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Default Crazy Moves in a Manic City

The 2010 edition of the Red Bull BC One takes place in Tokyo. On November 27th a selection of the finest 16 B-Boys from around the globe will battle against each other to determine who is ‘The One’.

Passerby halt as a bunch of boys seem to overcome gravity. Some float horizontally in the air others move seemingly effortless on their hands as if they were their feet. At Yushima Seidō they spin, they jump, they freeze. The Confucian temple serves as their stage. The 16 dancers have been flown in from all over the world to one of the most vibrant mega-metropolises: Tokyo!

Japan has a lively Hip Hop scene with its epicentre in the 30-million-people-capital. Between temples and gambling halls, skyscrapers and karaoke bars, geishas and sumo wrestlers these dancers battle in an event remaining unmatched.

The days where B-Boying was restricted to some back streets of New York City have long passed, numerous competitions have risen. “Among B-Boys the Red Bull BC One is the most special to win. To be selected is already an honour,” says Just Do It, one of the contesting B-Boys enjoying international fame. “They boys here are all ridiculously talented.”

As crew competitions have grown more popular over the last decade, the objective of Red Bull BC One is to go back to the roots. In a 1-on-1 knock out battle the B-Boys will have to show how versatile they are. Also mentally those battles are especially challenging. “In crew battles, the crew acts as your family, you get support from them,” Lil G explains, he participates for the third consecutive year. “At a 1-on-1 battle your family is the audience.”

And the audience this time in will be bigger than ever before. More than 3.200 people are going to witness the battle at Yoyogi Stadium and many more are expected to follow it live on the Internet, at, Nov. 27th, 7PM Tokyo.

Ken Swift is one of the five judges the dancers need to convince. As a member of the infamous Rock Steady Crew he brought B-Boying to Japan in the early 80s and thereby planted the seed for this year’s Red Bull BC One. The event is awaited with great expectations since Japanese B-Boy Taisuke is one of the hot favourites.

He has quickly risen to become the leader of the new Japanese B-Boy generation. Taisuke ended up 2nd at the Red Bull BC One 2008 and breaks on home turf this time. “This year I’m going to win,” he stated confidently. Favourite or underdog, newcomer or experienced B-Boy it all doesn’t matter. What counts is the showdown in the fast beating heart of Tokyo that will determine who will be ‘The One’.

Full list of B-Boys competing at the Red Bull BC One 2010:

Brazil – Kapu and Neguin
France – Keyz and Marcio
Germany – Airdit
Holland – Just Do It
Japan – Taisuke and Toshiki
South Korea – Beast and Kill
Poland – Kleju
Ukraine – Pluto
USA – Gravity, Luigi and Thesis
Venezuela – Lil G

Full list of judges:

Ken Swift (USA)
Lilou (France)
Roxrite (USA)
Born (South Korea)

Live stream on November 27 at 7 pm in Tokyo:
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