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Mesrop- ed xi softportalic inch mp3 uzum enq qashenq asuma 404 ? ((( chka voch mi ban ? stic file anunner eq drel ?
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бесплатное под почтовый хостинг.

Es sranic elnelov em asum.
U avelacnem vor 25000 hogun mail tramadrelu hamar mot 350GB petq e.
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As you speak about 25,000 users and ArmNet I recall FreeNet with its 20,000 users. Do you know that FreeNet will (most probably) need technical reconstruction (building everything from scratch). FreeNet is now owned by ISOC. Are your 25,000 users somehow related to these 20,000 FN Users? If not, may be you may want to cooperate with them?

Good luck with your project!

Originally Posted by Vazgen Abgaryan View Post
Avetis, thanks a lot for the advice. I really know that hosting projects outside Armenia is better. We do also have partner programms with datacenters so we can purchase a server on lower prices. I have had servers in Moscow, SPB, USA, Germany and know all their strength and weekness.
I had a server Dual Core 2.66 Ghz with 1 Gb RAM and 2x160 Gb HDD with 100 Mbps shared unlimited bandwidth for 70 EUR per month. However the point is that we should try to develope the ArmNet that is why I would like it be in Armenia. Besides hosting an email server abroad will have really serious problems because of the abuses possible spam may cause. In fact I've been is Russian web hosting market since the year 2005. I know all the popular datacenters very well.
I used to have a server with Savvis DC, TX on LayeredTech hardware. Well if one of the customers sent a spam message which would cause abuse(and they would certainly do) the staff just turned off the server until you asked them to turn it on back. Since the time difference the server was out for about 12 hours 3 or 4 times. That is why I moved the server to HopOne DC, DC they are more tolerant to abuses.
And on mail server spam issues will be of course a great unavoidable problem.
I'm know thinking of mirroring which is another big problem
I can have a server for 49 EUR now in Germany with an excellent trace results free reboot port, free KVM, control panel but anyway that would not be a solution. I am still looking forward to Armenian servers despite all the problems. In fact the server is installed now here on Arminco channel. I even setup the DIrectAdmin CP for hosting purposes but the bandwidth problem didn't let me start using it for any kind of commercial and even non-commercial purposes.
Hoping for the better
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Let's say this will be some kind of russian yandex in Armenia.
Everyone will be able to sign up and have an e-mail.
We have the technical base, only server is remaining.
25.000 is really aproximate value. It can be reached within 3-4 years. Anyway you would need to handle all the preparations now to avoid problems in future(I mean technical issues and not server upgrade)
Thanks to everone
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