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the happiest girl
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Dorothy, I'm afraid that's why they invented a calculator
But you would not be able to invent a calculator if you wouldn't learn the multiplication table in the first place
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Well, our progress is gradual - steo by step, little by little, first multiplication table, then a calculator, then Pentium IV ))))))))))) And all these inventions are based on one simple thing - laziness )) LOL
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Red Stone, Dorothy, allow me to disagree with you (i guess the core disagreement is in how we define laziness in the first place).

just a short example... a stone needs to be moved from point A to point B. if person C is pondering to find an easy way to do so, finds it and implements it. or doesn't find and goes back to the old way of moving, he's not lazy. lazy is person D who wants to find an easy way, finds it and still doesn't move it, or doesn't find and doesn't go back to the old way, or doesn't even bother to try to find an easy way.
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