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Post Exchange offer

If anybody like to EXCHANGE movies in DivX, VCD formats please contact me. Here is the list of movies I've got.

60Sec.RUS<BR>Agent 007.RUS<BR>Antitrust.RUS<BR>Back To The Future.ENG<BR>Beans.ENG<BR>Big Momma's House.RUS<BR>Blade.RUS<BR>Bless the child.RUS<BR>Brave Heart.RUS<BR>Cast Away.RUS<BR>Charlie's Angels.RUS<BR>City of Angels.RUS<BR>Conspiracy Theory.RUS<BR>Day of Surka.RUS<BR>Dinosaur.ENG<BR>Dogma.RUS<BR>Dr.Dolittle 2.RUS<BR>FightClub.ENG<BR>Final Fantasy.RUS.ENG<BR>For The Birds<BR>Forrest Gump.ENG<BR>From Zakat to Rassvet.RUS<BR>Ghost.RUS<BR>Gladiator.RUS<BR>Hannibal.RUS<BR>Heat.RUS<BR>Hercules.RUS<BR>Interview with the vampire.RUS<BR>Joan of Arc.RUS<BR>jakob Liar.RUS<BR>Jurassic Park 3.ENG<BR>Knock Off.RUS<BR>Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.RUS<BR>Mask.RUS<BR>Matrix.RUS<BR>Miss Congeniality.RUS<BR>Monsters, Inc.ENG<BR>Mr. Bean.ENG<BR>Mummy.RUS<BR>Pearl Harbor.ENG<BR>PulpFiction.RUS<BR>Red Planet.RUS<BR>Saving Private Ryan.RUS<BR>Shrek.ENG<BR>Simpsons.ENG<BR>Sleepy Hollow.RUS<BR>Speed.RUS<BR>Taxi 2.RUS<BR>The 13th Warrior.RUS<BR>The Devil's Advocate.RUS<BR>The Faculty.RUS<BR>The Patriot.RUS<BR>The Perfect Storm.RUS<BR>The Sixth Sense.ENG<BR>Tom & Jerry.ENG<BR>Tomorrow(007).RUS<BR>Toy Story 2.ENG<BR>U-571.RUS<BR>What woman want.RUS<BR>Wild Things.RUS<BR>XMan.RUS<BR>Zapadnya.RUS

I will get and copy your movies in exchange for recording your desired movies on your blank CD.
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