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Default Top Ten Photos of 2006 From National Geographic News

Purported pyramids, giant jellyfish, and a number of pythons that swallowed more than they bargained for were among the stars of this year's most popular news photos.
10. Alien Appears in Duck X-Ray? (May 30)
Animal-rescue workers in California were surprised at what they saw when they x-rayed an ailing mallard: an "alien" hiding in the bird's gut. See Larger Photo >>
9. Snake Swallows Electric Blanket (July 24)
Surgery was needed to save a pet Burmese python that bit off a lot more than it could handle. See Larger Photo >>
8. Female Android Debuts in S. Korea (May 15)
Looking eerily like a real Korean woman, the robot EveR-1 meets and greets a group of schoolchildren at an educational center in Seoul. See Larger Photo >>
7. Pyramid Discovered in Bosnia? (April 20)
A four-sided hill in Bosnia is actually Europe's first known step pyramid, according to an amateur archaeologist—and he announced in April that he has proof. See Larger Photo >>
6. Cat Chases Bear Up Tree (June 13)
Forget the mouse that roared. Meet clawless Jack, the tabby that ran a black bear up a tree—twice. See Larger Photo >>
5. Housefly Gets Glasses Made With Lasers (March 28)
Jeff Goldblum, is that you? This isn't a scene from the cult horror flick The Fly—it's an entry in a German photo competition highlighting scientific innovations. See Larger Photo >>
4. "Lost World" of New Species Found in Indonesia (February 7)
See some of the previously unknown species that scientists discovered in a remote mountain range on the island of New Guinea. See Larger Photo >>
3. Giant Jellyfish Invade Japan (January 19)
Japanese waters were inundated with massive Nomura's jellyfish, which can grow 6.5 feet (2 meters) wide and weigh up to 450 pounds (220 kilograms). See Larger Photo >>
2. Rare "Rainbow" Spotted Over Idaho (June 19)
A circumhorizontal arc set the sky on fire thanks to an unusual combination of meteorological events. See Larger Photo >>
1. Python Eats Pregnant Sheep (September 15)
The greedy-guts reptile had to be removed from a Malaysian road, because the snake was too full to slither away. See Larger Photo >>

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