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Unhappy 150,000 gone at IBM? That's a good start.

Clearly these IBM people are behind the times, compared to employees of Google and Apple. Hell, IBM doesn't even have an initiative to leverage the Web 2.0 paradigm properly.

Their "play it safe" attitude is now causing them to reap the rewards they obviously deserve.

IBM has created nothing really useful in the past few years. They jumped on Sun's bandwagon by embracing the Java, and they jumped on the Linux bandwagon because their own operating systems (AIX, OS/2) are slow and inferior. Where's the IBM innovation that they so fervently boast about? Where are their quad-core processors? Where are their AJAX development tools? Where? Can I create a with WebSphere? How about a Flickr or a YouTube? Nope.

This was overdue. Well, they did it to themselves. In any case, the job market will quickly absorb these 'professionals'. Although I wouldn't want any working at my firm.
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