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Default Представители Украины на Евровидении 2005

Вчера у нас тут прошел финал отборочного тура представителя на Евровидение. И знаете кого выбрал украинский народ?
Вот это вот -
Гимн "оранжевой революции"
Каково ваше мнение на сей счет? Опозоримся?.....
К слову, все были уверены, что на Евровидении будет другая певица, которая подходила по всем параметрам, прошла отборочный тур и т.д. и т.п., но в последний момент в финал отборочного тура втулили 4 группы, которые даже отбора не проходили, но зато были активными участниками революции, вот одна из них и выиграла телефонное голосование...

Интересно мнение Армении, потому что на одном англоязычном форуме, посвященном Евровидению, все в шоке:

User from Russia
The worst song so far!
What a stupid idea to send a song with lyrics "Yushenko - yes!"... All song is about their president, repeating 100 times how great he is...
It seems Ukrainians are stupid. No doubts, Ani Lorak should be sent to ESC.

User from Finland
What a timing to send a song about Yushenko right now... Is this political love? Or is this a statement of joy? Musical nonsence! Funny song, but tooo political...

User from Scotland
I don't think they should be allowed to sing about how great their president is...i mean they are representing the whole of Ukraine, and some Ukrainians don't feel that way. Even though I think Yushenko is the best choice for president, they should not be singing YUSHENKO YES YES or whatever in a song for esc

User from Belarus
The worst song in ESC history!!! shame on you Ukraine! I respect "orange revolution" and I hope the same thing will happen in Belarus. I repect Yushenko, but Eurovision is not politics and it is not simply a song! Awful....

User from Serbia
Ukrains made defenitely the worst entry this year!
And they beat Serbia & Montenegro last year! I can't believe it!
I'm going to puke!

User from UK
I'm very disappointed in Ukraine. Ruslana wasn't my fave but I could at least understand the appeal of the song... it looks like they've followed their 2003 showing rather than their 2004

User from Poland
Well....this song sooner or later will be banned from ESC just because it's an official political song for the Orange Revolution. It's known in Poland since December 2003 as the revolution itself has been very popular here.
I'd also like to say that Polish hip-hop artists already recorded a Polish version of the song contaning original stanzas from the Ukrainian version and recorded a videoclip with orange revolution scenes...I can imagine milions of Poles voting for it only because it's a political thing well known here

User from Germany
Oh my god! Those stupid Ukrainians.
The music of that "song" is terrible and the nationalistic text is nothing for ESC!
It should be disqualified. It's like a political propaganda song! Reminds me of Soviet times or of German Goebbels

и т.д. и т.п.
Что скажут Armeniаn users?

P.S. Кстати, Евровидение у нас будет проходить, так что кто хочет, приезжайте посмотреть на украинский позор
Все женщины - ангелы, просто когда нам обламывают крылья, приходится летать на метле
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