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Default Armenian Genocide - Mel Gibson 's next film

”The Passion of Christ” is well on its way to becoming the greatest film in history, and this victory is despite all the agitprop of the Left. Mel Gibson, like Rush Limbaugh and like President Bush, is carrying a battle flag for all conservatives and other normal people. Now - finally! - that Silent Majority seems to have grasped the importance of those point men.

The defeat of the Left began when the various barbarian hordes who constitute Leftism discovered that all their threats, all their mocking, all their venom, and all their enticements could not sway Rush Limbaugh or separate him from his tens of millions of listeners. Although others will doubtless move into foxholes he has held, his steely determination not to yield was critical.

The full weight of Leftism against President Bush will lead either to the destruction of a great president or to the complete demoralization of these hungry, rapacious barbarians. If the Left cannot defeat President Bush in 2004, then it will never be able to win an American presidential election.

Now, in the very heart of Leftism, Hollywood, Mel Gibson is proving that he is stronger and braver than they are. Perhaps “Braveheart,” which described a Scotsman who stood against all odds for his right and the right of others to live free was the turning point. Although a critically acclaimed film, the message was subtly anti-Leftist.

Certainly “The Patriot” also had the same theme. These two films, however, could also be explained away as defiance against colonial oppressors, one of the mythical monsters of Leftism fantasy. The next film, however, left less ambiguity.

Signs is profoundly religious and profoundly terrifying. It is also profoundly Christian. Viewers and critics may have missed the symbols - water, small communities in the Middle East, denial and then acceptance - but astute Christians should not doubt that this was a film very much in the tradition of “Out of the Silent Planet.”

What films should Mel Gibson make next? Here are some suggestions. The only advice I would deign to offer beyond these suggestions is this: Be bold! Be bold! Be bold! The staid, dull, dreary plots and dialogue of Leftist culture is both craven and empty. Gibson can do much more than that with films like these:

”Venona and Hollywood.” America now knows what Ronald Reagan knew when he was in Hollywood. Communist infiltration was very real and very dangerous. Mel Gibson should make a film - erring on the side of caution in his conclusions - which historically describes the role of communists in American culture.

We no longer have to speculate about whether or not the Soviet Union actively manipulated the film industry. We have names, code names, directions, actions - some through decryption, some through the actual archives of the KGB and GRU, some through reports of agents like Morris Childs (the second highest ranking member of the Communist Party USA, who was an FBI agent) and some from the intelligence services of other communist countries.

An honest telling of this tale would also show why a Hollywood which once was largely run by patriotic Jewish Americans produced films both gentle and sympathetic toward Christianity and why a Hollywood with a much smaller Jewish involvement is so hysterical about “The Passion of Christ.” Jewishness and Judaism are not the villains; communism is the villain.

“Tibet.” The genocide of the Tibetan people was a direct consequence of the triumphant of communism in China. The Tibetan Holocaust was not discovered by Leftist prima donnas like Richard Gere; it was first exposed by anti-communists in America during the 1950s and 1960s. I first recall eyewitness, horrific accounts in Dr. Schwartz’s Christian Anti-Communist Crusade.

Why were people like Gere carrying about copies of Mao’s Little Red Book (aka “Mein Kampf”) by the Tibetan people were being tortured, imprisoned and exterminated? It was not chic to be anti-communist in 1965, and much more important than trifles like holocausts and “cultural revolutions” Leftists were concerned about always being chic.

“Armenia.” The first holocaust. The forgotten holocaust. The un-holocaust. While the world watched - even worse, after the Himmler, the Heydrich, the Hitler of Turkey had lost the war - at least one million Armenians were exterminated for their Christian faith and their misfortune of being a nation conquered by the Moslem Turks.

This was the laboratory for what was later used in the Gulag by the Soviets, then used in eastern Poland by the Soviets, then used against Jews by the Nazis. Moreover, this was a war on Christianity itself. Churches, priests, crosses all were the first objects of Turkish atrocities. Nothing ever happened after this holocaust. No Nuremberg Trials. No “Schindler’s List.” No “Diary of Anne Frank.”

There cannot be too many descriptions of the very genuine moral and physical horror of the Holocaust, but each dead soul murdered in the Killing Fields or the barren fields of the Ukraine or in cattle cars leaving Poland and crammed with Polish families deserve equal memory to mankind and to God.

Why not start with the first holocaust? Why not begin with that calculated sadism which was the First Holocaust, the extermination in the Twentieth Century of millions of Christians - primarily Armenians, but also Greeks and others - while the world watched, then forgot, then pretended never happened? That, Mr. Gibson, would be my next film, if I were you.
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