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Default an article by Noubar Poladian

Those who do not learn from their past mistakes, are doomed to repeat them. We Armenians seem incapable of learning from history. We have always looked to the West, whether it be England, France, and most recently
America, and we were invariably held off with empty promises to our own detriment, then betrayed and delivered to our enemies.

When will we learn that America is not and will never be our fiend, since we have nothing to offer by way of strategic resources to quench its insatiable
thirst for power and world dominion. By unilaterally and without cause attacking Iraq, and saber-rattling against Syria and Iran, America is catering to the wishes of Israel and Turkey, the only allies that matter to America in the Middle East. America is destabilizing that region, because a peaceful and
prosperous Middle East does not enter into America's calculations, there is no percentages in it for Uncle Sam. It's the old Roman imperial adage of "Divide and Conquer". America likes to see unresolved and intractable conflicts like Nagorno-Karabagh, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iraq's venture into
Kuwait which gave America the pretext to station its troops in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

America only gets involved in wars out of profit motives, despite the fine rhetoric of saving democracy. Why else did America wait until 1942, the
Pearl Harbour Attack by Japan, before getting into WWII. It let the British, Canadians, Russians and Europeans duke it out, suffering untold misery and
death, before it rode in like a white knight to save the maiden in distress or rather to despoil her.

Meanwhile, the Allies were indebting themselves to America, buying up its weapons while without incurring any risk, America was getting fat on war profiteering, and in the end was able to buy up Europe for pennies
on the dollar- hence US commercial domination of the post-war era. And then America has the unmitigated gall to talk about championing human rights and holding the farce of Nurenberg Trials for which there was no basis nor precedent in international or any other law, except the law of the victor. If America really cared about the Jewish, gypsy, Polish and countless other victims of the Nazi Holocaust, why did America not step in sooner to end it all.
The same thing had happened in WWI, when America chose to remain neutral while European civilization tore itself asunder, with America dispassionately observing the carnage and rubbing its hands in glee at the profits it stood to make from its sale of weapons to the combatants, and seeing its competitors, Britain and Germany, destroy their economies.

Again, like Johnny Come Lately, the US rode in on a white charger
and got undeserved accolades. During both wars, US servicemen were busy looting the art treasures of Europe, such as paintings, rolling them and shipping them home. One bonus America left behind, besides wads of bubble-gum stuck to every piece of statuary and public buildings were the countless bastards they left behind, after they were done enjoying the favours
of poor French, Italian, Belgian or German girls, whether obtained consensually or as often by force, while these girls driven by starvation, were forced to sell their bodies to US servicemen for a chocolate
bar or a pair of nylon stockings.

So much for America's contribution to world civilization.

Noubar Poladian
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What more can I say?

Very well put!
And... besides Armenia, it applies to all small countries and especially to the so called third world!
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