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Default Infidels

February 18, 2010
Muslims call us infidels. But, it seems to me, the real infidels are Muslims who slaughter other Muslims, and I am not talking about Muslim warriors killing other Muslim warriors but bloodthirsty fanatics killing innocent women and children.
Imams share with our bishops and bosses the false assumption that to divide and rule might as well be synonymous. They are too blind to see that their real enemy is themselves; and that a war fought on two fronts against a united enemy is doomed to end in defeat.
Let others speak of the long arm of the law. Ours, which was short to begin with, has been amputated.
Winston Churchill: “We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”
Where were our “rough men” when we needed them most?
Did we ever have them?
The fewer the number of “rough men,” the greater the number of sermonizers, speechifiers, and ghazetajis.
February 19, 2010
We live as though we will never die
and when death knocks on the door
we pretend it's Beethoven's 5th.
You want to know why I stress the negative?
Because whenever I take a closer look at a positive,
it reveals itself as propaganda.
There are no shortcuts to Golgotha.
Civil wars too are fought in the name of patriotism.
In theory – truth.
In practice – lies.
A great deal is lost in translation.
The difference between mathematics and life is that
in life to solve a problem very often means
creating more of them.
Literature: Art irritating life.
Life is a harsh taskmaster and being a fool
is a luxury no one,
not even the most powerful man on earth,
can afford.
February 20, 2010
“He who speaks does not know.
He who knows does not speak.”
Does that mean mankind would have been better off
without Socrates, Plato, Christ, and Gandhi?
It has also been said:
“Take everything you hear with a grain of salt.”
Why salt? To make the lie more palatable?
“He who speaks does not know?”
What if that's only in reference to propagandists and their dupes?
There are those who say God does not speak
because He has already said
what must be said, and if our problems persist
it's not His fault but ours.
Does that mean both victimizers and victims
must share responsibility for their (in)actions?
Does that means a child that is raped and murdered
by a cold-blooded serial killer
must share the killer's guilt?
Instead of saying
“Give us this day our daily bread,”
the rich should say
“Give us this day our share of compassion.”
And we should all say:
“Our Father, Who art in Heaven,
why don't you come down on earth once in a while?”
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