oven into bell have stack of the another chap,

The other fur have suffocate in stuffy room at once,
In fire technically burned another fur with mice,
On beach another fur was lost in shadow of the night,
Through looking glass the fur have looked and creaked at once,
A pigeon with an angel look have killed another fur,
In ores the a nother fur been lost, been lost, been lost, been lost.
While digging hole a shovel sharp have chopped the furry head,
In acrid smell like in the hell the other fur have went,
The other went right to the hell with genuine air drop,
The other fur under the moon have catch the light of sword,
The other bastards of the hell the knife groomed brains away,
In dash and pain the bloody gang have suffered morbid pain,
The traitor furs have faced disguise and falling to the bell,
The covered furs who plot the game have cried in ailment pain.

The Dragon never fails to catch
The furies He does chase,
And no one can escape the grasp
Well known in the Hell.

The End

So this is the end of the dramatic novel. What a pity that it is confined within one chapter only.

Exclusively yours,
Docteur Rupert Jacques Von Hamsterviel
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Вот вы все обещаете, да обещаете что их уничтожите, а они все проворные и бодрые.

Добрый вы наверное и дальше стишков не парите.
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