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Sunday, August 12, 2007
Garbage must be disposed, mediocrity rejected, fear of reality exposed. A community that fails in these endeavors is doomed. A singer sings to entertain, a comedian delivers lines that generate laughter, but a writer writes even when what he says neither entertains nor amuses his readers. The function of criticism (and all literature is criticism) is to expose contradictions, to say in effect, when you are in a hole, stop digging. Socrates was condemned to death because he exposed the ignorance of his fellow Athenians, and his fellow Athenians, the very same Athenians at the apex of their Golden Age (5th century BC) retaliated by silencing him permanently. Because Athenians were too vain and arrogant to face facts and admit their failings, they entered a long period of decline and disintegration never to rise again. They were conquered by such upstart barbarians as Macedonians, Romans, and Turks. A thousand years after Socrates, two of our greatest historians, Khorenatsi and Yeghishe (5th century AD) warned their fellow Armenians they were on the path of self-destruction, and they too were ignored; and what happened to the Greeks, happened to us. Now then, go ahead, rationalize, prevaricate, and deceive yourself all you want by blaming our defeats, tragedies, and present problems on historic, geographic, and social conditions beyond our control. Go ahead and continue to dig…
Monday, August 13, 2007
Khorenatsi (5t century), Naregatsi (10th century) and Raffi (19th century), three of our greatest writers, agree on one important point, namely: our failures are extensions of our own failings. But if we are to believe our self-appointed pundits and ghazetajis, there is nothing wrong with us and we have nothing to worry about because we are good hands.
If you want to understand the past, begin with the present. If you want to understand others, begin with yourself.
Mediocrities achieve excellence only in their merciless persecution of anyone who dares to surpass them.
The worst thing that can happen to a speechifier is to believe in his own rhetoric.
A nation that trusts its dividers signs its own death warrant.
If Khorenatsi, Naregatsi, and Raffi were alive today, they would be ruthlessly and promptly silenced. And why? Because to defend the lies of our charlatans is more important than the truths of our great writers.
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
A Turk who dares to mention the Armenian Genocide in Turkey is accused of insulting Turkishness; and an Armenian who says anything remotely critical about our collective existence is accused of insulting Armenishness. How can anyone insult an abstraction that is not even defined but used as an umbrella under which prosecutors and self-appointed commissars of culture feel authorized to assert their superior patriotism or morality and to hurl insults at their fellow countrymen?
It never ceases to amaze me – the unbelievable arrogance, ease and speed with which an Armenian hooligan or skinhead assumes to be an infallible judge of Armenishness, point a finger at you, and hiss, “Admit it, you work for Ankara!”
When they can’t stand on their own two feet, they invoke Armenishness, or even God and Country, in the hope these mighty abstractions will fill their darkness with light and their brand of paranoia and insanity with reason.
Below four recent anonymous comments on my writings:
“I spit on you,”
“Everything you say is garbage,”
“You make me puke,”
“What you write is sh**!”
In their defense of Armenishness, some of my gentle readers do not hesitate to expose their Turkishness as defined by Turkish prosecutors who, in their efforts to defend Turkish culture and identity, do not hesitate to adopt fascist means – that is to say, to behave like barbarians.
Wednesday, August 15, 2007
At one time or another I have been accused of working for Ankara, the KGB, the CIA, the Mossad, the ARF, and the ADL. On several occasions I have also been accused of living in an ivory tower. Suspicious buggers, these Armenians. In the 20th century alone they were taken in by some of the worst crooks in the history of mankind – among them, Talaat, Hitler, and Stalin – but they are now suspicious of a harmless scribbler whose sole ambition in life is to be an honest and impartial witness. The truth is, I was born and raised in a Greek slum and I now live in a Canadian slum; and as far as I know, ivory towers don’t grow in slums; and even a retard wouldn’t consider risking his life working for less than minimum wage for half-a-dozen international spy agencies.
Now I know why the children of famous Armenian writers share a common preference for living as far away from Armenian community centers as possible.
The trouble with having a sharp tongue is that sooner or later you end up by stabbing yourself.
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Now I know why the children of famous Armenian writers share a common preference for living as far away from Armenian community centers as possible.

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Originally Posted by arabaliozian
The trouble with having a sharp tongue is that sooner or later you end up by stabbing yourself.
hm... das hat mir gedanken gemacht..
u'r getting smarter, my fav clone
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