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Default Rafa Ortiz get's the record of the second biggest waterfall freefall in a Kayak

On Thursday 28th of October Rafa did what he has been dreaming about for the past 4 years, he faced the 42 mt Waterfall called "Bananas Falls" in Veracruz and came victorious.

Rafa had 19 years old the first time he saw that waterfall, he decided no to atempt it at that moment but 4 years later he knew he was ready.

The only way to stuy the line was to rappel down from the top of the canyon right in front of the falls, a feat as dangerous as the descent in itself.

The morning of the 28th after setting up the gear, cameras, safety crew and the best attitude he entered the top of the canyon with his kayak. Rafa admits he was terrified before the descent but found strength and courage from his past experiences and abilities. He had to row until the final meters of the fall and once he descended the first few meters he had to maneuver the kayak to tip the front down. If he fell flat he could get seriously hurt or killed due to the impact.

So he rowed to the light from the deepest part of the canyon and then he fell for 3 seconds that felt longer to him. He entered the water at more than 100k/hr and a few seconds later came up triumphant and stoked.

He got away with only a minor cut in his eyelid that required 3 stitches, but like Rafa says "this are the marks that tell stories" and "The drams are what makes us fly, without fantasy there would be no reality"

Technical Information:

42 meters of freefall
2nd biggest waterfall ever ridden succesfully
3 seconds of freefall
Landing at over 100 km/hr

Alseseca river, Veracruz. Half an hour from Tlapacoyan
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