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Default C++ Builder 6 - DateTimePicker


Is it possible to set the value of a DateTimePicker to blank so that when you run the application there's no value in the DataTimePicker?

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Default Re: C++ Builder 6 - DateTimePicker

One solution is to initialize in constructor, I don't know what type it has, (perhaps it's a pointer to the picker window, just assign 0 pointer in ctor),
since I don't use Builder for a long time. AFAIK, the properties in design window can be edited not only from design area facilities but also from the code. Besides, debugger can help you to understand how the picker should be created, do you really need to set it blank (and if you need where exactly to assign the value), because if it's a pointer to dynamically allocated memory you'll get a wrong, unexpected result and of course - memory leak.
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Default Re: C++ Builder 6 - DateTimePicker

No man, for that type of cases there is a CkeckBox in a TDateTime picker, just set false to the property Checked and manipulate with that...
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