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Default World's ''Monster'' Fishes

I found this article at the NG and thought it might interest you:
July 24, 2007—Biologist Zeb Hogan holds a taimen, a giant member of the salmon family, while searching for megafishes in Mongolia.

Hogan is leader of the newly launched Megafishes Project, the first effort to document, study, and protect the world's largest freshwater fish.

The project aims to improve conservation of megafishes—species that grow to at least six feet (two meters) and weigh more than 200 pounds (90 kilograms). They include the mammoth taimen, catfish the size of bears, and half-ton river stingrays.
Continuation Here:

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Originally Posted by nucleusfermi View Post
I would thought "Dolphin Of Ganges" was the biggest freshwater fish
Hmm... as far as I know dolphins (dolphin of Ganges included) are mammals (family of cetaceans), so not fishes... Could you check it, dear Nucleusfermi?

Thanks Astro for the pics and the link!

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