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Post "Byvshij Geroj" prodaetsya!

This machine is Celleron mendocino 433 MHZ on 66MHZ system bus powered ATX motherboard with Intel 330 LX chipset and SLOT1 CPU interface.
It has 3 slots for DIMM memory chips, one of which is used by 128MB PC133 memory block, 4 PCI, 3 ISA and one AGP slot. Video Card is Savage 4 with 16MB of ram.
It has a 20GB high performance 7200 RPM UDMA 5 harddrive (may be replaced with 4.3 or 9.1 GB one, according to the customers current needs).
Has all necessary components, such as 32x cdrom, Ensoniq 1371/1373 compatable sound card and a 100MB RTL 8139 compatable network card.
Monitors also may vary depending upon the customers needs from 15" Gateway EV 500 to 17" AOC.
Attention! Extremely low price!
$320 with 15" mony and $370 with 17"
Monitors are not sold separately, though as to the other parts it is OK.

2 people living in the net for more than 4 years:
The machine is the former server , so buying that you become TheProudOwnerOf XLabs!
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