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Smile Write for nature

I am initiating this thread to collaborate writings to save nature; covering issues, which are grossly intermingled, such as Global Climate change, Pollution, population explosion, endangered species both animals and plants and medical crisis such as "Pneumococcal disease" that are currently causing preventable deaths. The previously mentioned all problems are haunting the Nature's sustainable & fundamental composition.
I shall write a few pieces regarding them as I get time, I shall consider it my duty to encourage all others to pay heed and try equally contributing with their thoughts and ideas.
I believe in targeted writing more; as absolute writings give you medals but not the practical results which I wish more. Firstly I am writing a small poem intended for children to tell them how things like Plastics and other untreatable rubbish can harm our routine life, the plot goes like a little girl named Nancy goes for a walk with her brother and here it is that how it goes...
Title= "Without Plastic"
Writer= "Devashish Mishra / NucleusFermi"
Flavour= "Dramatic & intended to fuel insipiration"
“Without Plastic”
Little Nancy screamed smelling,
What’s that heap brother.., it’s makin’ me yelling;
The caring bro strided,
Called for a respite,
Later told the little lady,
The cruel plastic & its might

Irritating who ever passing,
Not discriminating, a poor or Mr. Malya racing;
This time the wind prided,
Dragged the heap near the site;
Later told the little lady,
Now it’s over our heads, it’s time to fight

Here comes the big movement,
People seeking for the treatment;
Tons of humans running & rowing,
The site soon gets flooded,
All thoughts No work! Now the leaders’ bite,
Later told the little lady,
It’s nothing but a popularity kite

Some old lady, leaning & walking,
Comes there, with a broom for self sweeping;
Seeing the great mother, aged, working in spite,
Advanced a few more then the few more…
That’s the spirit for delight;
Later tells the little lady,
No irritation, that’s fantastic,
Hey brother! This world is so nice “Without Plastic”
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