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Originally Posted by Pochov Mario
Duuuuude! That's not a girl that is a black female monkey.
I must disagree! It's a very nice girl, with some "black" blood, but a nice girl and never a female monkey!
Originally Posted by Pochov Mario
And the reason is the same that gets a real person use some red skinned devil as an avatar, post under a name "red stone" and visit a forum that is totally foreign and that he doesn't understand 70 percents of it.
The avatar, is because I'm a devilsh guy... well... sometimes. The reason for the nick, you may find it in the "English Only" section in a somehow recent thread the title having the word "nick" somewhere. Finally I don't understand more than 70 percent of what is written, you're right, but you know what? I think, no, I'm sure I understand my armenian friends better than many people who do know russian (and possibly even armenian). And you know why? Because we speak a special language, named friendship!
Originally Posted by Pochov Mario
No offence, I'm not a racist, I just like harsh jokes
No comments.
Originally Posted by Pochov Mario
you're cool. Yeah
Here's a link ot that picture on some other server.[/QUOTE]
Thanks again! I would better call it "Unsatisfied" looking at the guy's expression...

Red Stone
J'ai besoin de toi,
De tes mains sur moi,
De ton corps doux et chaud,
J'ai envie d'être aimé Domino

From a beautiful love song of the 50s called Domino, music by Louis Ferrari, lyrics by Jacques Plante
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The Freewheelin'
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Ехеа, лавн эрь!
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сексуальный слон
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павиян из...
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апе эс натури ес нихарел, те фотошопна гербалайфи эффект талым?
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