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Smile Sharing...


In my opinion a Forum is mainly a space for sharing. And my beloved (and first) one is not an exception. The "Power of knowledge", remember, Acid?

I've hesitated about sharing one of my passions with you: reading (and feeling, not writing) poetry. And my hesitation has a lot to do with the language. Here I must say that - for me - portuguese is the most beautiful language in the world; there is no music that can compare to the music of the words in my native language. So... the difficulty is enormous.

Nevertheless I decided to freely put in my poor english a poem of my preferred poet, José Régio. I must say that my choice is not an innocent one, as I feel very well identified with this particular poem. My only regret is that I haven't the qualifications for writing it myself.

Ah! Sorry for the poor english!
Black Hymn

“Come this way” – some say, with sweet eyes,
Offering their arms, and confident
That it would be nice if I heard them
When they say: “come this way”!
I look at them with tired eyes,
(There are in my eyes ironies and fatigues)
And cross my arms,
And never go that way…

This is my glory:
Creating dishumanity!
Never following anybody.
- Cause I live with the same unwilling
As when I tore my mother’s womb.

No, I don’t go that way!
I’ll just follow my own steps…

If none of you answer to my own questions,
Why do you repeat: “come this way”?
I prefer sliding in the muddy alleys,
Spinning in the winds,
Like tatters dragging my bleeding feet,
To going that way…

If I came to this world was
Only for deflorating virgin forests,
And drawing my own feet in the unexplored sand!
Anything else I do has no value.

Therefore... how could you
Give me axes, tools and courage
So I can knock down my own obstacles?...
In your veins runs an old blood from the ancestors,
And you love what is easy!
I love the Far-away and the Mirage,
I love the abysses, the torrents, the deserts...

Go! You have roads,
You have gardens, you have flowerbeds,
You have homelands, you have roofs,
And you have rules, and treaties, and philosophers, and scholars.
I have my Madness!

I raise it, as a torch lighting in a dark night,
And I feel foam, and blood, and hymns on my lips…

God and the Devil guide me, nobody else.
Everyone had a father, everyone had a mother;
But I - who never begin nor finish -
Am the fruit of the love between God and the Devil.

Ah! Don’t see in me any merciful intentions!
Don’t ask me for definitions!
Don’t say to me: “come this way”!
My life is a storm that was freed.
It is a wave that came up.
It is one more atom that animated…
I don’t know which way I go,
I don’t know where I go,
- I know I don’t go that way!

José Régio
Hope you like it...
Red Stone
J'ai besoin de toi,
De tes mains sur moi,
De ton corps doux et chaud,
J'ai envie d'être aimé Domino

From a beautiful love song of the 50s called Domino, music by Louis Ferrari, lyrics by Jacques Plante
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lovesome reminds of..
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And yesterday I thought and to the "Come this way" this is what i'll say. These are not my words, but they come out of my heart and from many nights of pondering...

I can’t go there
You would have me go
It’s an unfamiliar place
People with unguarded thoughts
and released anger
I feel uncomfortably
Uncivilized somehow
Call you will
Call to remind
And remember those lost days
Spent in wine to conjure up
nothing- to claim we are
Whatever it is we were then
Hoping none of us
Really remembered
The absence of everything
We worked so hard to pretend
We didn’t want…
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Thank you Red Stone for sharing this beautiful poem with the rest of us ,(I live what this poem says every day of my life ), and believe me your English is very good . keep up the good work.
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