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Post Converting Faith!

Hello to all my readers,
Today I decided to write about my views on people who convert their religion. There have been numerous conflicts and disastrous violent battles in human society, merely to convert people to the choice of certain sections of society. Our political fraternity believes in the profit which they might cash out of this mishap. What is religion? It’s one’s faith and devotion to a set of thoughts and views, and it’s not at all impractical that it may vary from time to time, but being a social animal, we are bound to be more confined and most of all highly influenced by people around us. In India, you can find faiths of all kinds, everyone possessing their on take, I can’t comment on the whole world’s position, but as my perception goes, it looks similar, as we all are emotional and thinkers. If defaming any religious insignia can cause severe outburst like it was in case of prophet, then it alarms our minds even more, that are till now, have we been enough minded to be free and broad with our thinking? Are we blind enough in something which we just embraced as it was said to us? If questions and matters pertaining “Religion” are so inflammable then I must urge all people to abstain themselves from converting and try to find their path individually, because if we’re not that “Intellectual” that we can bear “Freak” acts of others, then we’re certainly not that minded to alter the traditional faith or even if we’re then our that intellectuality shows us the way of being away with such conversions and try installing peace in society rather than trouble. I don’t want to make this article a “Radical” by equipping it with the examples of Christian Missions in India, that give money and other temptations only to alter their faiths and then think whatever loyalty they’ve got, will be even more substantial as generations passes, the approach with which Muslims got much base in Indian Subcontinent. It sparks people, specially of Minorities, so be witty and act the same.
Yours forever
Devashish Mishra (“Nucleusfermi”).
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