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Posted 19.01.2008 at 11:49 by Moonlight

just wanna get what's the diff from the akb forum?
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    acid's Avatar
    There are people who get used to blog way of discussing and there are people who like forum way. Now we have both mechanisms at their disposal.
    Posted 19.01.2008 at 12:41 by acid acid is offline
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    Mrutik's Avatar

    And it's cool!!
    Thanks for the opportunity
    Posted 19.01.2008 at 21:28 by Mrutik Mrutik is offline
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    Moonlight's Avatar
    acid: ja, that's true:) it just comes a little bit late, whoever prefers blog format has already an established blog somewhere, many akb-ans are lj-addict now:) but thanks, nice to have it too:)
    Posted 19.01.2008 at 22:21 by Moonlight Moonlight is offline
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    acid's Avatar
    Well, what you are saying is whenever I was opening this forum first time I should have considered that there are dozens of forums out there already and drop the idea? I'm not going to invite any lj-addicted members, don't worry
    The world is not limited by lj-addicted "akb-ans", believe me.
    Posted 19.01.2008 at 22:40 by acid acid is offline
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    Moonlight's Avatar
    [QUOTE]The world is not limited by lj-addicted "akb-ans", believe me.[/QUOTE]i didn't tell that:) anyways, good luck:)
    Posted 20.01.2008 at 13:50 by Moonlight Moonlight is offline
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    Mrutik's Avatar
    Don't worry, we'll have the best bloggs here, if want it))
    So, let's just do it..
    Posted 21.01.2008 at 16:08 by Mrutik Mrutik is offline

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