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Shai, chto je [email protected] groulu otvechaesh, [email protected] u nego v ignore liste, znachit tvoi soobchenia on vse ravno ne uvidit

ladno, pereydem k delu.

hey, Pinhead, you can say you understand music at all? Beatles not masters?
You mean the ones that don't consider Beatles to be masters don't understand music? You are damn wrong.
My God!
Not yet
Beatles have sung all the genres - that's their mastery, man. They have left no genre open. Their songs include everything, that's why they are considered Highest music
Yeah i especially love their death metal songs, and industrial arrangements with all those house samples. and Paul's growling rules. If their mastery is in the variety of the genres, then they ****s big balls, cuz this is what they were playing - pop/rock'n roll. Mister, maybe it's time to come down to earth?
They have elaborated Irish, scottis, negro and Greek folk music patterns but in a style and in a form no one has been able to do, because they've done it based on a natural and abundant melody pattern.
Yeah, they're sweet mother natures suns, right? I tell you, POP/ROCK'N ROLL. and besides all those mixes (if there are any) are very slight and invincible, moreover, mixing stuff doesn't prove anything, because it's the easiest thing to create something wannabe-original. The real good bands make great music in a narrow genre, developing it, and bands that take little bit of this and little bit of that from couple of genres are very shallow. what beatles really are.
Well, man, 60-ies never made music for audience, you'd better read Lipstic Traces and you will learn every thing. In 60-ies commercial music was unknown thing. It only started to come about
Commercial music exists since the down of music itself. And in those years everybody wanted to get famouse, like Elvis Presley, to have gruppies, lotsa girls and fun. Some tried sports and some tried writing cheesy girlish ballads and rock'n roll for parties which Beatles actually did.
If Beatles created music for audience, they would have released every next album in two years
Wrong again, more albums - more money. Vot oni i shtampovali. ALbum a year or even two in a year. How can it be considered serious music?
Masses? yes, but that masses included people from all ages, people from all social groups which is not the case with any other group.
Wrong once again. Mature audience dissaproved Beatles and Rolling stones. trying to keep their children away from their concerts. Now Old people like Beatles because they are the same hippie teens of 60s grown up. Nostalgie. This also answer your statement on Paul and John being the most popular musicians of old times. Just like Brittney Spears is now.
Elderly people neber listen to Led or Pink, one will find it even strange should one see it.
Heh, wrong yet once again. most of the elder people i know still listen to Floys and Zeppelin, and just smile when they hear the sounds of Beatles. That's because Floys and Zep are serious music, and Beatles were just the influence/madness of time. Just like Ruki Vverx now.
Everybody liked Beatles, including you, everybody goes through Beatles, including you, and then each turns into HIS music.
Yeah, everybody in this generation, because they were raised by the generation that were into Beatles. My mom and dad were those hippies of 60s, so how could i miss Beatles?
But that music falls hsort of Beatles, because it constitutes only one part of Beatles. What Beatles said in a few words, Pink, Led, Sabbath, Bee Gees, Deep Purple, Queen said in musically narrower lane and prolonged versions, which never adds to their mastership.
Just like the mumbling of a child and the speech of the mature.
Boys 2 Men and Mariah Carey - man, do you believe such undirected, unaimed, prolonged and epic music can be better than 60-ies? Why should I listen if I don't like it? But it never means I have not listened. You have a very wrong opinion of me.
You praised the melodiousnes of Beatles so hard, i just asked why don't you listen to Carey, cuz believe me Carey is much more melodic. Another thing is the quality
You think I listen to Beatles day and night? ) Well, I listen to every kind of music, but at first ear, I know it's worth or not. Mariah Carey is jazz, such vague, unspecified, undramatic music that has all the melodies in the same pattern, one immitating the other. Is that your good music? Hm, man, here's the case for Show Biz, commercial music. Carey is worth nothing, only she has corporations and art men supporting her in advertisements
You missed the word "crap" in my sentence about Carey. ushadir eghi.
You know that Mona LIsa is NOT the best picture? But the show biz men won't have it declined, as their money will go under.
Just like Beatles, i tell you. They were the same in 60s as Britney Spears is now. Most of the people liked Beatles in 60s, and most of the people like Brittney now. El vonc bacatrem. Though, Beatles were much beter then Brittney. Masses change too.
CHildish? Can you sing it?
Yeah, Used to sing it when i was a child
Can you write a similarity of that music.
I don't think so cuz i don't have that shallow "i love you, can i hold your hand, ohhh giiiiiiiiirl" stuff in my mind like hippies did.
I write music myself, and your Mariah Carey's-like songs I can write in tongs, man, I don't boast. I can do it. But just try to write something like Beatles. CHildish is your Carey.
She's not mine, i hate her. Look, i reapeat, if you would be more attentive and see the word "crap" there will be much less of your anaimed speech.
ou're judging not musically, I can see it. Yesterday is a perfect pattern in respect to harmonia: that is sequence of chords. Its beauty lies, as all Beatles' songs, in the irrevocable connectedeness of form and content. Every single note has its right place. Go and ask any music professor in the conservatory.
