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English and American Studies
Program Description

United States–Armenia Awards for Excellence in Teaching

English and American Studies (TEA)

Administered by the American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS in partnership with the Ministry of Education of Armenia and the United States Embassy to Armenia.

The Goals of the Program

· To recognize and honor talented secondary school teachers of English and American Studies;

· To promote the development of innovative teaching methodology in languages and area studies;

· To promote the development of direct contacts between teachers and schools in the United States and Armenia.

Contest Procedure–Armenia

Round 1

Eligible teachers of English and American Studies from all regions of Armenia are invited to submit an application to the American Councils office in Yerevan. A bi-national Nomination Committee will be convened by American Councils in Yerevan. This Committee will consist of U.S. and Armenian education specialists currently living in Armenia.

It is anticipated that up to 100 candidates will be nominated from across Armenia. Each candidate will be recognized for their achievement. Schools will also be recognized for the role they play in their teacher’s success.

Round 2

Applications of nominees will be forwarded to Washington, D.C., where they will be evaluated by a bi-national selection committee consisting of U.S. and Eurasian education specialists. 13 applicants will be selected as Round 2 finalists and will receive an award valued at up to $125 from a set list of teaching or professional development resources. The schools of Round 2 finalists will choose from a set list of equipment or services valued at up to $800, such as copiers, audio-visual equipment, computers, etc. There will be no cash awards. A school can receive only one set of awards per year, regardless of the number of its teachers chosen as Regional Finalists. In order to receive a prize for themselves or for their school, teachers must participate in an interview with program representatives, and present proof of their employment at school. The program will pay for travel costs associated with attending interviews.

Round 3

Round 2 finalists will advance to Round 3, where they will meet with a team of Armenian and U.S. interviewers. The results of these meetings will be forwarded to a U.S.-Armenian, Bi-National Evaluation Committee in Yerevan. The Evaluation Committee will compile the results of all three rounds and select four Armenian national winners to participate in a professional development seminar in the United States in summer 2005. The program includes a one-week orientation program in Washington, D.C., an intensive six-week program with an emphasis on developing skills in teaching English and American Studies at a U.S. university, and a three-day teaching conference with over 60 participants from ten countries. National winners may also apply to host a U.S. teacher in their home community and school. All costs for travel, tuition, accommodations, meals, and a small stipend are paid by the program.

Evaluation Criteria

The Round 1 Nomination Committee, the Round 2 Selection Committee, Interview Teams, and the Round 3 Evaluation Committee will evaluate all application material according to the following criteria, which are defined in the document entitled “Eligibility and Criteria” and available from American Councils:

1. Candidate’s Ability to Teach English and American Studies;

2. Innovation in Teaching English and American Studies;

3. Awareness and Commitment to Diversity and Pluralism;

4. Professionalism;

5. Leadership.


All teachers of English and American Studies who meet the following criteria may apply for the United States-Armenia Awards for Excellence in Teaching:

· Citizens of Armenia;

· Currently teaching English or American studies in a secondary school in Armenia (grades 5-11);

· Have at least three years teaching experience;

· Intend to continue teaching in a secondary school located in Armenia during the following two academic years;

· Must not have visited the United States for more than thirty days on a U.S. government funded program within the past five years; and

· Graduated from a university, pedagogical institute, or teacher training institute.

· If selected as a Regional Finalist (Round Two winner) in the TEA program three times in three consecutive years, must wait one year before participating in the program again.

· Previous TEA National Finalists (Round Three winners) who participated in the professional development seminars in the United States for any length of time are not eligible to reapply.

Age will not be a factor in candidate evaluation.

Teachers from all social strata in Armenia are urged to apply. Candidates will not be judged on the basis of race, nationality, gender, age, or social position.

Teachers from both urban and rural regions of Armenia are urged to apply. Care will be taken to evaluate candidates according to their abilities and not according to their school’s availability of resources and/or opportunities for international contact.

Program Description–United States

Up to two U.S. secondary school teachers of Social Studies, Language Arts, or the humanities will be invited for two weeks to Armenia to visit the schools and communities of Armenian participants in October 2005. Activities will be coordinated by the host school and U.S. teacher in consultation with American Councils and may include discussions on English and American studies programs, what affect the implementation of American studies into foreign language curricula in Armenia has on teaching and programs, and, if appropriate, U.S. teachers may be asked to give lectures. Teachers and their schools will be encouraged to develop contacts with their Armenian counterparts, which may result in long term partnerships. U.S. teachers will also be invited to participate in the professional development seminar in summer 2005 in order to meet with their counterparts prior to visiting Armenia.

Candidates should be prepared to demonstrate the following attributes: an interest in developing innovative teaching techniques, an openness to learning about Armenian teaching methodologies in foreign-languages and area studies, a willingness to share experience and knowledge with Armenian colleagues, and an intention and ability to continue contacts with Armenian participants and their schools into the future.

Deadlines and Contact Information

Qualified teachers from Armenia may apply by submitting their application (application form is attached) to the American Councils office in Yerevan no later than January 21, 2005, 17:00.

Qualified teachers from the United States may apply by submitting their application to the American Councils office in Washington, D.C. no later than February 1, 2005.

For additional information and application materials, please contact one of the American Councils representations listed below:

In Armenia: In the United States:

American Councils American Councils for International Education

Teaching Excellence Awards Office of Teacher and Faculty Programs

Marshall Baghramyan Ave. 18/2 1776 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Room #1 Suite 700

Yerevan, Armenia 375019 Washington, D.C. 20036

tel: (374-1) 56-14-10 tel: (202) 833-7522

email: [email protected] email: [email protected]

The United States-Armenia Awards for Excellence in Teaching Program is assisted financially by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State.

The application form is attached.

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