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acid 27.05.2002 05:02

Deep Forest and Enigma
Looking for some bands like Deep Forest and Enigma or Era. Harmonic, relaxing music with nice, rythmic drums, maybe some choir singing in background.

Pinhead 27.05.2002 08:08

You should definitely check out Gregorian (They're not Armenian) it's very similiar to Enigma, but more monkish.
Maybe also Mike Oldfield (some albums)...
can't think of anything else :confused:

Wolfkraft 27.05.2002 08:22

Pinhead, you mean Gregorian chants or somebody actually named themselves "Gregorian"?

I like chants in their purest form--the way they were written originally, without any modern elements. If somebody is into it, here are my recommendations:

Hildegard Von Bingen (probably my #1 musical preference)

Pinhead 30.05.2002 05:51

Yeah, there is something like a band "Gregorian"
Chants in their original form? I wonder what they sound like, got an url to mp3 of, say, Hildegard Von Bingen?

Wolfkraft 30.05.2002 08:19

Pinhead, they have quite a decent selection of all of them on .

Wolfkraft 30.05.2002 08:41

ЗЫ--Gregorian was actually homophonic chant, it was "invented" by Pope Gregory and named after him. Hildegard's chants are considered to be Gregorian as well.

Pinhead 30.05.2002 12:02

I know that :confused:
i mean there is something like a band also, called Gregorian, they use gregorian chants combined with smooth percussion and groovie bass, Enigma stile.

Wolfkraft 30.05.2002 14:03

Pinhead, :)

I'll check them out, seems to be interesting--I wonder which chants they're using.
By the way, there are beautiful Armenian chants as well-- --it's under construction now, but as far as I know they're planning to put out mp3's there.

Pinhead 30.05.2002 16:23

I'm curious what will that site look like :)


<meta name=Generator content="Microsoft Word 9">

Wolfkraft 31.05.2002 04:20

Which is?...

Pinhead 31.05.2002 04:50

...not the most suitable program for making web sites

Wolfkraft 31.05.2002 06:22

Но тем не менее, о сайте--он о хоре при Гегардском монастыре. Насколько мне известно, они поют там каждое воскресенье--древние армянские песнопения, но скоро уезжают на гастроли. If anybody wants to check them out--better hurry:)

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