Look, dude, i'm tired of you beautiful descriptions of Beatles' songs. That's your fave band, ok, but can we please have our own opinions about that band? Can we please consider it crap, for instance? You know that fact that you love a band doesn't mean that all must love it. and moreover it doesn't mean that the decade when the band existed is the best in music history. What about the professor in the conservatory, if he was such a big fan of Beatles, and not classical music, why is he in a conservatory? why not in some band playing Beatles' songs?
Early Pink is psychodelic stuff, uninteresting, madman's music, unhealthy msuic, incomprehensible, blur in meaning and form, not art, or art for invalids
and Beatles is lame **** , music for homosexuals
did i assure you? you didn't assure me too with your description of Pink Floyd. Because i love early Pink Floyd and you love Beatles. Can we have seperate tastes mam?
Oh my. Do you really think this ... music is just better and unsurpassed? You think that one album can overcome a whole history - a wrong judgement. If only one album can make that artist famous, then he's not good artist.
Did i mention "albums"? I didn't. All those bands have many albums, but all of them were written in years, not in months like Beatles did. Years of creating intelligent and rich music, not months of making something primitive and easy listening like Beatles were doing. You said you judge of a song in first listen? that's why you still love primitive bands Beatles, the ones that get into your head at the first sound. And the albums of the bands i mentioned are to be chewed up for days and weeks to be understood. And at first they sometimes seem bad. One of the albums of Emperor took me for a month to be understood. i hated it at first listen. and i worship it and since then i listen to it for 3 years without being tired. and i consider it the ultimate creation of art
Beatles' all songs are good. There's no defect in them. Absolutely. ALl your artists create only one good and worthy song or album "Stairway in Heaven", "Child In Time", "Wall", etc and then sink down forever.
These words show just how well do you know music... Heard only these? The fact that these songs are the most easy and thus popular (fit for you) doesn't mean that they are the best. There are other masterpieces by floyd zep and others of 70s. Ohhh man, now i understood you. You don't know ANYTHING of music... only the most popular.
They can not be better.
3-4 songs that you heard?
Beatles were real composers, they could compose whenever they wanted and the song would come off a masterpiece
I got it, masterpiece is your word for anything popular that was created by Beatles.
Your groups, something of them I know and listened, are so narrow music, like in detective genre Agatha Christie, that the range of their musical expression is but limited. 60-ies didn't know any range, any limit, any new song was a whole new wolrd, a whole new musical conception.
what do you KNOW of my groups? absolutely nothing. i'm not even sure that you've listened to them. and even if you have, you didn't understand it, because if you did, you wouldn't like shallow Beatles that much. so stop talking about my groups.
hey, eto ne vozrast. Tebe prosto nadoelo Beatles i ty reshil chto drugaya musica luchshe. daje segodnya bolshe lyudey slushayut Beatles - fact obyasnyaetsa tem, chto eto yestestvennaya musica, musica blishe k prirode i k cheloveku
Vo [email protected] eto ne fakt. otkuda [email protected] eto otkopal? I vo [email protected] [email protected] eto i [email protected] faktom, to obyasnyalsya [email protected] tem chto Beatles ochen' legko slushat' po prichine sladen'kix melodiy, [email protected] textov i [email protected] akordov.
Tvoi exoticheskie melodii obosnovany na electro instrumentax. Bez bolshoy ustanovki ix nevozmozhno igrat. Eto - ne nastoyahsya muzika. Takuyu muzyku sdelash i ty, ne somnevaysa, yesli u tya budet synthezator
Chtoooo?????? kakie na fig [email protected]? kakie electro [email protected]? Lol, a [email protected] eche govoril chto [email protected] te [email protected] Looool. bazarish na pustom meste, o takix govoryat "[email protected] zvon, ne znaet gde on". haha. Da budet tebe izvestno, v "moey" [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] pochti ne ispol'zuyutsya ispol'zuetsya gitara, bas, [email protected], vocal. A [email protected] vse eto metal. Vobchem dal'neyshiy spor ne imeet [email protected], tak kak tebe naplevat' na [email protected], vse chto tebe nujno eto dokazat' chto tvoya lyubimaya gruppa - luchshaya na svete, [email protected] sposobami, isklyuchaya logiku. [email protected] daje poshel na loj' - tak kategorichno govoril o moix grupax, utverjdaya chto [email protected] [email protected] iz nix, i daje sostavil svoe [email protected] mnenie, daje ne znaya chto eti [email protected] - daleko ne elektronnaya [email protected]
Vobchem, kak ya ponyal yedinstvenniy put' tebe v etoy jizni - v [email protected] ignore listi. Tuda [email protected] i poydesh, v moem sluchae toje. Groul dogadalsya ran'she menya s kem imeet delo. A topic ya [email protected], na pravax moderatora. Ne dumayu chto posle etogo kto nibud' eche zaxochet s toboy podiskutirovat'. manavand vor minchev hima mard chi eghel. Chao i dobro pojalovat' v moy ignore list.
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